Six-year-old son, who had been left to his mother and father for help, was shot dead by his stepmother. His father later died.

Olivia Labinjo Halcrow, 27, stated that Arthur’s death and abuse at the hands his father and his ex girlfriend were “harrowing” and “incomparable”.

Arthur was a lover of reading and football, and died after suffering months of torture by Thomas Hughes and Emma Tustin.

After Hughes, 29, and Tustin (32), starved Arthur and forced him to eat salty food, Hughes, 29, and Tustin killed Arthur.

The mother of Arthur Labinjo-Halcrow said in a tribute shared after the trial that the six-year-old loved reading, football and dressing up as superheroes and he had a 'superpower smile'

Arthur Labinjo Halcrow’s mother, Arthur Labinjo Halcrow, shared a post after trial in which she said her six-year-old son loved football, reading and superhero dressing up. She also expressed deep sadness for the loss of her child.

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

Olivia, Arthur’s mother, is currently behind bars and describes her son’s death as “harrowing”.

Pictured: Arthur, pictured here in his Spiderman hat, loved dressing up as superheroes

Pictured here: Arthur dressed up in his Spiderman cap, because he loved being a superhero.

Today, Tustin was found guilty of the murder of Arthur during Covid’s lockdown on June 17, 2020.

Hughes was found guilty also of manslaughter, but cleared of murder. Hughes sent Tustin a text message 18 hours prior to the attack in which he requested that she ‘just end’ him.

Each of them were found guilty of multiple charges of child cruelty. The judge insisted on a one-minute silence for Arthur following the verdicts.

After the trial ended, Arthur’s grandmother Madeleine Halcrow gave a speech in support of Olivia Labinjo Hughes (who is Arthur’s biological mom).

She is currently serving a 11-year sentence for killing her partner Gary Cunningham in 2019.

Arthur's biological mother, Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow, 29

She killed her partner Gary Cunningham by stabbing him 12 times with a kitchen knife in a drunken rage in February 2019

Arthur’s biological mother, Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow, 29, (left) killed partner Gary Cunningham (right) by stabbing him 12 times with a kitchen knife in a drunken rage in February 2019

Arthur's mother Olivia said he loved Birmingham City and could name all the England players

Olivia, Arthur’s mother, said that Arthur loved Birmingham City. She also claimed that he could name every England player. 

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes with father Thomas Hughes and Thomas' partner Emma Tustin. Tustin has been convicted of murder and Hughes is guilty of manslaughter after a harrowing trial

Arthur Labinjo Hughes (with Thomas Hughes as his father) and Thomas’s partner Emma Tustin. Following a difficult trial, Tustin and Hughes were convicted for murder. Hughes was found guilty of manslaughter.

She stated, “Following my son’s trial, I want to use his chance to reflect on Arthur’s life and celebrate the boy that I loved so deeply.”

“The details surrounding Arthur’s case were harrowing, but I wanted people to get to know Arthur from his big smile to his caring personality.

“All mothers believe that their children are best, and I am no exception. Arthur, his first birthday, was bright and happy. He was also very curious.

“When I reflect on Arthur’s life, and the things he loved, there are three things I remember.

He loved reading and was a big fan of Julia Donaldson’s books. The Gruffalo, the Snail and the Whale were his favorites.

“His love for reading grew into his desire to be able to create new words.

Emma Tustin, 32

Thomas Hughes

Emma Tustin (32), killed Arthur Labinjo–Hughes with a head bang on a hard surface. She and Thomas Hughes, 29, had starved and poisoned the boy with salt.

“Every week, he’d be thrilled about the new ten words that he had been given. Arthur was secondly a lover of food. Arthur was 10lbs and 6.5oz at birth. His love for milk quickly turned into his love for food.

Like all kids, he was willing to try everything and would eat anything I had. When he was starting school, he used to tell me about his lunch and ask me what dinner he wanted.

“But Arthur’s greatest love was the outdoors. He was an avid fan of football.

Speaking after the trial, Arthur's grandmother Madeleine Halcrow (pic) read a tribute on behalf of her daughter Olivia Labinjo Hughes, who is Arthur's biological mum. She is currently serving a 11-year sentence for killing her partner

Following the trial, Arthur’s grandmother Madeleine Halcrow, (pic), read a tribute for Olivia Labinjo Hughes who is Arthur’s biological mom. She currently serves an 11 year sentence for the murder of her partner.

“By four years old, he knew the names of at least some members of England’s team. He also had the most recent kit from Birmingham City.

“I could go on for hours about Arthur’s love and his personality, but every person who loves him has their story.”

Talking about Arthur’s love would be incomplete without mentioning his obsession with superheroes. Arthur was a fan of Marvel and DC.

From Batman to Black Panther. Superman, Flash. He loved wearing every outfit and any action figure, and loved pretending to have all the super powers. 

“Arthur was my light, not just because he was my only child but also because he was my best friend.

“Never could I imagine that he would have been removed from this world so young in his life.

Arthur would like one thing more. He would want to be remembered because of his superpower. This is what I will forever remember Arthur for: his superpower and Arthur’s smile.  

Tustin instantly took a photo of Arthur as he was dying, and immediately pulled out her phone so she could send it to her boyfriend.

She dialed 999 to inform the operator that Arthur had allegedly ‘banged his heads’. The police reached her house and the stepmother, who was self-pitying, began to cry. She tried to convince the operator that Arthur had headbutted her while he lay in hospital several miles away.

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

Arthur Labinjo Hughes (6 years old) loved to learn and play outside. Olivia Labinjo Hughes was his mother.

The next morning, he died after his life support was shut off. His injuries were so severe that medics couldn’t do anything to help him.

Arthur died in his final hours. A heartbreaking video of Arthur showing him in agony showed his pain as his thin frame was visible through his worn-out pyjamas. He shouted “no one loves” four times, then “no one is going for me” seven times. This took place in just 44 seconds.

Madeleine Halcrow his maternal grandmother, told MailOnline today that Arthur had been let down by West Midlands Police as well as social services. It was possible to save him, but this opportunity wasn’t used.

Arthur was loved by his maternal grandmother, who said that he enjoyed playing outside. He was made to wear a onesie during the baking heatwave, and then he had to be kept in isolation in a corridor for fifteen hours each day for six weeks as part of a “punishing regimen”.

This little boy loved food, and was happy to have his meals. He died after being starved, and then forced to consume a deadly salt slurry. While the bullies shouted at Arthur out of reach in the hallway as the children of Tustin ate fish and chips with McDonald’s and McDonald’s, CCTV captured them.

Arthur became a depressed, poor, and dehumanized child as the couple denigrated, debase, and dehumanized his family.