Dogs in wardrobe: An Argentine soldier is discovered hiding inside a cupboard. He was arrested after being on the run for seven months. 

  • Carlos Cialceta, Lieutenant Colonel was found in hiding under a cupboard and taken to the police.
  • A high-ranking Argentine Army officer was on the run since seven months
  • His charges included kidnapping, torture, and murdering a political activist.
  • After receiving a tip, police used surveillance and wire-tapping in order to track his movements. 

An officer from the Argentinian Army of high rank was on the run and was discovered hiding in a cabinet.

Carlos Cialceta (Lt Col) was wanted by the Human Rights Commission for his human rights violations. He had been running for seven month before he was captured.   

The Argentine top brass was accused of kidnap, torture and murder of a political activist dating back in 1976 and had been serving with the 28th Mountain Infantry regiment at the time.

Federal Judge Mariela Giménez granted a warrant for his arrest in earlier this year in April.

Lt Col Carlos Cialceta, who was wanted for human rights violations, was found hiding in a cupboard by police officers and arrested

Police officers found Carlos Cialceta in hiding inside a cupboard and took him into custody

Following a tip that the suspect was living at Salta in Argentina, officers stormed the address.

Although Lt Col Cialceta’s partner previously claimed that the retired officer did not live at this address, they discovered that he had after conducting surveillance and wire-tapping.

Argentina’s Minister of Security Anibal Fernandez said: ‘Gendarmería stopped a fugitive repressor.

Retired Army Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Cialceta is being tried for kidnapping and torture as well as murder. He was arrested on an international warrant on April 12, 2021.

Cialceta had been on the run for seven months after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest. His partner had previously told officers he was not staying at the property in which he was found by police

Cialceta, who was wanted by a judge for his arrest, had been in hiding for seven month. He had earlier told police that his partner was not living at the house where he was arrested.

Serving in the Monte 28 Infantry Regment, Tartagal.

After conducting wiretapping and field work, the fugitive was found hiding in the basement of the raided residence.

“It’s available to the judge.”

Cialceta, Lt Col Cialceta, remains in custody 

Cialceta is accused of the kidnap, torture and murder of political activist Jorge René Santillán on August 10, 1976.

Five hooded men broke into Santillán’s home in General Mosconi and kidnapped him, before his body was later found 20Km away.

Experts claim that Santillán had been subjected to an unknown type of explosion.