Attractive females have shared how much they were able to get free tickets, cash and healthcare through ‘pretty privelege’. 

Over a dozen women around the globe took to TikTok recently to exchange stories and share their experiences with TikTok. 

FEMAIL’s Lucy Beresford, the pyschotherapist explained that “Pretty privilege” is how people are perceived as more attractive according society’s standards. Or they may receive real tangible benefits, such as fame or fortune.

Anjola Fagbemi (a TikTok user who lives in Chicago) shared a TikTok detailing all she received as a result her “pretty privilege”. She claimed that she was able to get concert tickets and free taxi rides as a result of her beautiful looks. 

Others who used TikTok to admit to having benefited from “pretty privilege” argued the downsides. For example, some posters stated that they were more susceptible to being victims of harassment or sexual assault, are less likely to meet new people, and don’t get treated’seriously’ by men.

TikTok user Anjola Fagbemi, left, who lives in Chicago, shared a TikTok recounting everything she had a received in a single summer


Attractive women shared how they were given money, concert tickets free of charge and better health care thanks to “pretty privilege”. TikTok user Anjola Fagbemi (left), who is from Chicago shared her TikTok detailing everything she received during a single summer, including drinks and a sunset tour, as well as a $100 Uber ride to San Diego.

‘Studies have shown that people respond positively to standards of beauty such as symmetry or youth,’ Lucy explained. Many TikTok users have addressed this issue by pointing out that there are other biases towards Eurocentric and white beauty standards.

Lucy added: “The human susceptibility toward people perceived to be beautiful or attractive can influence hiring decisions at work, success in dating, parental favoritism towards their children and who ends up on reality TV.

“We may not always realize that we make a choice based on our looks. But, it is important to keep in mind that we sometimes do this because we have no other information about someone than what we saw.

A 2015 report, for example, found that physically attractive workers earn up to 15 per cent more than those considered less attractive or unattractive. Another 2017 study showed that attractive women college students scored higher than those who were not as attractive. 

There is also the so-called ‘halo effect’, first documented in 1920, whereby an individual’s perception of someone is positively influenced by his or her opinions of that person’s other related traits. 

If you consider ‘pretty privilege’, people who are physically more attractive will be more inclined to have positive qualities. 

TikTok user known as Mermaid Keels , 25, from Kentucky, left, told how she had experienced 'pretty privilege' after losing weight and says strangers are now more likely to be kind to her

One TikTok user claims she is so attractive that people are intimidated by her

Mermaid Keels, a 25-year-old TikTok user from Kentucky, shared how she felt ‘pretty privelege’ following losing weight, and that strangers were more inclined to be kind. TikTok users claim she’s so pretty that strangers are afraid of her.

New York beauty Ashanti Zaire is a fashion and beauty influencer. She said she was pulled from the crowd by Lil Baby and put on stage due to how beautiful she looked. 

Other people shared stories of how weight loss was a privilege. 

American user @bonniedoes said, “I went from being overlooked to very noticed.” “I was taken seriously by doctors for the first and only time in a very long time.”

25-year-old Mermaid Keels from Kentucky was a TikTok user. She had similar experiences after she lost weight.

A model named Alli , who lives in Miami, Florida, left, said women who benefit from pretty privilege also experience negative side-effects, like not being taken seriously by men

Another TikTok user told how 'pretty' women are more likely to be deemed intimidating

Alli, a model who lives in Miami Florida said that women with pretty privilege can also suffer from side effects such as not being treated seriously by men. TikTok users have shared the story of how attractive women are often deemed to be intimidating.

“It could be subtle things that you would not notice.” It’s not worth paying extra for dessert or a drink at a restaurant. Or having someone offer to blow your tires instead of making you do it. 

You can also say, “oh, my God, maybe people just are good” or “maybe people do good deeds” but I don’t understand why they didn’t do it when I was 257lb. 

“All of my good deeds started happening immediately I was like this. In a matter of weeks, I had 10 good deeds.

One user said that she has recently become ‘pretty’ and added: “It is insane how kind people will be to you when they find your attractive. People are so kind to me now that they used not even want to look at my face before. They are probably subconsciously doing it. 

Other people claimed that their appearance makes them less attractive and they’re excluded from society. Aaron Surtees is the founder of the Subconsciously app. 

He explained that the negative side of having such privilege was their tendency to make false assumptions about people and think they are dangerous. 

Alli is a Miami-based model. She said, “Pretty Privilege affects people in many ways, and it’s often not positive.” 

One, guys sometimes don’t always take girls who have a lot of privilege seriously. It happens to anyone, even if you’re one of them. 

You might believe that this guy is into you, but he may have a girlfriend or just want to get together.

The girls see you as a competition. It’s easy to feel lonely and excluded from certain activities. Although pretty privilege can be a blessing, it is not a right.