Anna Wintour’s little girl Bee posted new pictures of her baby boy to celebrate his first month.

Bee Carrozzini, née Shaffer, and her husband Francesco Carrozzini welcomed a son named Oliver Sozzani on October 25 and shared the first photo of the newborn — Wintour’s third grandchild — a week later.

Bee (34 years old) has posted a series on Instagram of beautiful photos. One photo shows a smiling baby wearing sunglasses, while another is of Bee cuddling up in cute sweaters with ears.

Too cute! Anna Wintour's daughter Bee has shared new photos of her baby boy in celebration of him turning one month old

Too adorable! Anna Wintour’s little girl Bee posted new pictures of her baby boy to celebrate his first month.

Baby makes three: Bee Carrozzini, née Shaffer, and her husband Francesco Carrozzini welcomed a son named Oliver Sozzani on October 25

Baby makes three: Bee Carrozzini, née Shaffer, and her husband Francesco Carrozzini welcomed a son named Oliver Sozzani on October 25

Cool kid! Now Bee, 34, has updated Instagram followers with a series of precious photos, including one of the smiling baby in a pair of sunglasses

Cool kid! Bee, 34 years old, updated her followers on Instagram with several precious photos. One of them was a smiley baby sporting sunglasses.

Bee wrote, captioning the photos: “One Month With Oliver,” which led to a family shot of Bee walking outside with Francesco, Oliver, and Francesco, with the autumn leaves visible in the background.

Another photo shows the baby happily tucked into, and another one showing Bee cuddling him in a sailboat topie.

Oliver was captured by his proud parents mid-yawn in one snap. 

Comments have poured in from Bee’s friends, including Derek Blasberg, Huma Abedin, designer Joseph Altuzarra, Valentino designer Pierpaolo Piccioli, Architectural Digest editor-in-chief Amy Atley, W editor-in-chief Sara Moonves, and Bumble chief brand officer Selby Drummond.  

Bee gave birth late last month, and the couple paid tribute to Francesco’s mother, Franca Sozzani, with the middle name Sozanni.

Sozzani, who was the the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia starting in 1988, served in the role until she assed away from lung cancer in December 2016 at the age of 66. 

'One month with Oliver,' wrote Bee, captioning the photos

Bee wrote captions for the photos: “One month with Oliver.”

Other snaps show the happy baby tucked in, as well as one of Bee cradling him in a sailboat onesie

In one sweet snap, the proud parents captured Oliver mid-yawn

Sweet! Some photos show Bee snuggled up with the baby, while another shows Bee in her sailboat onesie.

Comments have poured in from Bee's friends, including Derek Blasberg, Huma Abedin, designer Joseph Altuzarra, and Valentino designer Pierpaolo Piccioli

Bee’s friends Derek Blasberg, Huma Abduldin, designer Joseph Altuzarra, Valentino designer Pierpaolo piccioli have all left feedback

Bee gave birth late last month, and the couple paid tribute to Francesco's mother, Franca Sozzani, with the middle name Sozanni

Bee was due to give birth in the latter part of last month. Francesco and Bee paid respects to Franca Sozzani’s mother with the middle-name Sozanni

She and Wintour shared a longtime close friendship, and Bee and Francesco are thought to have met through their mothers as children.

Bee’s initial post about Oliver’s birth, earlier this month, was immediately flooded by congratulatory remarks from several of her celebrity friends. Sarah Jessica Parker wrote, ‘Wow !!!! I got chills I’m so happy for you all. Xxx’

Katy Perry also joined the celebration of Oliver’s birth by commenting on that she has a birthday in common with Francesco and Bee’s infant son. 

“Omg! I love my twin birthday.” The singer sang, “Congratulations!” 

Bee has worked in a backstage role at Broadway for many years. She was also sent sweet messages by musical stars Ben Platt from Dear Evan Hansen and Josh Groban. 

Unsurprisingly, a number of high-profile figures from within the fashion world were also quick to offer their congratulations in the comments section, including designers Zac Posen, Joseph Altuzarra, and Jennifer Meyer — the jewelry designer ex-wife of actor Tobey Maguire.  

