According to the Daily Mail, a former school governor now runs an anti vax group which pickets over 100 schools.

Outreach Worldwide is led by Francesca Dill. The 50 UK chapters are dedicated to teaching students dangerous conspiracies.

A 32-year-old mother posted a video on social media showing her telling girls that the Covid jab was ‘deadly’. Also, her false claims that she is covering up’many’ children’s deaths are made.

This group, made up of a mentor for youth, an experienced teacher, and a social worker provides’services’ to head teachers by providing ‘notices on liability’ in the event that they permit pupils to be harassed at school.

Spreading misinformation: Francesca Dill (centre, foreground) on a march in protest against coronavirus vaccinations for youngsters. The 32-year-old mother is behind Outreach Worldwide whose 50 UK 'chapters' target pupils with dangerous conspiracy theories. She has posted social media footage of herself telling children the Covid jab is 'deadly' and could leave girls infertile

Francesca Dill, center, fronteground on a protest march against the use of coronavirus vaccines in children’s health. Outreach Worldwide, whose 50 UK “chapters” target children with conspiratorial theories is run by the 32-year-old mother. Social media video of her telling girls that Covid jab could cause infertility has been posted.

Keely Knight (above), a hairdresser who previously worked as a mentor for vulnerable children, is spreading anti-vaccine propaganda outside schools. She is one of the most trusted lieutenants of Outreach Worldwide leader Francesca Dill

Keely Knight (above), who is a hairdresser and mentor to vulnerable children was previously working as an anti-vaccine propagandist outside of schools, is Keely Knight. Francesca Dill is her most trusted lieutenant.

Teachers and health experts agreed that Miss Dill’s falsehoods are poisonous and put lives at risk. They recommended that school pickets be stopped.

Also, the Mail investigation reveals:

  • Outreach Worldwide plotted against Covid testing, urging supporters to order lateral flow kit mass production every 24hrs so stock can run dry.
  • The school pickedet cut vaccine intake by one and lead to students screaming at the health workers: “You are killing children. Don’t give me the jab.”
  • One supporter broadcast Chris Whitty’s addresses to the world;
  • Leaders from the group have teamed up with an anti-vax singer to campaign for their cause.

An ex-charity worker tells horrifying stories about people who have “gone blind” from the vaccine

Keely Knight previously had mentoring and safeguarding responsibilities at a charity offering counselling for young people with learning difficulties

Keely Knight had previously held mentoring and safety responsibilities for a charity providing counselling to young people with learning challenges

An ex-hairdresser, who was a mentor to vulnerable children in the past, is now spreading anti-vaccine propaganda beyond schools.

Keely Knight is a trusted lieutenant of Outreach Worldwide leader Francesca Dill.

Miss Knight (33) was caught on camera bombarding South East students in London with outrageous claims about possible side-effects of the jab.

She told children that people had ‘gone blind’ after the vaccination and said she knew of someone who had lost their leg. 

A boy inquired about the possibility of side effects and she responded, “very high”.

Her previous responsibilities included mentoring and protecting young adults with learning disabilities at a charity that offered counselling. 

Her response to my request was non-responsive.

This alarming revelation is made amid rising concern over anti-vaxxers making schools the frontline of their insidious fight to spread misinformation.

Association of School and College Leaders disclosed last month that 79% of the schools it studied had been targeted in anti-vaxxer emails.

Staff have also been subject to threats of physical injury and some schools have been invaded by protesters. 

One person told Mail that Outreach Worldwide pickedeters had told 12-year-olds the jab would kill them.

David Collins was the Knole Academy’s head teacher in Sevenoaks Kent. When Miss Dill confronted him, Miss Dill asked why he would facilitate the jab “knowing that children die?”

She said, “Parents don’t like your leadership. If a child is killed, how will you feel?” They will. It’s all your fault.

Miss Dill is a mother to a teenage boy. In Brixton, South London she was previously a parent governor for a primary school. 

