ASK TONY: We have less reason to shop at Morrisons because of storm trolley damage!

Morrisons was in Holyhead, where I met them on the 27th of October. It was particularly stormy that day. A trolley had been left in the back light of my car when I got back to it.

All the trolley bays appeared full, and attendants were taking shelter from wind and rain.

I reported the matter to the manager of the store. He advised me to send Morrisons a copy and to also bring any receipts. I did. The replacement rear light cost £130.45 from BMW.

Off their trolley: Morrisons supermarket failed to respond to a customer's request for compensation after his car was damaged by a trolley

Morrisons did not respond to the customer’s claim for compensation following a car accident. 

Morrisons staff do not have the time to answer my mail as I’m a regular customer.

H. R., Holyhead, Anglesey.

Tony Hazell replies:On windy days at supermarket parking lots, my main concern is that a neighboring vehicle might be blown into my car by the gust. 

The way I do it is that I walk around the parking lot until Mrs H becomes frustrated and insists I let her go to shop. From there, I continue to search tirelessly for the ideal space.

I am grateful that you raised this extra danger.

Morrisons employees contacted me and offered to look into your matter.

But, I was still unsure if you had made any promises to pay. Therefore, I gave them another push, and they reached out to you to confirm Morrisons would be covering the costs of the damage. 

I’ve always steered clear of stores where you have to insert £1 to release a trolley, but realise now that this means they are all chained up. This means that you can avoid the accident you were in.

Two contracts were signed by O2 fraudster 

O2 has been trying to contact me since early November. Someone used my name, address and other details in order for them to sign various contracts.

O2 in Gloucester couldn’t help me and gave me just a number that I could ring.

This number was called and I was asked to provide a mobile phone number. But as I’ve never ever been with O2 I did not have a number, so I was forced to discontinue the call.

Although I had written to the company listed at the address, I was not able to get a response. I felt the entire thing was probably a scam. Since then, I’ve emailed again and called for assistance.

The O2 payments manager sent me two letters on December 8 stating that I was still in default for two contracts which were taken out in my names.

On December 16, I received letters stating that they called me and had written, but had not yet paid my bill. I have now received an arrears notice for £88.

I’m a stressed woman of 76 who is caring for an 84-year old partner. It would be difficult to cope with the constant harassment by O2.


C. A., Gloucester.

Tony Hazell replies: O2 kept sending threats and bills, and O2 did everything it could to keep up the pressure.

The scammer had taken out two accounts in your name — one an iPhone 13 Pro Max on O2 Refresh worth £1,145.40, and another on an iPad Pro 12.9 in on O2 Refresh for £2,131.72.

After Christmas, you were sent two enforcement notices on December 20 and 23. On December 23, two more letters came on December 23. Finally, after Christmas arrived the arrears notification. These letters also stated that your debt agency was receiving them. This proves that you were able to keep your job.

O2 claims that an error occurred when you first reported your complaint. This caused it to take longer to resolve.

The adviser handling the case has been reminded of the process to follow to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

An O2 spokesman says: ‘We take fraud and security incredibly seriously and have now closed these fraudulently opened accounts.’

It has apologised to you and paid £90 compensation. 

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