EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal star Gabriel in horror BASEBALL BAT attack: Brazilian fights off masked thugs who followed him home and tried to steal his £45,000 Mercedes and watch as Tottenham drug dealer is jailed for five years over robbery

  • Gabriel and his friend were followed from an evening out by two robbers home.
  • Masked thugs demanded the footballer’s car keys, mobile phone and watch
  • Abderaham Muse (one of the attackers) then lunged at Brazilian with bat
  • Gabriel punched him on the head and then wrestled with him until Muse, 26 ran away
  • After Muse’s hat was lost during the fight, police linked Muse with the DNA raid

Arsenal star Gabriel fought off a robber wielding a baseball bat who tried to steal his £45,000 Mercedes from his garage, SportmailYou can find out.

Gabriel and a friend were followed home from a night out by two robbers who demanded the footballer’s car keys, mobile phone and watch as he got out of his vehicle. 

Abderaham Muse was one of the attackers. Gabriel then lunged at him with the bat. Gabriel then wrestled with him and grabbed his hat until the robber ran free.

Muse (26 years old) was sentenced to five-year imprisonment last month by police after they found DNA evidence that Muse had been involved in the August robbery.

Horrifying CCTV footage played in court shows the black Mercedes pull into the garage at Gabriel’s house in Barnet, north London, and the 23-year-old get out with his friend, Rodrigo Tavares.

Muse and his accomplice, both wearing masks and hoods, walk into the garage and Muse holds the baseball bat up to the footballer’s face.

Arsenal star Gabriel and a friend were followed home from a night out by two robbers

Gabriel from Arsenal and Gabriel’s friend were robbed after they went out on a night.

CCTV captures the moment Gabriel hands his car keys and watch to the armed robber

The moment Gabriel gives his keys to his car, captured on CCTV and viewed by the armed robber.

Gabriel, who joined Arsenal for £27million from French side Lille last year, holds his hands in the air then removes his watch and hands it to his attacker, along with his car keys.

Muse lunges for the bat. Gabriel then jabs Muse in the face, and grabs his arm. After a brief struggle, Muse and Gabriel both sprint out of the house. They pass a third member who was responsible for keeping the electronic gates open.

Martin Lewis, prosecuting, told Harrow Crown Court: ‘No injuries were suffered but a great deal of shock was caused. They happened to pick on two victims who were very fit and able to look after themselves.’

Abderaham Muse held the baseball bat up to the footballer¿s face and lunged at him

Abderaham Muse held the baseball bat up to the footballer’s face and lunged at him

Judge Anupama THOMPSON said that Muse and his compatriots did not target Gabriel for being a Premier League superstar. Instead, they followed Muse to his residence because he looked wealthy. ‘While you didn’t specifically target the victim on account of him being a well-known footballer, there was a realisation this person was wealthy and worthy of robbing,’ she said.

‘You saw a nice car and a nice house and thought it was rich pickings. Fortunately, thanks to the brave actions of the people you targeted, no further damage was done.’

Muse is a Tottenham resident with a history of convictions that date back to 2009. He was arrested for possessing a prohibited firearm.

Gabriel attacked him while he was under licence after he received a 56-month sentence regarding heroin possession and intent to supply.

Police linked Muse, 26, to the robbery from DNA after his hat fell off during the struggle

Police linked Muse, 26, to the robbery from DNA after his hat fell off during the struggle

Muse (L), 26, was linked to DNA robbery after his cap fell off during struggle

Judge Thompson told him: ‘You have an appalling record for a man of 26. This was an horrific and frightening attack on a group of people who were simply coming home from a night out.’

Muse was sentenced by Judge Thompson to five years in prison for one count each of robbery, and possession of an offense weapon. Muse’s two accomplices have not been caught.

Gabriel has played 33 times for Arsenal since his transfer in September last year and was named in the Brazil squad for last summer’s Olympics, before being forced to withdraw due to a knee injury that also meant he was out of action during the time he was attacked.

Sead Kolasinac (a fellow Arsenal player) fought two armed men that tried to rob his and Mesut Ozil’s luxury watches in front of his Hampstead home in July 2019. Later that year, Ashley Smith was arrested with Jordan Northover as an accomplice in the attempted robbery.