Cheska, who uses the name Cheska to manage Outreach Worldwide’s main groups via Telegram, and several sub-groups for school pickets.

The Department of Education stated that it will do everything to combat the spread of lies and provided guidelines to all schools regarding how to deal with vaccination-related protests, in coordination with the police and NHS.

Associate Professor at Leeds University’s School of Medicine, Dr Stephen Griffin said that the vaccine was safe and effective, but there were no deaths in the UK.

He stated, “The thought that it might cause infertility in some people is extremely insidious.” 

“It’s a poisonous myth based on the belief that undergraduate biology students could lie to you.

“How many million doses of vaccine were distributed?” I suspect that one or two could have become pregnant.

It was an “absolute fallacy” to claim that vaccines did more damage than the virus. He also pointed out the fact that vaccinations are the only way to end the pandemic. 

He said that ‘these people are doing immense damage by attacking children and their parents’. It should be illegal for them campaigning outside of schools.

“Parents already feel anxious and this only breeds more uncertainty and anxiety around the vaccine. 

“These people are extreme, but they have a tendency to be sceptical. You will find rational people who refuse the vaccine after having been scared.

Peter Kyle (Labour Party Schools Spokesperson) called the anti-vaxxers “quacks” who “spew fake news and bile into children’s eyes”.

He stated that if these people had been around 350 years ago, they would have called for Galileo’s execution for claiming the Earth revolved around the Sun.

Outreach Worldwide plans to undermine mass testing

Outreach Worldwide tried to undermine the Government’s Covid test programme. They urged supporters to order lateral flow kits in mass quantities and to not place orders. 

On its Instagram account, the group issued an urgent call to action explaining how you can order online and that seven packs were available for free at pharmacies.

The statement added that “When stock runs out, there will be drastic reductions in mass testing.” They will be gone faster the more you order. You will need to place your daily orders in less than a minute.

Set an alarm to go off every 24hrs and you will have 30 packs within a month. Stocks will quickly run out, and mass testing will end.

As a joke, the November 4th post stated that the test results should be disposed of immediately after they are received. So that no other person can access them. The group stated in its “training manual” for recruits that its primary goal was to encourage the public to stop testing publically as soon as possible.

As the nation emerged from lockdown, everyone was urged to participate in two weekly testing sessions as part of the Government’s multibillion-pound testing program.

These tests are for people who do not have coronavirus symptoms. They help detect about a third of those cases which are unsymptomatic.

They want science and technology to inform the ways we run our country.

He stated, “They want to take us back in time when superstition decided our fate.” They have to be stopped. 

“If these people could have their way, many millions would have died. And that was just in the past year.”

After being contacted directly by the Mail, Facebook, the owner of Instagram, deleted the Footsoldiers4Freedom Facebook Page and many Outreach Worldwide Instagram posts.

Social media giant Outreach Worldwide continues to examine the account. 

Miss Dill posted videos on the internet denying that she is against vaccinations.

She responded to a request for comment by saying that Outreach Worldwide was a human rights organization with a Christian mission. 

“We want to educate and empower the community. We are only concerned with informed consent. No, we aren’t anti-vaccine. We have never been anti-vax.

“But, we think that informed consent really is important.”

Miss Dill said that false and misleading information was not her intention and she was only exercising her democratic and lawful right to publically inform others about their choices.

A video taken outside Walthamstow school in north-east London shows her warning girls that the jab could make them’really sick.’

One group she warns is that the vaccination could make it impossible to have kids.

She says to other teens, “Hey girls, you won’t be getting Covid jab. You shouldn’t.

‘They’re going to be trying to give you the Covid-19 injection at school and you need to say no to it – it’s really quite dangerous.’

Her advice to children is also to remove their masks.

