Army to create camps to accommodate 30,000 migrants…

  • Construction of temporary housing is being considered on MoD land in the UK.
  • The first phase of the project is expected to be completed in two weeks, and will cost many millions.
  • According to government sources, the plan is cheaper than current accommodations 

Mail can confirm that the Army will build camps in order to accommodate up to 30,000.

For soldiers who wish to build temporary accommodation on Ministry of Defence land in the UK, plans are being made.

This project could cost many millions. Privately, Priti Patel, Home Secretary to the Tory Party MPs has said that work on Phase 1 is expected to begin within weeks.

According to sources, the government believes the plan will be more affordable than existing accommodation for migrants. This scheme has already seen many people placed in four-star hotels and full board. 

Ministers believe that the transition to temporary housing-style accommodation on military bases will act deterrentively against migrants who plan to cross the Channel.

It was revealed last night, however, that the Home Office might cease publishing numbers daily about Channel migrants if the MoD assumes operations to intercept them.

The project is likely to cost tens of millions of pounds. Home Secretary Priti Patel (pictured) has privately told Tory MPs that work on the first phase is due to start within weeks.

This project could cost many millions. Privately, Priti Patel, Home Secretary (pictured), has told Tory MPs the work on the first stage is expected to begin within weeks. 

Wednesday morning 25 people were escorted into the Port of Dover on board a Border Force vessel shortly before 9am. Pictured: Migrants arrive in Dover Harbour

On Wednesday morning, 25 migrants were taken to the Port of Dover by a Border Force vessel just before 9 am. Pictured: A group of migrants arrive at Dover Harbour

The Home Office currently issues the data after arrivals have been processed by the UK Border Force – usually on the following day.

According to a source, it is unclear whether this will continue under MoD. He added that: ‘It will remain up to them whether or not they continue issuing numbers. Ministers could be accused of trying to conceal crucial information.

It is believed that the UK Statistics Authority raised concerns regarding how current migrant numbers were released. 

According to a Home Office source, the agency is currently evaluating advice from the authority in order “to present clearly the overall trends and the total number of small boats that have arrived”

A Whitehall insider stated that accommodation would be built at several bases across the country as part of the new network. 

“We feel it will deter criminals.” Once the project has been completed, individuals will be accommodated in temporary prefabricated buildings instead of mid-market hotels.

The exact location of the new secure facility for Channel migrants processing has not yet been revealed, however, it was established at a MoD site in Manston, Kent, and opened within the past few days.

Although it was initially established to shelter illegal immigrants in the UK for up to five working days, its current role is to offer longer-term housing.

The Government also hired planning consultants for applications to the Napier barracks at Folkestone.

Since September 2020, it has been home to up to 350 refugees. Ministers intend to maintain the facility until at most 2025. According to sources, Napier will have an increased capacity under the new project.

Ministers hope the move towards temporary hostel-style housing on military bases will also act as a deterrent to migrants planning to cross the Channel (Pictured: Migrants in the Channel in November)

Ministers believe that the transition to temporary housing-style accommodation on military bases will deter migrants from crossing the Channel. (Pictured in November: Migrants at the Channel).  

According to government figures, there have been more migrants arriving in Britain in January than any other month. UK authorities have intercepted more than 950 migrants so far this year – more than three times the 223 in January 2021. The Channel intercepted 28381 individuals last year, while only 8,410 were in 2020.

Napier’s criticism of billing migrants to MoD sites has made it controversial.

Last month, an all-party parliamentary panel described the base in a report. It compared it with ‘quasidetention’ and said that there were ‘appalling conditions’.

Sources within the Government said that “The MoD” will take care of housing arrangements for immigrants arriving from abroad. It is possible that this will require the construction of additional barracks and other similar spaces to Napier.

“We are trying to lower the number of asylum seekers staying in hotels. This is because it’s currently too high.

The Home Office plans to allow up to 65,000 Channel arrivals in the worst-case scenario.

Last year, nearly 28,000. More than 8,410 migrants arrived in Britain. More than 940 have been intercepted by UK authorities so far this month – more than four times the figure in January last year.

It does not include arrivals yesterday – which are thought to number around 25.