Piers Corbyn (an anti-vaxxer) is once again detained as he tries closing down Guy’s & St Thomas’ Covid vaccination clinic.

  • Piers Corbyn (74), was taken into custody yesterday for creating nuisance in a building of the NHS
  • Along with eight other people, he was trying to close the vaccination clinic.
  • Just after 3:00 on Tuesday, they targeted Guy’s Hospital in South East London.

Piers Corbyn has been arrested after trying to shut down the coronavirus vaccination clinic at Guy’s Hospital in south east London.

Police detained the 74-year old conspiracy theorist as well as another man, known only by the name David.

After receiving reports that nine people were protesting outside, the Met Police ordered it.

Corbyn’s supporters posted footage of the protest online. It shows the police trying to push them along, and warning them that they will be arrested if it continues.

You can see the stunned staff giving the jabs as they refuse to leave.

The anti-vaxxer was heard declaring the hospital a “murder scene”, and the lifesaving shots being called’murder weapon’. He was not charged.

Corbyn is eventually seen leaving the hospital, handcuffed and placed in a van by police before being transported to Walworth Police Station.

Later, he wrote on social media: “Piers freed from custody.” Piers, David and others were accused of “causing without reasonable excuse in the NHS premises a nuisance/disorder”.

Corbyn in cuffs being arrested yesterday

Piers was laughing as he was led away

Piers Corbyn was led to Walworth police station by video footage.

Corbyn was seen seconds earlier being led out of the hospital after the anti-vax protest

Corbyn had been seen leaving the hospital just seconds before the anti-vax protest.

 ‘This is apparently the first time this charge has been used. Piers, David and I are not guilty and will appear before the court in February.

He stated earlier that the team of pipers and others were trying to stop Guy from using his jab centre. 

Also, the post mentioned what it called a “crime reference number” relating to vaccination allegations. Met has not been able initially to confirm whether anyone was charged.

This comes just a month after protestors stormed the Covid testing facility and marched through it. There, they tore down signs and threw traffic cones. They also appeared to be stealing medical supplies. 

A demonstrator holds up a placard reading 'Reclaim NHS, end jab tyranny now' at the testing site in Milton Keynes today

One protestor holds up a banner that says “Reclaim NHS, End Jab Tyranny Now” at today’s testing site in Milton Keynes.

A motorist remonstrates with anti-vaccination protesters during the rally at a Covid testing site in central Milton Keynes

Unidentified motorist confronts anti-vaccination demonstrators during a rally at the central Milton Keynes Covid testing site 

Protesters throw traffic cones as they take part in an anti-vaccination 'Freedom Rally' inside an NHS Covid vaccination centre in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, this afternoon

As protesters throw traffic cones, they participate in an anti-vaccination Freedom Rally at an NHS Covid vaccine centre in Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire), this afternoon

Buckinghamshire’s Milton Keynes Demonstrators were caught shouting “shame on YOU” at staff members testing the site.

Some displayed placards that said, “BBC: Just A Few WOKERS!”Others threw cones at traffic and drove over signs. 

Cries of ‘You murdering b****rds’ and ‘The wind is changing’ are heard as the crowd marches into the site, and one of the demonstrators appears to pick up testing equipment before carrying it out of one of the site’s tents. 

A protester is seen questioning a staff member in high-visibility jacket, “Have your had the vaccine?” 

One social media user uploaded the footage, which was viewed over 10,000 times. 

MailOnline was informed by a Met Police spokesperson that they had called the police to stop the London protest.

“It was reported that a group consisting of nine people started a demonstration at the spot.

Two people were detained for creating a nuisance inside a NHS facility.