Army Major, 61, Killed his Girlfriend, 56. She was on pillion riding on her motorbike, when he collided with a car on A1M.

  • Jonathan Ginder was sentenced to a suspension of sentencing at St Albans Crown Court
  • Ria Malone (56), a mother of two and a nurse at Addenbrookes Hospital, was shot to death
  • Ginder rode the A1M from 56 to 68 mph and struck a Mazda Black in the outer lane

A former Army major was killed by his girlfriend, who was on pillion riding his motorcycle. He crashed into another car on the A1M through Hertfordshire.

Jonathan Ginder, 61, of Hall Street, Soham, Cambridgeshire, was given a suspended jail sentence today. 

Ria Malone, a 56-year-old mother-of-two and nurse at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, was killed. 

Ginder did not see a black Mazda car in the outside lane when he came onto the northbound carriageway at junction 6 at between 56 and 68mph just before midday on January 11, 2020.

Jonathan Ginder did not see a black Mazda car in the outside lane when he came onto the northbound carriageway (pictured) at junction 6 at between 56 and 68mph just before midday on January 11, 2020

Jonathan Ginder was not able to see the black Mazda car when he entered the northbound carriageway. (Photo: Junction 6) He reached the junction at 56-68mph, just before midday on January 11, 2019.

The BMW motorcycle of his friend came in contact with the Mazda’s nearside reardoor and then struck the central reservation. 

His left leg was broken and his knee ligaments were damaged, which kept him in a wheelchair for six months.

Mazda was traveling at 70mph. A van behind captured the fatal accident on its dashcam. 

Ginder joined army in 1976. He went to Sandhurst where he was stationed in Royal Artillery.

He was an officer in Northern Ireland, and was promoted to Major when he was discharged with honor.

Ginder joined the army in 1976, went to Sandhurst and served in the Royal Artillery

Ginder joined in 1976 and went to Sandhurst, where he served with the Royal Artillery.

After pleading guilty to the causing death of careless driving, he appeared at St Albans Crown Court for his sentencing.

Ginder was sentenced to a 10 month imprisonment with a suspended term of two years. 

The curfew was enforced for four months, between 8pm to 6am. He also had to stop driving for one year.

Prosecutor Will Noble said: ‘The prosecution say he performed some observations but failed to notice the Mazda in lane two.

He crossed lanes one and two in the same second. 

He would have seen Mazda, and not run out of it if he had paused.

“The prosecution said it wasn’t dangerous driving. In just 3.2 seconds, he had travelled from slip road to lanes two. 

The court heard that Ms Malone had been Ginder’s girlfriend for three years.

Ginder appeared for sentencing at St Albans Crown Court having pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving

Ginder, who pleaded guilty for causing death through careless driving, appeared at St Albans Crown Court to face his sentencing.

Trevor Burke, QC, defended Ginder and said that he was of good character without any previous convictions.

According to Mr Burke, he hasn’t ridden a bike since that incident and doesn’t plan on riding one again.

“This tragic accident was as brief and poignant as it was. This incident was not caused by very poor or persistent driving.

He made the correct shoulder turn as he entered A1M.

The victim was her partner. He loved her, and she loved his. Together, they were determined to spend the rest of their lives together. He had taken his love for motorcycling to her.

“She passed her test, and she bought her bike. The two of them would take motorcycling trips together.

She was dedicated to her job at Addenbrooks. There were many people she loved and admired.

“She was clearly much loved, not least by the defendant.”

Judge Michael QC Kay declared that this was a tragic incident. There have been terrible consequences for defendants and Ria Malone’s family who sit in court. It is impossible for me to make things right.

“This was not what anyone wanted. It was unimaginable. It is an awful tragedy.