BBC fills Worzel Gummidge’s new edition with sexual innuendos.

  • Innuendo and parents are a big topic in the latest episode of BBC’s Worzel Gummidge series
  • “Red-knobbed booby” and “blue-footed coot” are two examples of naughty bird words.
  • Mackenzie Crook was also accused of making ‘cheap laughs’ by other stars.

Angrily furious parents have launched a tirade against the BBC after its latest episode featured Worzel Gummidge as a child’s TV favorite. They claim it was “littered with sexual Innuendos”.

Yesterday’s highly-anticipated new episode of the reboted series called ‘Twitchers’ was made available on BBC iPlayer.

Some viewers were able to spot at least four jokes hidden from view, which heavily relied on the rude bird names.

One scene shows actor Steve Pemberton telling his foster kids about his bird-watching past.

The highly anticipated new episode of the re-booted series, called 'Twitchers', was released on BBC iPlayer yesterday.

Yesterday’s highly-anticipated new episode, titled ‘Twitchers,’ was uploaded to BBC iPlayer.

He claims he lost to his rival, the twitcher. John and Susan were left in anguish after he spotted a red-knobbed coot.

Another scene shows Lee Dangerman, a fellow twitcher telling a fictional reporter that he had travelled 350 miles in order to meet a blue-footed booby.

Lee gazes at the camera for a few minutes while interviewing the TV reporter on the evening news and then asks her: “Have any of you ever seen a penduline tit?”

An embarrassed reporter abruptly ended the interview by saying, ‘We’ll make there’. Lee, however, boasted, ‘I’ve’.

Some viewers claimed that T-shirts appeared in the background of some shots. The words “I was choughed At Scatterbook” were slang for sex.

Others criticised Mackenzie Crook (star of Worzel), who directed and wrote the series and claimed he was ‘going for cheap laughs.

'My youngest is only seven and he kept asking me why Susan and John were laughing when Mr Braitwaite said "red-knobbed coot"

My youngest child is seven years old and kept questioning me about why Susan and John laughed when I said that Mr Braitwaite had “red-knobbed Coot”.

Jodie Graham, 45-year-old mother of four, is from Alnwick (Northumberland). She said, “I normally love watching the Worzel Gummidge episode and my kids also do but I was quite surprised about the Twitchers one.

“They littered the programme with too many sexual innuendo to my liking. Three rude gags are too many for a family show.

“My seven-year old son kept asking me questions about why Susan and John are laughing at Mr Braitwaite’s red-knobbed coot.”

“I did not really know the answer.”

Gavin Taylor from Nottingham (40) said, “Worzel has a Christmas tradition in my house, but the bird-watching episode seemed a little too harsh for a young audience.

“I thought the writers were trying to get cheap laughs out of this joke, though I enjoyed the line about the red-knobbed coot. However, Steve Pemberton’s funny lines are always amusing.

A social media user stated that Worzel had only a few naughty jokes. It’s true, I laughed when Lee Dangerman asked Hazel Diamond, a TV reporter, if she had ever seen a penduline tail.

Lee Arnold, a Twitter user added that he almost choked after seeing the Gummidge new Gummidge together with his family.

“Two boob jokes, a knob reference, and T-shirts proclaiming that they were choughed at Scatterbook.”

A 20-year-old nephew of mine tells me that choughed is youth parlance meaning’sex’. It’s possible that a smart student might make a fortune selling the ‘I got Choughed by Worzel” T-shirts.

BBC confirmed that 2.7 million people watched the Twitchers Episode.

The BBC publishes complaints every other week on its website.

One spokesperson stated that they wouldn’t comment further on the matter. [the complaints]Please note, however that Worzel Gummidge : Twitchers has been viewed by 2.7 million viewers last night on BBC One.