The Sex And The City series reboot creator And Just Like That… explains the tragic death of one long-running character and the reasons why a Peloton stationary bicycle was used for the scene.

Carrie’s long-time love, and husband, John James Preston, otherwise known as Mr. Big (Chris Noth), collapsed from a heart attack after working up a sweat on one of the company’s exercise bikes at the end of episode one.

Carrie returns home after a Charlotte’s girl piano recital and finds Mr. Big lying on the toilet floor. She comforts him until he passes away.

Shocking: The creator of the Sex And The City reboot series And Just Like That... is explaining the shocking death of one of the show's long-running characters

It’s shocking: The Sex And The City creator And Just Like That… explains the sudden death of one long-running character on the series.

Mystery answered: Series developer Michael Patrick King also revealed why a real Peloton stationary bike was used in the the buildup to the surprise drama at the end of episode one

Question answered by series developer Michael Patrick King: Why a Peloton stationary cycle was used to build up to surprise drama at end of episode 1?

This shocking situation was actually part of the team’s creative decision to separate the series from its original.

Many fans are still shocked by the news. Series developer Michael Patrick King explained that Mr. Big was killed early in order to change the look of the show. This includes Carrie Bradshaw’s perspective (Sarah Jessica Parker).

King admitted that “Dying was the origin story.” Vanity FairHe added, “Nobody wanted to go back if [the show]It wasn’t going to be any different.

Given his extensive time and investment in his character (he first appeared in the series in 1998), it is not surprising Noth wanted King to explain why Mr. Big’s passing pushes forward the storyline. 

‘When I informed Chris that Mr. Big had died in the first episode of The Simpsons, he was certain it wasn’t. [going to be the] same. King admitted that we needed to discuss it.

‘He really wanted us to talk about his death and the implications for our series. The more we talked about it, the more he understood that it was for Carrie— and Carrie’s storyline is it’s better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all.’ 

Working up a sweat: Towards the end of episode one, Mr. Big (Chris Noth) gets in a workout on a Peloton spin bike, while wife Carrie Bradshaw is out at a piano recital for Charlotte's daughter

A sweaty workout: Mr. Big (Chris Noth), is seen working out on his Peloton Spin bike while Carrie Bradshaw attends Charlotte’s piano recital.

After getting off the stationary bike, Mr. Big, otherwise known as John James Preston, grimaces in pain when he begins to have a heart attack

When he feels the pain of having a heart attack, Mr. Big (also known as John James Preston) grimaces after getting off his stationary bike.

Noth eventually understood that Carrie would be able to tell his story through his passing. He also helped to build the mystery that has surrounded him since the 1990s, when he entered her life.

He stated that the legacy of his character would not be diminished, but that it would grow by him leaving.

“If you find someone you love, it’s amazing.” But this really lets us test out that thesis— the voiceover we end the series with in Sex in the City— that the most significant, challenging, difficult, and rewarding relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.’

Carrie Bradshaw’s return to dating is a great idea. Fans can now see her reaction to this world of dating through the eyes of an older woman in her 50s.

“It’s really fascinating to me because 55 is single is quite a different ballpark. What if 35 and one was a story? King stated that 55 and Single is also a story.

Heartbreaking: By the end of the episode, Mr. Big collapses in the bathroom area and dies

Heaping: Mr. Big falls in the toilet and then dies at the end.

Tragic ending: Upon learning his character dies in the first episode, Noth wanted to sit down with King to have him explain how Mr. Big's demise would push the storyline forward

Tragic conclusion: Noth, upon learning that Mr. Big had passed away in episode one of the series’ first episodes, wanted King to talk to Noth about how his death would help propel the story forward.

Peloton is an exercise company based in New York City. Many of the fans also wanted to know why they used a brand-name spin bike manufacturer instead.

King was quick point out that the death of Mr. Big was not caused by Peloton, and by using a known company humanizes the character and the overall realism of the show. 

“Well, we knew he was going to have a cardiac arrest,” said he. So, the Peloton did not cause the heart attack,” he stated emphatically. [though]That people now have, right? It shows [modern] society. It was important to me that I had something that would prove Mr. Big was still relevant. Everyone kept saying “Oh! [the characters]These are the old. They’re old.” They are vibrant and alive.

King was struck by the idea of Mr. Big’s future plans while in quarantine, considering that the revival series would use the COVID-9 epidemic as the background to the lives of its characters. 

King stated that King would listen to his records and exercise at home. ‘So, we created this massively luxurious, titan-of the-world spa and placed the Peloton, which is the iconic item you’d have at home in it. It’s my daily ride, and not just in that bathroom.

The reasoning: King revealed that the idea around killing Mr. Big off so early on in the series was to give the show a new look and feel, especially through the perspective of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker)

King explained the reason for Mr. Big’s death so early in the series. This was done to update the show’s look, particularly from the point of view Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker).

Goodbye: King explained that the death of Mr. Big was not caused by the Peloton bike, and by using a known company humanizes the character and the overall realism of the show

Goodbye. King said that Mr. Big’s death was not due to the Peloton bike. King also explained how using an established company helps humanize the character as well as the overall reality of the show.

Sendoff: Charlotte, Carrie, Stanford and the rest of the main characters mourned the loss of Mr. Big together at his memorial

Send off: Charlotte and Carrie, Stanford, as well as the other main characters, mourned Mr. Big’s passing together at his memorial

King then made a comparison with Carrie’s fashion choices during certain times of her life. 

“When Carrie wore a Fendi bag it was the best bag. Peloton has become the bike of choice. He explained that the heart attack occurred off-road.  

Peloton reps have since revealed that Jess King, instructor, was approved by the company, but they didn’t know much about the plot or Big’s end via a heart attack.

According to Denise Kelly, Peloton spokesperson for the organization: “HBO purchased the Peloton Bike independently.” BuzzFeed, “Peloton knew that the bike was going to be featured in this episode, and that Jess King would play a Peloton instructor.”

Kelly maintained that HBO made the decision to keep this storyline secret.Do not reveal the context of the scene in advance to Peloton.

All of the drama surrounding death and funeral occurred in the December 16th two-episode episode. 

On Thursday, December 16, the third of 10 episodes created for Season 3 will be made available online.     

Single again! The death of Mr. Big, and thus forcing Carrie back into the dating world, brings the show full circle, only now fans can see how she responds to the current dating world through the lens of a mature woman in her 50s

It’s possible to be single again Carrie’s loss of Mr. Big and her return to dating forces Carrie into the spotlight. Fans can now see Carrie’s response to this current world of dating through the lense of a 50-year-old woman.

Fll circle: 'It's also really interesting to me, because 55 and single is a whole new ballpark. You thought 35 and single was a story. 55 and single is a story as well,' King said of the possibilities for Carrie moving forward with the rest of the season

Fll circle: “It’s also really fascinating to me because 55 and one is a completely new realm. It was your idea that 35 and single were a story. King said that 55 and single was a story, as is the possibility for Carrie continuing with the remainder the season.

Charming: Mr. Big and Carrie had an on-again, off-again relationship, beginning back in 1998 on the original Sex And The City, which ran for six seasons; 94 episodes in all

Charming: Mr. Big and Carrie were in a long-lasting, on-and-off relationship that began in 1998, on Sex And The City’s original Sex And The City. There were 94 episodes total.