Bee's first post announcing Oliver's birth earlier this month was quickly flooded with congratulatory comments from a host of her celebrity friends, including Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker

Bee posted the first time she announced Oliver’s arrival earlier in the month. It was immediately flooded by congratulatory remarks from many of her celeb friends including Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City star and Sex and the City actress 

Twins! Katy Perry also chimed in to celebrate Oliver's birth, remarking that she shares a birthday with Bee and Francesco's newborn son

Twins! Katy Perry joined the celebration of Oliver’s birth by commenting on her shared birthday with Francesco and Bee’s sons. 

Lowkey: Bee has been working in a behind-the-scenes role on Broadway for several years

Bee Lowkey has worked in an behind-the scene role at Broadway for several decades 

High-fashion family: Bee and Francesco Carrozzini are pictured at the 2019 Met Gala

A high-fashion family: Francesco Carrozzini and Bee are seen at the 2019 Met Gala

Bee was almost 4 months pregnant when it became public that Francesco was having her first child. She married Francesco in 2 wedding ceremonies. The first took place at her mother’s sprawling Long Island home, and the second was in her husband’s hometown of Portofino, Italy. 

Francesco and Bee were first to share the information. Then, Bee and her husband took a photo of Bee with a baby bump while on their romantic getaway to Portofino. 

But despite being seen on a number of occasions with her growing stomach, Bee did not officially confirm her pregnancy until several weeks later, when she posted a silhouetted photo of her bump on Instagram, along with a blue heart in the caption — teasing that she was expecting a baby boy. 

Celebrities, socialites and designers sent well wishes to Bee. 

The Met Gala was September’s highlight for her, and she was radiant in bright turquoise, highlighting her bump.  

Bee, although she wasn’t accompanied by her husband to the event, had some good company in Elizabeth Cordry and Charles Shaffer her brother. The Cordrys have two daughters together, Ella & Caroline.  

Anna, 71, was also in attendance at the event, which she hosts every year, and which was postponed this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.   

Happy news: Bee Shaffer confirmed her pregnancy news this summer with this photo

This photo from Bee Shaffer confirms her pregnancy news.

Bumpin' around: Her belly was on display at the Met Gala in September

Bumpin’ around: Her belly was on display at the Met Gala in September

Bee is pictured posing with her mother, her brother Charles Shaffer, and Charles' wife Elizabeth Cordry Shaffer

Bee is pictured posing with her mother, her brother Charles Shaffer, and Charles’ wife Elizabeth Cordry Shaffer

Francesco and Bee met their parents through Anna and Franca. This was when they began a friendship, which then turned into romance. Rumours about the couple’s relationship surfaced in 2016. 

The duo began to speculate about their relationship in October 2016 when they both attended Francesco’s film about his mother. 

Friends: Anna had a close relationship with Francesco's late mother Franca, who was the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia up until her death in December 2016

Friends: Anna and Francesco had a strong relationship. Franca, Francesco’s maternal grandmother, was Vogue Italia’s editor-in–chief until the end.

Francesco and Bee announced their engagement two months later in March 2017. This was just a few months after the bride-to-be wore her ring on the Met Gala red carpet. 

Officially, they tied the knot at Anna’s Long Island home on July 7. Then, Anna flew from New York to Italy on the same day to be married again in Portofino the next morning.  

Bee chose a white wedding dress for the ceremonies. She did however choose a different look depending on where she was getting married. They included a classic silhouette to say her first ‘I do,’ then a more summer-friendly Dolce & Gabbana alternative for her second time tying the knot.

The details of the weddings were not revealed. Bee refused to make her nuptials public in her mother’s mag, like so many of the high-society women who have made this decision in the past.

It is understood that the couple implemented a strict no-social media rule at their weddings, echoing the same regulations that Anna insists upon at the Met Gala — although those restrictions have become increasingly lax over the years.

Francesco, Bee and their lives have been kept very private. Three years after their wedding, Bee only shared a handful of photos on social media, one of which was a funny photo of Bee hamming things up for her camera, that she posted last September, his 38th birthday.