A refugee is exonerated from jail for his sex attack against a vulnerable woman. A 34-year old father-of-three “journalist” claims he flew to Azerbaijan to criticize rulers and was then taken to a churchyard by her to attack him.

  • Jeyhun Zynalov noticed his victim in Stoke when she went into a shop to buy sweets
  • She begged him not to assault her and he took her inside a church.
  • Before she fleeing, Zeynalov, a national of Azerbaijan tried to zip her jeans.
  • The father of three admitted to the sexual assault. He was given a suspended sentence

A man seeking asylum in the United States committed a horrific act of sexual assault against a woman who was walking to shop. He pulled her shirt down and kissed her breasts.

Jeyhun Ziynalov (34), met his victim, who was a person with a learning disability, in Stoke-on-Trent’s Shelton region. She made her way into the shop to purchase sweets.

He then led her into the grounds of St Mark’s Church and assaulted her as she begged him to stop, before he tried to pull down the zip on her jeans before she fled.

Azerbaijani national Zeynalov is a father-of-three living in Longton. He used to work as a journalist in his homeland where he “criticised” the party in power.

In October 2018, he pleaded not guilty for a charge including sexual assault. The attack occurred in the summer before he admitted guilt in March 2021.

Jeyhun Zeynalov, 34, was sentenced to ten months in prison, suspended for 18 months

Jeyhun Zynalov was 34 years old and sentenced to 10 months in prison with suspended sentences for 18 months

Zeynalov has not been convicted of any offenses, but he is living apart from his wife, after being married 13 years. He claimed that the incident was accidental. 

Ben Lawrence, the prosecution, said to the court, “It would make it clear that she has a learning impairment.” To buy sweets, she went to the local grocery store. 

“As she was heading towards the shop, it seemed that he was waiting for her. He was “chatting up” her, she said. He asked her to have a beer and she said yes. He asked her if she wanted to go out for a drink. She replied “no” and said that she would be going home.

According to the court, Zeynalov bought vodka after returning to the shop. Zeynalov met up with her as she left the shop.

Lawrence said, “He started talking to her again.” She was led to St Mark’s Church, Broad Street. 

“She became scared and followed his instructions. He started touching her and she replied “no”. Then he took her top off and began to lick her breasts. 

Zeynalov led the woman into the grounds of St Mark's Church in Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent

Zeynalov led Zeynalov’s lady into St Mark’s Church grounds in Shelton (Stoke-on-Trent).

“He attempted to kiss her, but she turned her back. He attempted to reduce the zip of her jeans. He tried to lower the zip of her jeans, but it was obvious that she didn’t want to participate. She then left.

After the victim had been told by the court that she was going home, Zeynalov was arrested. Zeynalov, who was shortly thereafter arrested.

His victim stated in an impact statement that he was angry about the events. After that, I was afraid of walking the distance to the shop.

“I worry about walking with strangers on the street. Following what I experienced, my mother is extremely concerned for me. Who is around the corner?

“It’s so easy to forget about all of this. I prefer to be covered when I’m out.

Carl Templar – Vasey, defending said that there was no repeat offence. He said, “It seems to have been an isolated offence.”

Zeynalov was sentenced at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court (pictured) but was not sent to prison

Zeynalov received a sentence at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court, (pictured), but was not sent back to prison

“He is an Azerbaijani refugee seeking asylum. He was also a journalist, and he criticised those in power. He now receives £198 a week.

“He is the father of three children, has been married 13 years. However, he has experienced recent problems with his wife. They now live separately.”

Zeynalov received a sentence from Judge David Fletcher for ten months, suspended for 18 more months with a 30-day rehabilitation requirement.

Additionally, he was required to undergo six months of alcohol treatment and can work unpaid for 120 hours. Zeynalov was also placed on the 10 year sex offenders’ register.

He was told by the judge: “You evidently took advantage of a young lady who suffered from some difficulties that must have been apparent to you on the date in 2017.

“You followed her to the church grounds, where she exposed her breasts.

“She was clear in her statement that she did not want to be involved with any behavior like that. She simply left and didn’t want to be pursued.