Lottie, 21-year-old Apprentice star, describes how a man took her top down and photographed her chest from platform. She was accompanied by two of her friends. The trio then followed her on to the carriage. One attacked her.

  • Lottie Lion (21 years old) revealed she had been sexually assaulted on a train by three men. 
  • They attacked her from the platform, then followed her to her carriage. 
  • One of the men she saw attacking her was on the train. The other two were filming it.

Apprentice star Lottie Lion has revealed how she was sexually assaulted by a man on a train while two of his friends filmed it.

She was 21 years old and was standing on a platform as she traveled from Reading, Berkshire into Bristol Temple Meads station. The men attacked her while she spoke to a friend over the phone. 

She said that one of the men pulled down her top and took a photo of her chest. 

Lottie, who was featured on Lord Sugar BBC’s 2019 show, got on board her train and tried to escape from the men. However she claims that they followed her as she attempted to get away but one of them sexually assaulted the woman while two others recorded the incident on a cell phone.

She stated that her attackers could have recognized her on Apprentice and caused the horrific attack. 

Apprentice star Lottie Lion has revealed how she was sexually assaulted by three men on a train

Lottie Lion, Apprentice Star has shared how three men assaulted her on a train.

She explained how British Transport Police officers arrested the men before driving her home

After driving home from work, she told how British Transport Police officers detained the men.

“I was on the train platform waiting for the train, and I called my friend to let him know.

“While I was calling my friend over the phone, a few men approached me.

“One of them pulled down my top and took a picture.”

Lottie, who had been a librarian before she joined Apprentice, said that they ran away and that it was so shocking that her train pulled up right then.

“I did not want to stand on the platform anymore so iIjust got onto the train.

“I sat down in a busy car because it’s what I was told. Be near people, that’s all. I sat down trying to not panic for 10 minutes.

However, she said that they were looking at her as the three men entered my carriage through the open carriage doors.

“And it didn’t appear like they had the best intentions.”

“Despite the fact the carriage was very busy, one these men ended up sexually attacking me while the two other men filmed it.

“I do not know if the fuel was because they recognized me as being in public, but it was quite horrendous.

“There was quite some commotion aboard the train, so a conductor arrived immediately.

“A passerby informed me of the situation, and I was taken immediately to the first-class carriage. The space was all mine.

Lottie expressed gratitude to the British Transport Police following the attack of March 24, and asked other women for help if they were assaulted on the road.

“I was directed by my conductor to text number 61016. I did. She also added, “Which is British Transport Police?

Lottie later reposted this photo from British Transport Police as she thanked officers for their assistance

Lottie later reposted the photo from British Transport Police and thanked officers.

“I received a call immediately and they advised me that I could continue my journey.

“At exactly the same station, police were waiting.

“At my station, the police picked me up and took me to Victim Support. They offered me lots of comfort.

“And drove me all of the way to my apartment so that I wasn’t alone.”

They dealt with me so professionally and made it so easy for me to feel safe.

Lottie shared a TikTok clip in which she talked about her ordeal.

For comment, we reached out to British Transport Police