Their merry LITTLE Christmas is complete! These amazing images of model shots show you how many surreal backgrounds our Lilliputians can be identified.

  • Artist Tatsuya Tanaka has been fascinated with scale since he was a boy and used broccoli as trees for his toys
  • A 40-year-old dad started collecting models to decorate toys railway sets. Now, the father has more than 100,000.
  • His latest works include festive scenes and winter scenes made from everyday items and 3D-printed models. 


There’s having a merry little Christmas. And then there’s having a truly tiny one. This miniature winter wonderland is made of a soap bar that can become a ski rink for those who stand just millimeters high.

Toilet paper becomes ski slopes. Cotton buds become a snowy forest that Santa can fly through in his tiny sleigh.

Tatsuya Takaka is behind the whimsical creations. For ten year, she has made wintry dioramas using everyday objects.

As a child, the 40-year old father-of-2 first fell in love with scale when he was able to collect models to embellish toy railroad sets.

‘When I was young I didn’t have enough toys,’ he says. ‘Broccoli became trees and forest for my action figures to play in.’

The walls are now lined with shelves that hold 100,000 model kits.

The artist uses a 3D printer and hand-paints the model under magnifying glasses. He then positions it using a pair on tweezers.

His most loved snow scenes are those that transport people to another world of winter.

You can see the reason here.

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Artist Tatsuya Tanaka has been making wintry dioramas out of everyday objects for ten years after becoming fascinated with scale as a young boy. Pictured: Santa is seen flying over a frozen forest made out of a container of cotton buds in his sleigh

After becoming obsessed with the scale of childhood, Tatsuya Tanaka is a wintry diorama maker. Pictured: Santa can be seen flying above a frozen forest created from a container of cotton buds.

Artist Tatsuya Tanaka uses 3D printer, hand paints under a magnifying glass, then positions with a pair of tweezers. Pictured: Looking for perfect skiing? In this alternative winter world, you can find pristine slopes on this toilet paper.

Tatsuya Tanaka is an artist who uses a 3D printer and hand-paints with a magnifying lens. Then she positions the tweezer using a pair. Pictured: Looking for perfect skiing? This toilet paper can be used to create pristine ski slopes in an alternative winter land.

His intricate snow scenes are Tatsuya Tanaka's most popular and it's easy to see why with the festive models he has created this year. Pictured: The white of a jumper becomes snow for children to make snowmen within this tiny scene

Tatsuya’s snow scenes are his most loved and you can see why when looking at the models that he created for this holiday season. Pictured: Children can make snowmen from the snow made by the jumper’s white fabric.

The hole in a toilet roll is no longer just for hanging it in the loo. In this miniature world, it allows Santa to catch up with fishing

It’s not just for hanging the toilet roll in the loo anymore. This miniature world allows Santa Claus to catch up on fishing by using the hole in a toilet roll.

In Tatsuya Tanaka's whimsical world, a white hand-towel becomes the perfect surface for a spot of cross country skiing

Tatsuya’s world is a place where white towels are the best surface for cross-country skiing.

Pictured: A sugar jar offers the ideal snow for this miniature child to make a snowman

Pictured: This miniature snowman is made from sugar in a sugar jar.

Fun in the snow: Here's an entirely novel use for a white paper mask - as a slope for miniature children to go sledging

Have fun in the snow! Here is a completely new use for a mask made of white paper – it can be used as a slope to allow miniature children to go sledging

Thought clips were only useful for organising papers? In this ski resort they are put to a new use as ski lifts for tiny skiers

Did you think that clipping was only for organizing papers? These clips are used to lift tiny skiers up and down the mountain.

In this scaled-down Christmas scene, a head on top of a pint of beer is perfect snow for a parent to pull their child on a sledge

This is a simplified Christmas scene. A head on top of an ice cold pint of beer makes perfect snow.

Snowball fight: The white of a jumper becomes snow for children to make snowmen within this tiny scene

This tiny scene features a snowball fight where the white jumper turns into snow, allowing children to create snowmen from it.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow: Soap once again comes in useful as the perfect surface for this elegant figure skater

It’s snowing, it’s snowing, it’s snowing: Once again, soap is a great surface to use for elegant figure skating.

A tiny Eskimo leaves footprints in the pristine snow which are really made from perforations in the spine of a notebook

An Eskimo tiny foot prints in the white snow. These footprints are made out of the spines of notebooks.