Boom Time for Audioboom: As it tunes into a global audience, the podcast hosting company upgrades its forecasts

Audioboom has upgraded its forecasts six times as more people listen to its podcasts. 

AIM-listed Nick Candy was the biggest shareholder, accounting for almost 15% of the company’s total. Candy said that it had a growing audience worldwide and that advertisers were eager to purchase slots on its programs. 

Audioboom predicted that Audioboom’s annual profit would surpass City estimates. Podcasts are produced by Audioboom and Sue Perkins, former Great British Bake Off contestant. 

Audioboom, whose biggest shareholder is property developer Nick Candy (pictured with wife, singer and former Neighbours star Holly Valance), said its audience was growing worldwide

Audioboom’s largest shareholder, Nick Candy, is a property developer. Holly Valance, Holly Valance, her wife and singer, said that Audioboom was seeing a rise in its worldwide audience.

After six weeks of its launch, Boss Stuart Last said that Showcase had already made a positive difference to the company. 

Showcase connects potential advertisers with podcasters through an online marketplace.

Candy, 48 years old, is being pressured to go to a Tory Aides Christmas party in December last year, when the country was under lockdown. 

Candy was photographed alongside Shaun Bailey (an ex-mayoral candidate in London). 

Last year, the company offered itself for sale but was unsuccessful in finding a buyer. The shares rose 7.9%, or 85p to 1160p.