Arnold Schwarzenegger (74), is involved in a car accident following he crashed his GMC Yukon SUV into the Toyota Prius. He also seriously injured a female Sunset Boulevard driver.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was in an automobile accident Friday afternoon
  • Actor (74 years old) was driving a Yukon SUV black when he crashed into a Prius red.
  • Black Yukon SUV was on the Prius’ top before being rolled into a Porsche
  • Schwarzenegger was uninjured, but the Prius driver was admitted to hospital.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a car crash on Friday afternoon in Los Angeles that saw his enormous SUV slam into another car leaving the other driver badly hurt.  

Former governor, 74 years old, was driving his Yukon SUV half a mile away from Brentwood when the vehicle collided into a red Prius. Following the crash, airbags were deployed. 

The SUV then started to roll onto a Porsche Cayenne. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a car accident on Friday afternoon. He is pictured at the scene of the crash

Arnold Schwarzenegger was in an accident with a vehicle on Friday afternoon. Pictured at the accident scene 

The driver on the other side of the car was seen getting out onto the Prius’ hood when it came to an abrupt halt. 

The driver of the female vehicle was injured in the accident and suffered severe bleeding. The ambulance took her to the hospital. 

One eyewitness told TMZ that it looked like a stunt from from a movie.    

Schwarzenegger looked fine, and was seen next to his car talking to officers.    

One witness described how the Prius seemed to make a left turn at Sunset Boulevard and Schwarzenegger made a right turn when they collided.