Arizona Police Officer Tased Knife-wielding Man. The suspect refused to drop his knife.

After officers responded to a suspicious fire alarm, Glendale police captured the wild scene on bodycam.

The man was quickly identified by police as being involved in the fire. An officer then began to talk to him to try to calm him.

According to bodycam footage, one officer can be heard instructing the man to avoid the fire engines so that they can perform their duties.   

As he moved toward his burning house, the officer said, “You cannot go there. It’s unsafe.” 


The wild incident occurred in Glendale on November 23 after officers arrived on scene for a 'suspicious' fire, where authorities ultimately found a person, pictured, 'acting odd'

Glendale officers responded to a suspicious-looking fire and arrived at the scene. They found a suspect, who was pictured ‘acting oddly’.

Pictured: the video footage shows as the officer tells the man to grab a bottle of water and walk down the block away from firefighters working on scene

Pictured: The video shows the officer telling the man to get a water bottle and then walking down the street away from the firefighters on the scene

After returning near the officer's side, the man then pulls out a large kitchen knife, pictured, while the officer commands him to drop it

As the officer orders him, the man pulls out an enormous kitchen knife.

'Put the knife down now,' the officer tells the disturbed man, pictured, before tasing him to the ground, causing him to stab himself in the neck as he is being tased

The officer says to the man in distress, “Put your knife down,” before taking him to the ground and causing him to cut his neck while being tased.

Video footage captures an officer telling the man to get a water bottle and then walking down the street away from the firefighters on the scene.

Instead of dumping the water, the man puts it on the ground. The officer then continues to guide him by putting the empty bottles in nearby mailboxes. 

The man returns to the officer’s side and pulls out the large kitchen knife. However, the officer orders him not to. 

The officer orders the man to put the knife down. He appears to ignore the order. 

The officer refuses to obey the man and instead holds the knife close to his chest. 

The man, pictured, can be seen menacingly holding the large kitchen knife, which stabbed him in the neck after he was tased and lost control of his body, falling onto the ground and blade

The image shows the man menacingly gripping the large kitchen knife. After being tased, the knife stabbed his neck and he lost control.

The man does not comply, and the officer, pictured above, can be seen struggling with him, causing the officer to receive a cut after the man accidentally stabbed himself in the neck

He refuses to obey, and the officer (pictured above) can be seen wrestling with him. The officer was then given a cut because the man had accidentally stabbed himself in his neck.

Pictured: the officer's Taser can be seen on the ground after the man was tased and fell to the ground, where he landed on his own knife, stabbing him in the neck

Pictured is the Taser of the Officer. The man has been tased, and then he fell to his knees.

An officer pulls out a Taser to use on the man. He falls face first onto the ground and the knife cuts the officer’s neck. 

The officer runs towards the man as he falls, grabs him and cuts his hand.  

The officer is heard saying, “The knife in his neck,” on the bodycam video.

As the man struggled, the officer and the fireman arrived on the scene to help him. 

The clip abruptly ends, the video showing the man lying in fetal with the knife sticking out his neck. 

Authorities added that the man continued to struggle and initially refused to allow paramedics to treat his injuries

The man was still struggling and refused initially to be treated by paramedics.

The officer and a fireman on scene, pictured, then work to get the wounded man on to his back as the man struggled

Pictured: An officer on the scene and a fireman help the injured man to his feet as he struggles to breathe.

The unidentified man, pictured, was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was treated and eventually released

Unidentified man was seen being rushed to nearby hospitals. There he received treatment and was eventually released.

According to authorities, the man was still struggling and refused to let paramedics treat his injuries at first.

Unidentified male was taken to nearby hospitals for treatment and finally released.

Authorities claim that the man was not suffering from life-threatening injuries.

Police said that the officer suffered only minor injuries.

As of Monday morning the identity of the man was not released. Authorities said that the “suspiciousness of the fire” and subsequent stabbing incidents remain under investigation.