An Army Sergeant was sentenced to four years imprisonment for sexually assaulting his girlfriend while they were sleeping in the same bed after a drunken night.

  • Sergeant Deswarao Gunputh sexually abused a civillian lady while she slept beside her partner
  • He was identified because of his ‘stiff’ hair which had ‘too much product’
  • After waking up in a haze, the victim felt ‘uncomfortable and strange’.
  • Sexual assault took place at  Wattisham Airfield after night of drinking in Ipswich
  • Four years in prison for Sgt Gunputh, and then he was released from the British Army

British Army Sergeant was sentenced to four years in prison and discharged from the army for sexually assaulting a girlfriend of a coworker.

Sergeant Deswarao Gunputh approached the woman, who was lying on the bed with her boyfriend after a night of drinking.

The woman was woken up “in a haze” and he fled. However, he was later identified as the suspect because of the’stiff hair’ with too much product. 

Bulford Military Court in Wiltshire heard that Sgt Gunputh was drinking tequila shots alongside his colleague and girlfriend, before heading to Ipswich (Suffolk) for further drinks.

Later, they returned to Wattisham Airfield where the incident occurred. 

A woman in her 20s who was a civillian, stated to the court that she felt’shocked” when she woke up at 2am to find someone molested her. She also saw her boyfriend asleep right next to her.

Sgt Deswarao Gunputh has been jailed for four years and dismissed from the British Army for sexually assaulting a woman

Four years imprisonment has been handed down to Sgt Deswarao Gunputh, who was accused of sexually assaulting an officer. He is now out of the British Army. 

Her memory of feeling “spiky” hair was confirmed by DNA testing.

Legal reasons prevent the female from being identified. She said, “Me and…” [my boyfriend]I went back to my block… I don’t remember going to bed because I had been drinking.

“I felt someone touch me and I was awakened. It was strange, uncomfortable and alarming. It was uncomfortable, strange and worrying. I eventually woke up in a fog.

‘I realised [my boyfriend]It was right next to me so I assumed it was a third person. I reached out to touch their hair and searched with my hands.

‘[The hair felt]Like when you use too many products… It was almost as stiff as hay. [The room] was really dark – I opened my eyes but couldn’t see anything. 

“They jumped back and left the room and I heard a door shut. “I was very confused after the person left.

According to the court, she tried to get her boyfriend up, but he was deep asleep.

She then realised her ‘pants were only on one leg’, and went to check the corridor before locking the door to the room.

Bulford Military Court, in Wiltshire, where the court martial into the sexual assault was heard

Bulford Military Court in Wiltshire was where the court martial for the sexual assault took place

“I went to the bathroom, and all that I can remember is crying on the ground,” the victim said.

It was later reported to the police by the boyfriend. 

The court heard it was Sgt Gunputh’s ‘spiky’ hair she felt and his DNA was found on the victim. 

Sgt Gunputh, of 1 Regiment Army Air Corps, denied penetrating the woman with his fingers, insisting she was ‘flirting’ with him on the night out and claiming his DNA was transferred to her as they ‘held hands’.

However, he was convicted of the sexual assault by penetration on Wednesday.

He was held for 4 years, and was then discharged from the Army.