Tour of UK by ‘Pied Piper, an anti-vax rapper urging that ‘Don’t Tetek Di Vaccine’


One rapper is now the “Piecer of Anti-Vaxxers” as he travels the UK with his lyrics encouraging schoolchildren to not get the jab.

Online footage of Edward Freeman from Jamaica, who goes by the name Remeece and leads dozens upon dozens children wearing school uniforms as they sing his song, “Don’t tek di vaccination”.

He carries a megaphone and gets pupils to sing along with him.

Extraordinary footage posted online shows Jamaican born Edward Freeman (pictured), who uses the name Remeece, leading dozens of children in school uniform along a road singing his song, 'Don't tek di vaccine'

Amazing footage of Edward Freeman, Jamaican-born, posted online. He is seen leading hundreds of kids in uniform down a street singing his song “Don’t Tetek Di Vaccine”.

Another Facebook video shows him performing to around 50 kids outside of a school. He declares that the vaccine is killing people.

He is surrounded by youngsters, who take selfies of him, bump him on the cheek and then repeat his songs. He is told by a schoolboy that he won’t be getting the vaccine because of him.

Videos posted by his social media account show that Mr Freeman has traveled from Cornwall to Glasgow to discredit dangerous and false myths regarding the vaccine. 

The ex-male model, PR worker and nightclub operator, is the key figure in an anti-vax and anti-lockdown group called Footsoldiers4Freedom.

On his website, amidst a string of conspiracy theories, he also has a sideline selling anti-vax merchandise, including hoodie tops emblazoned with his slogan for £45. Requests for comment were not answered by Mr Freeman.

Mr Freeman's trips to spread false and dangerous myths about the vaccine have taken him from Cornwall to Glasgow, videos posted on his social media accounts show. He is pictured at a protest in central London on October 16

Video evidence on Freeman’s social media pages shows that he has been traveling from Cornwall and Glasgow spreading dangerous, false myths about vaccines. On October 16, he was photographed at central London protests.

Pupils are warned by fanatics that the vaccine can poison them


Outreach Worldwide headteacher has been warned that protestors from Outreach Worldwide claimed 12-year olds would be ‘poisoned’ by the Covid vaccination.

Protesters attacked Knole Academy in Sevenoaks Kent this week.

David Collins, the 47-year-old headmaster, approached those who waited at the school gates. Francesca Dill, the leader of the group, confronts David Collins as he tries to explain why he is facilitating this jab “knowing that children will die?”

“Parents don’t like your leadership,” she added. What will your feelings be if a child is killed? They will. It is your fault. 

Collins stated to the Daily Mail that the protests were “totally inappropriate” and called for the police’s intervention to expel trespassing activists.

Knole Academy (above) in Sevenoaks, Kent, was targeted by demonstrators this week. Headmaster, David Collins, 47, went to confront those waiting at the schoolgates. Footage shows the group's leader Francesca Dill then asking him why he was facilitating the jab 'knowing that children are dying?'

Demonstrators attacked Knole Academy in Sevenoaks (Kent) this week. David Collins, the 47-year-old headmaster, approached those gathered at school gates. Francesca Dill, the leader of the group, confronts David Collins as he tries to explain why he is facilitating this jab “knowing that children will die?”

Although the demonstrators said they were located on a public roadway, the headmaster stated that the area is part of the school’s site.

He stated that these people did not consider the best interests students. “They told 12-year-olds the vaccines would poison them. I find that completely inappropriate.

‘If you have a problem with this, bring it up to the Government. They were rude, unwelcoming and refused to go when I told them they were trespassing.

It shouldn’t be up to us. Teachers should not have to face protestors and prevent them from coming to school.

It’s an issue that the police will handle as soon as the children arrive at school. It’s our duty as parents to ensure the safety of children under our care. But that’s not exactly what we were signed up for.

‘The funny thing was they had a yellow sign saying, ‘Beep if you hate the vaccine’ or something – but the only car to beep it was one of theirs. They drove past over ten times – it was a bit tragic.’