“Can you please shut it down?” Moment Chicago Karen gatecrashes a neighbor’s Christmas party starting at 11.10 pm to demand that music be stopped at 11.10pm. Only to have it unceremoniously taken back

  • Here’s the moment that a “Karen” entered a Chicago family home.
  • She stormed into the house, pointed at her watch, and ordered everyone to remain quiet.
  • She entered the home as her family was opening their Christmas gifts.
  • Frustrated family members managed calmly to escort her out and quickly reacted. 
  • A TikTok TikTok video from two days ago already has 369,000 views 

The moment Karen entered the Chicago home of a relative to complain about Christmas noises, only to have her family quickly throw it out.

The video, posted on TikTok by user Katy Ileana, shows a family delighting in Christmas celebrations as they open presents in their kitchen on the evening of December 24, as is traditional for many Hispanic Americans. 

A grey-haired, bespectacled woman suddenly walks in through the kitchen door, arms raised, and asks for help.

‘It’s about ten after eleven!’ The woman points at her watch and her family is stunned by her boldness. 

The woman is stunned and turns to face one of her family members, declaring: “You are not invited here.” You must get out of my home immediately!

The trespasser quickly realizes her error and rushes to get away before another family member can help her. 

Screams of “What?” Shouts of ‘what?!’ and ‘in the home?’ can be heard from other family members. Other family members can hear Karen screaming, and she is quickly ushered out the door by angry women. 

Ileana claimed that the woman had threatened to call police. 

The video, posted on TikTok by user Katy Ileana, shows a Hispanic family delighting in Christmas celebrations as they open presents in their kitchen.

This TikTok video shows Katy Ileana’s Hispanic family enjoying Christmas festivities as they open gifts in their kitchen.

Suddenly, a grey haired, bespectacled woman enters through the kitchen door with her arms in the air and says: 'Can I ask you guys to shut it down? It's about ten after eleven!' while pointing at her watch.

Unexpectedly, an erect, grey-haired and bespectacled woman walks through the kitchen door. She raises her arms high in the air, asking for assistance. It’s about ten after eleven!’ She pointed at her watch.

After the moment of utter disbelief, one female member of the family steps towards the woman and declares: 'You are not welcome here. Get out of my house right now!', before swiftly ushering her back outside.

One female family member steps up to the woman after a moment of shock and says: “You’re not welcome here.” You need to get out of my home immediately!Before quickly leading her out, he said: “Get out of my house!”

DailyMail.com’s Ileana said that this happened at her aunt’s home.

“She came in and told us to stop the festivities.”

“She started to argue and yell to my family who then escorted and threatened to call police on me.

“She did not spoil the party, but she definitely created an uneasy vibe.” She definitely put a damper on Christmas spirit.

The woman is my aunt’s neighbour. My aunt and I meet every Christmas at her house to celebrate Christmas. We haven’t changed any of our traditions. They have never had any problems before. 

Video posted by TikTok Christmas Day on Christmas Day. It has received over 369,000 views. Many people took to the comments area in surprise at the act of trespasser. 

Some users expressed their dismay at the intrusion of an intruder while others called for Ileana’s arrest.

One user said that they had been told by their supervisors to do so. Another wrote: “If this wasn’t there, I don’t believe anyone would be acting this entitled.”

Another said, “Call the police. Press charges.” Please press charges. That’s trespassing!’

Many other social media users expressed anger at the incident.

The 'Karen' appeared out of nowhere, popping up from behind the family having just stormed into their house uninvited to order them to quiet down

Uninvited guests, Karen appeared behind their families and ordered them to calm down.

At one moment it looked as though she was going to turn back, but quickly realised she had made a serious mistake

It seemed as though she would be turning back at one point, but she quickly realized that she’d made a grave mistake.

“She would have DECKED. Even if it weren’t, it’s a literal pandemic. IN THE HOUSE! “IN THE HOUSE!” exclaimed one person.

One said, “She was lucky that she could walk out.” If it were my home, she would have been on the gurney. 

“Wait…she walked INTO another’s home?” Oof. Oof.Another user added, “[She] would be taken out of the house or thrown away!” 

A woman who is insanely foul-mouthed attacks 80-year-old man for eating without a mask on a Delta flight, even though she wasn’t wearing one! 

FBI arrests Delta woman passenger for attacking man while on flight.

Patricia Cornwall was flying from Tampa to Atlanta on Thursday when the incident occurred. Other passengers and crew were also injured in the accident. 

Cornwall was filming the confrontation with his mask off, despite rounding the man (who claimed he was 80) during the long and fraught encounter, which eventually turned into something physically violent. 

After he refused to wear his mask, Cornwall began hitting and scratching at him.

She was placed on the back seat of the plane after a short violent encounter. Atlanta police then took her into custody at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. 

Cornwall was captured hitting and scratching the passenger during the altercation

During the altercation, Cornwall was caught on camera hitting and scratching the victim.

Delta passenger Patricia Cornwall was captured getting into a violent altercation with a man on a flight from Tampa to Atlanta on Thursday after he refused to put his mask up

Patricia Cornwall, a Delta passenger was caught in a fight with an Atlanta man while flying from Tampa to Atlanta. He refused to remove his mask.