My girlfriend had to fly from Spain to the UK on Boxing Day. We booked a two-day Covid test with Lateral Flow Testing. 

We paid around £50 for the test, which she would have taken when she landed in the UK.

The results arrived December 16th. My girlfriend got an email on December 20 from the company confirming that she had been tested for Covid-19. She must now isolate. 

Stranded: A mix-up by Covid-testing company Lateral Flow Testing left a reader's girlfriend unable to fly to the UK from Spain on Boxing Day

Stranded: A mix-up by Covid-testing company Lateral Flow Testing left a reader’s girlfriend unable to fly to the UK from Spain on Boxing Day

The test had been sent to me unopened, even though she was currently in Spain. I tried several times to email the company, but did not get a response.

She has now cancelled the trip, meaning we have lost nearly €160.

D. R., Lancashire.

Tony Hazell replies:Lateral Flow Testing kept ignoring your emails, until I got in touch. 

When the firm finally investigated your case, it discovered the barcode for your girlfriend’s online customer portal was not the same as the one printed on the test you had been sent.

The order was duplicated for another customer that had test positive.

Lateral Flow Testing informed you that it had notified Public Health England about the error and refunded all costs. 

I asked the company if they would reimburse the cost of the flight. However, the matter was settled before the flight.

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Money Mail receives many of your emails and letters every week. Below are some highlights from our article on this year’s property market. 

The lack of supply to meet the demand isn’t going to be solved quickly. Because there are not enough homes for everyone, the cost of housing will be high.

I. S., Surrey.

The Bank of England has not been able to increase its base rate because inflation is very high. 

House prices have been resilient, but if mortgage rates rise significantly then it’s hard to see how prices won’t be affected.

E. D., via email.

Increased house prices only benefit those who have many properties, and downsizing. 

Younger people are being discouraged from buying houses by homeowners who own multiple properties.

B. E., Liverpool.

My eldest child moved last year and her home has already risen in value by £36,000. 

But, without me I don’t know how my youngest child will climb the ladder to property ownership.

L. N. West Midlands.

Barclays will not transfer the legacy of a late uncle

Ten months ago, my uncle died. Barclays was the bank that my uncle died. I asked for his advice two times, but didn’t get a response.

Finally, I phoned and received an appointment on July 19 at a branch near me from the bereavement staff. 

After completing the forms and providing my letters of administration documents, I was assured the bank would transfer the legacy (around £20,000) shortly.

But by September 22, I’d still heard nothing, so I called again. I was informed that the branch employee hadn’t forwarded my forms. He would be reminded. 

23 November, I received a notification that I would receive new forms. I still have not heard anything.

My husband has lymphoma chemotherapy and is now 87.


M. C., Speldhurst, Kent.

Tony Hazell replies: It was so disappointing to receive yet another complaint about Barclays’s bereavement service.

There seems to have been some confusion around missing contact details, which meant the bank could not reach you or process the forms — although given how many times you called, I find this a little bewildering. 

Good news: The bank responded quickly to my call and has now reunited you with your money.

You have also been paid an extra £150 as compensation.

I’m being hounded over a mystery £800 bill

Together Energy was closed in November 2020. 

A year later, I began receiving texts and emails from a company called Credit Resource Solutions, which claims I owe the energy supplier an outstanding payment of £831.95. However, I did not receive a bill.

I contacted Together Energy’s customer service department several times, but was ignored.

Paul Richards was my chief executive. I sent him an email in desperate need. After I had emailed the chief executive, Paul Richards, my finance team contacted me to confirm that no bill was sent.

L. R., via email.

Tony Hazell replies: Together Energy says a final bill worth £831.95 was created when you left the provider. 

But, the company admits that there was an error and it took some time for you to receive your bill. It apologizes.

Energy watchdog Ofgem’s rules stipulate that providers cannot back-bill customers for costs incurred more than 12 months ago if they have not already informed them of the debt.

Together Energy assured me it was aware of your debt prior to November 2020. 

If you disagree, I recommend contacting the Energy Ombudsman on 0330 440 1624 or visiting: 

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