Anthony Chacon, 20, was arrested Wednesday outside the Kenosha Courthouse and now facing charges of battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest

Anthony Chacon (20 years old) was taken into custody Wednesday at the Kenosha Courthouse. He is now being charged with battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest

After arguing with Kyle Rittenhouse supporters outside of the court, the young man was arrested. He had been previously charged with terrorist threats to his high school.

Following his most recent encounter with the law, Anthony Chacon (20) is facing battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest charges.

He posted the picture on Snapshot of him pointing a gun, and a threat to Westosha Central High school in Paddock Lake (Wisconsin) just days before school was reopened.

According to court records, he used the N word in his threat.

‘Young n***a gon hop ina gym shoot everything but the rim,’ Chacon — who is white according to his police booking details — allegedly wrote. The words are taken from Till The End, a rap track by YNW Melly.

Chacon was eventually released from the case and pleaded guilty to an infeasible charge of disorderly behavior.

Chacon is seen wearing a Chicago Bulls hat and holding up a sign outside the courthouse, demanding Rittenhouse be convicted

Chacon, wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey and waving a sign demanding Rittenhouse’s conviction outside the courthouse is shown. has information that Chacon was previously charged with terrorist threats to his high school.

Chacon is  seen scuffling with pro-Rittenhouse demonstrator Emily Cahill on Wednesday

Chacon is  seen scuffling with pro-Rittenhouse demonstrator Emily Cahill on Wednesday 

Chacon is pictured on Wednesday being arrested by Kenosha police following the scuffle

Following the brawl, Chacon was captured by Kenosha officers being taken into police custody.

Chacon now lives in Kenosha and was among two people who were arrested on Wednesday after a dispute broke out outside of the city’s municipal courthouse. Shaquita Cornelious (34) was the second person arrested. Her Facebook page states that she is co-chairwoman for Black Lives Matter, Lake County, Illinois. She was charged with disorderly behavior.

Shaquita Cornelious, 34, whose Facebook page describes her as the co-chairman of Black Lives Matter of Lake County, Illinois, was charged with disorderly conduct

Shaquita Cornelious (34) was accused of disorderly conduct. Her Facebook page described her as co-chairman, Black Lives Matter, Lake County, Illinois.

Video taken by showed Chacon, wearing a F**k Kyle T-shirt, Simpsons backpack, and Chicago Bulls beanie, clashing with prominent Rittenhouse supporter Emily Cahill on the courthouse steps.

They exchanged X-rated insults, before Chacon threw a banner at Cahill. He tried to wrestle back the sign with fellow anti-Rittenhouse protestors, but as he was pulling the sign off Cahill he punched a reporter’s jaw.

Other protestors tried unsuccessfully to lead Chacon away and calm him down, but he then went on to strike several other people — including a photographer — before being pinned to the ground and hauled away in a paddywagon.

As the car pulled away, he could be heard calling his mother.

As both sides waited to hear the verdict, supporters had been eating pizza together.

Chacon is not a stranger to courtrooms. His record includes minor offenses. He and Rachael Randle, his girlfriend, got into a brawl at their Kenosha apartment. It spilled onto the streets.

The woman reported to two police officers that Randle was ‘holding knives, attempting to stave one another.

According to the witness, Randle ran up the stairs but Chacon caught her. Chacon then threw Randle down the stairs. Randle said that the argument started when Chacon tried to expel her from her apartment.

‘Ms. Randle claimed that Chacon yelled at Randle with his fists tightened in an aggressive way, according to the police report. Randle was only injured by a tiny cut at her forehead, just below the hairline.

This case is still unresolved.

He was also charged with battery in another case that is still being resolved.

Kyle Rittenhouse's defense team made a new request for a mistrial Wednesday

Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense requested a second mistrial on Wednesday.

Kenosha Police are seen detaining Cornelious outside of the courtroom Thursday

Cornelious is being held by Kenosha police outside the courtroom.

Chacon, 20-year-old man with the Bart Simpson backpack, is seen outside the Kenosha courthouse on Wednesday

Chacon (a 20-year old man wearing the Bart Simpson backpack) was seen outside Kenosha Courthouse on Wednesday

Following a quiet day on Tuesday, when supporters from both sides ate pizza while they waited for the verdict, Wednesday saw violence.

On Wednesday, Rittenhouse’s defense team filed a request for mistrial. This was based on controversial drone footage which they described as an ‘indicator’ in their case against Rittenhouse.

Corey Chirafisi, the defense attorney addressed the court and stated that he was referring to a possible life sentence. This must be dealt with.

Chirafisi made his request for a mistrial without prejudice this time acknowledging that the state could – and will – retry the case.

The jury requested to see the controversial footage as well as best views of all the shots, taken from six clips. They will then be able watch the video again and again.

Officers from Kenosha police form a barricade as the 20-year-old is handcuffed

Kenosha officers form a barricade while the 20 year-old is being handcuffed

A Kenosha officer tries to calm down an agitated woman outside the courthouse

Outside the courthouse, a Kenosha officer attempts to calm an upset woman

Chirafisi spoke out about the fact that the topic had been a dominant theme in yesterday’s proceedings, even before they asked to watch the footage again. He said it was important to address the issue and they would have done the case differently if they had evidence that the same as the state.

Chirafisi says there’s no denying that defense was hampered by the inability to provide the best quality video of one of most important videos shown to jurors. The state had the better version.  

“We would have done it in a slightly different way.” [had we had it].’

He stated, “Until the case was closed, all parties had rest, and the closings were being held, we didn’t possess the same quality evidence as the state.”

“We have spoken to Mr. Rittenhouse, and I will be asking for a mistrial. Based upon the fact that if we are really trying to reach the core of this, I’ve seen the video, and I can tell what you think. But it doesn’t make any difference what I think since we cannot put it before the jury anymore. 

James Kraus, assistant district attorney for the state, stated in defense of their position that he felt they were “putting too much stress on a technical problem”.

However, he acknowledged that the video that was sent to him by the defense was compressed.