A Russian anti-vaxx MMA fighter, who calls himself the unvaccinated Assassin’ was accused of using a BOONE to stab a doctor in death. This happened after a ‘bitter dispute over Covid jabs’ in Guam.

  • Akmal Khozhiev, 27, has been detained in Guam over death of Dr Miran Ribati
  • They were enjoying dinner together when an argument erupted over Covid vaccines
  • This fighter was charged with the aggravated murder of horrific killing 

Police have announced that a Russian MMA fighter who was anti-vaxx has been taken into custody after he allegedly killed a Covid doctor.

Akmal Khozhiev (27), was detained in Guam for stabbing Dr Miran Ribati and using a knife, and also having a leftover meal ‘bone’.  

When the doctor and fighter were both at the same gym, they were eating dinner and got into an argument about vaccinations.

Akmal Khozhiev

Dr Miran Ribati

Akmal Khozhiev, 27, was taken into custody in Guam for stabbing Dr Miran Ribati with a knife.

The professional fighter, pictured in action, calls himself the 'unvaccinated assassin'

Pictured in action: The professional fighter calls himself an ‘unvaccinated killer’

The suspect often shared his anti-vaccine propaganda on his Instagram account, claiming they would kill you

His anti-vaccine messages were often posted on his Instagram, where he claimed they would murder you.

Khoziev told then the doctor that he didn’t trust him anymore.

Before a witness arrived, Dr Ribati began to choke after he wrapped both his arms around him neck.

The witness was hit in the head twice more before Khoziev grabbed a leftover bone from dinner and used it to attack the medic. 

Guam reports that the radiologist was discovered lying in his own blood in Guam.

Witnesses said that the witness told police: “Sir. It’s me. It’s me. He killed me.”

He calls himself the “unvaccinated assassin” and shares online anti-vaxx conspiracies frequently. 

Doctor Ribati (44), is a radiologist who has lived in Guam more than ten years.

The 3-1 mixed martial artist (pictured centre) calls himself the 'unvaccinated assassin' and regularly shares anti-vaxx conspiracy theories online

This 3-1 mixed martial arts artist is pictured center. He calls himself an ‘unvaccinated Assassin’, and frequently shares conspiracy theories about anti-vaxx online

Khozhiev, born in Uzbekistan and with a Tajik father, is married and has a baby son

Khozhiev was born in Uzbekistan to a Tajik dad. He is now married with a son.

The authorities in Guam have charged Khozhiev with aggravated murder and assault, use of a deadly weapon, strangulation, felonious restraint, assault and family violence (pictured with police last month)

Authorities in Guam charged Khozhiev for aggravated murder, assault, use of deadly weapon, strangulation and felonious restraint. (Photo taken by police last month).

Mother and sister of the detainee tried to stop the attack, but they were unable save the medic.

Video of the moment that the police detained the anti-vaxxer

Khozhiev was born in Uzbekistan to a Tajik dad. He studied at St Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation and then worked at Pulkovo’s airport.

He is married, and he has a child.

Khozhiev was charged by Guam authorities with aggravated killing and assault, using a deadly weapon and strangulation. He also faces felonious restraint and assault.

Khozhiev had worked as a trainer at a gym before being fired for 'threatening customers

Khozhiev was a personal trainer in a gym, before he was fired because he threatened customers.

Khozhiev was a former trainer in a gym, before he was fired because he threatened customers.

Also, he ran a social media anti-vaccine campaign – which was foul-mouthed. It claimed vaccine isn’t working and asked people to “mask off.” 

According to medical colleagues, Dr Ribati “will be missed very much”.

A hospital statement stated that “His talents were undeniable, and impecable.”

JJ Ambrose, MMA fighter said that Khozhiev “was so great – up until he was not”.