Actress Anne Heche was taken off life support after health officials found suitable organ recipients.

Heche, 53 years old, was placed on life support for a week after an Aug 5 crash, in which her Mini Cooper crashed into a Los Angeles house. She also suffered severe brain injuries and smoke inhalation lung damage.

On Friday she was declared brain dead. This is California’s equivalent of “person has died” in California. She was still on life support, but her organs were saved while authorities looked for others who might use them.

Over the weekend surgeons performed multiple organ removals. Unnamed sources confirmed this to TMZ Sunday. However, they didn’t reveal how many or which of them.

According to TMZ, Heche would be removed from life support Sunday after more than a week in which she remained trapped in her car, burning for 30 minutes, while 59 firefighters attempted to save her.

Heche’s sons Homer (and Atlas) are her survivors. 

Coleman Laffoon Laffoon (Homer’s father) and Heche’s ex husband, wrote an emotional tribute on Saturday. 

Laffoon wrote in the Instagram video that Anne has passed away. Homer is fine.

Laffoon stated, “He’s grieving obviously, and that’s quite distressing. That’s something anyone could imagine.” He’ll be fine, he has his loved ones.

“So to all the people who have checked in, I want to thank them for coming in and showing me your heart.

It’s beautiful. Thank you. 

Laffoon also posted this photo showing Heche with the couple's son, Homer, who was born in March 2002

Laffoon posted this picture of Heche and Homer in their March 2002 birth.

In 2000, Heche left Ellen DeGeneres for cameraman Coley Laffoon, the couple married in September 2001

Heche was married to Coley Laffoon on September 11, 2001, after leaving Ellen DeGeneres.

He said, “It’s difficult for me. It’s tough for me. I’m not happy. My family is sad. Homer’s heartbreak. But we are strong and have lots of support. We’ll be okay.”

Laffoon said that Anne is happy and free of pain. He also believes she is enjoying every moment of her life, no matter what the next step is.

He noted that she came in hot, had lots to say, was brave, fearless and loved very hard. She was not afraid to tell us what her thoughts were and believe in.

“It was all about Love, so farewell Anne.

“Love and thanks for all the great times.

“I got my son in the interim, so he’ll be all right.” 

Laffoon uploaded a picture of Heche with his son soon after he was born, in 2002. 

The caption read: “It’s important that we remember our true love even in these best times. Anne, thank you. All the best on your trip.

Selma Blair, actress, was among the thousands of people who posted comments on the image.

Blair wrote, “This starlight woman.” In her lifetime, she did amazing things for people who were in pain. These boys are her favorite. Love is all that is right now. We are here to support you. Your loss is my deepest sorrow. 

James Tupper (the father of Heche) posted Saturday’s Instagram photo with the caption, ‘Love You Forever’

Anne Heche, 53, was scheduled to be taken off life support on Sunday after health officials found suitable organ recipients

Anne Heche (53 years old) was to be removed from life support Sunday, after doctors found organ donors.

Heche had remained on life support for over a week, after she crashed her blue Mini Cooper into a Los Angeles home, and suffered a severe anoxic brain injury and lung damage from smoke inhalation. She is pictured here being carried out on a stretcher

Heche, who was left on life support after she crashed her Mini Cooper into a Los Angeles residence, had suffered anoxic brain injury as well as lung damage by smoke inhalation. Heche is seen here being stretchered.

According to authorities, Heche crashed first into a garage and then drove away. Heche then drove 90 mph towards Lynne Mishele’s two-story house at 90 mph. Heche sustained severe injuries so that police launched a felony investigation.

In a terrifying video, the actress was seen driving fast, right into traffic, just moments before her crash.

The extinguishment of the flames took over 60 firefighters an hour. It also took half an hour for Heche to be extracted from the car that had exploded during the accident.

Heche had a tiny bottle of vodka with her, however preliminary tests following her hospitalization didn’t reveal alcohol in the system.  

According to sources from police, TMZ reported this week that Heche had been admitted for preliminary tests. They used blood taken while Heche wasn’t there. 

