Research shows that lipstick- and mascara-wearing women are more attractive than those who don’t. Plainer ones are considered to be better leaders.

  • Study shows that women who are attractive to men have more dramatizing makeup than those who are aggressive.
  • Participants from female participants rated make-up on plain and attractive women in different ways
  • The women were then asked what the differences in their feelings about themselves made them feel.

You can feel great about how you look by using blusher and eyeliner.

A study shows that it may also impact how women view us.

Psychology researchers asked women to view pictures of different attractiveness, with or without makeup.

The researchers found that attractive women are more aggressive after they have been made up.

The team, from Charles Sturt University and Federation University in Australia, said make-up may serve as a form of 'intrasexual competition' in highly attractive women (pictured: file photo)

This team was made up of representatives from Charles Sturt University Australia as well Federation University Australia. They suggested that makeup may be used to ‘intrasexually compete’ for highly-attractive women (see file photo).

However, women viewed plainer people as better leaders than make-up.

A second experiment was conducted in which women were asked to look at similar photos and then tell how attractive they felt they were.

Participants who saw photos of beautiful women in makeup felt less confident about themselves.

Psychologists asked female participants to look at pictures of women of varying attractiveness with and without make-up (pictured: file photo)

Female participants were asked by psychologists to view photos of attractive women with or without makeup (file photo).

However, the women who were less attractive to men did not suffer.

A team from Charles Sturt University Australia and Federation University Australia said that make-up can be used as an ‘intrasexual competitive’ for highly desirable women but has a distinct social function in plainer women.

Co-author Dr Danielle Sulikowski said: ‘When highly attractive women wear make-up it’s like, “I’m here, I mean business”…Other highly attractive women seem to “get” this signal and respect it.’