The tests revealed fentanyl in the blood, although it’s not known if this was present during the accident.

To cope with her traumatizing childhood and the sexual abuse she suffered from her father, who was secretly gay, she turned to alcohol and drugs. She later died of AIDS.

Heche’s team had announced that she wasn’t expected to survive the injuries sustained in her crash. On Thursday, Heche and her family issued a statement stating she was dead.

“Today, we lost a bright, kind, most joyous soul, a caring mother and loyal friend.

Anne is going to be missed deeply, however, she will live on through her wonderful sons, her iconic body work and her passionate advocacy. 

“Her courageousness in always speaking her truth, and sharing her message of love, acceptance, and hope will make a lasting impression.”

A small bottle of vodka was pictured in Heche's car, but preliminary blood tests performed after she was hospitalized did not find alcohol in her system. It did show, however, that she had cocaine and fentanyl in her system at the time the blood was taken in the hospital

Heche had a small container of vodka inside her vehicle. But, the preliminary blood tests that were performed following she was admitted did not reveal alcohol. The blood test did however show that she was a user of cocaine and fentanyl at the time her blood was taken.

Authorities say Heche barreled into a two-story Mar Vista home at 90mph on August 5

Heche, according to authorities, rammed into Mar Vista’s two-story home on August 5, at 90mph.

The impact of the crash set off a large blaze, which it took 59 firefighters an hour to extinguish

The crash’s impact set off an enormous fire that took nearly 59 firefighters over an hour to extinguish. 

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the crash caused 'structural compromise and erupting in heavy fire.'  Heche's Mini Clubman is seen here in the aftermath

Los Angeles Fire Department says the crash resulted in a’structural compromise’ and that the fire erupted in large quantities.  This is Heche’s Mini Clubman taken in the aftermath

The Los Angeles Police Department declared that it would no longer pursue felony charges in the wake of the accident.

“As of today,” the LAPD announced in a statement.

“Any records or information that was requested by authorities prior to the turn of events, will be still collected as soon as possible and added into the overall case as a matter formal. We do not consider filing a case against a suspect in a crime if the person is no longer wanted.

They explained to People, this means ‘there will be no further investigative efforts made in this case,’ but ‘any information or records that have been requested prior to this turn of events will still be collected as they arrive as a matter of formalities.’

A neighbor's video from the aftermath of the crash shows smoke coming out of the Mar Vista home as firefighters continued to battle the blaze

Video taken by a neighbor of the accident shows smoke rising from Mar Vista’s home, as firefighters battled the flames.

The home was ultimately deemed unlivable, leaving Lynne Mishele without her belongings

Lynne Mishele was left without any belongings after the home was declared unlivable.

Fortunately, Mishele was in a separate part of the house with her dogs when the crash occurred that morning

Mishele and her dog were already in an area of the house that was not affected by the crash when it happened.

 The house Heche crashed into on August 5 is owned by Jennifer Durand, but was being rented out by Lynne Mishele. 

Mishele, with her two dogs Bree (and Rueban) and Marley (her tortoise pet), was uninjured.

The crash made it impossible to live in the house, and Mishele had to move out immediately after the accident.

Mishele lost her entire life’s possessions and mementos as well as her equipment and business, including her iPad and laptop. She also lost all her clothes and essential necessities. 

“With the help of firefighters, she was capable to salvage a few sentimental items from the rubble. The rest is gone. 

Mishele looked on disbelieving as the star of The Good Wife raked through her work at breakneck speed.

As firefighters battled the massive fire, she was seen outside on the street with her hands in the pockets.

In a statement posted to Instagram, Mishele expressed sorrow for Heche’s family.

Anne Heche died in the news, which she described as “devastating” in the video.

“Her family, friends and children and particularly her kids have lost a lot and my heart breaks for them.

“This whole situation is terrible and I have no words.” “I send love and support to all involved.” 

Lynne Mishele, who was renting the home, later released a video statement expressing her sorrow for Heche's death

Lynne Mishele (who was renting the house) later made a video message expressing her grief for Heche’s passing.