Australia said goodbye to 2021 and was welcomed into 2022 by celebrations all over the country, led by Sydney Harbour’s largest New Year’s Eve fireworks display. 

While crowd numbers were significantly down on pre-pandemic NYE celebrations, tens of thousands were undeterred by rapidly rising Omicron case numbers and glammed up to enjoy the night after a year of restrictions and lockdowns. 

Sydney’s organizers set out to stage the most spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration in history. They used six tonnes of fireworks, which is approximately 2000 fireworks per minute. This was for millions around the globe. 

Revelators who accepted that Covid-19 was safer outdoors than inside were given light queues and the best viewing spots for the show. 

Many of those who took up the best spots had come from interstate – particularly Melbourne – as Sydneysiders made the decision to stay closer to home. 

The party also ramped up in Melbourne despite a heatwave after New Year celebrations were scrapped in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Melburnians, after the longest-running lockdown in history, were ready to have a good time. 

Flagstaff Gardens was home to four zones: Alexandra Gardens, Treasury Gardens and Docklands, which hosted street parties, outdoor entertainment, live music, and street dining before midnight fireworks.

At the Sidney Myer Music Box, thousands poured into the Beyond the City Music Festival. There were acts such as Hayden James, Jaguar Jonze and Mallrat on the stages. 

The Gold Coast saw optimistic Aussies say goodbye to 2021 and welcome in 2022, hoping for a better year.

Also on the Gold Coast, millionaire OnlyFans star Jackson O’Doherty, 27, hosted the self-proclaimed ‘party of the year’ at his mansion which was attended by scantily-clad models, musicians and celebrities.


Out with the old... Australia has welcomed in 2022 spearheaded by Sydney staging the world's biggest New Year's Eve fireworks display, a dazzling, technicolour extravaganza on the famous harbour

Out with the old… Australia has welcomed in 2022 spearheaded by Sydney staging the world’s biggest New Year’s Eve fireworks display, a dazzling, technicolour extravaganza on the famous harbour

Millions around the globe tune in for the world's first major New Year celebrations - and 2022 felt special with a universal desire to move on from the gloom of the pandemic. Pictured are Sydney's 2021 fireworks on the harbour, which dazzled the world only moments ago

The world watches millions of people around the world tune in to the first major New Year festivities. 2022 was special because everyone felt the need to get past the despair and despair caused by the pandemic. These are Sydney’s fireworks at the Harbour 2021 that stunned the globe just seconds ago

A glamorous New Year's Eve partygoer strolls through Sydney's streets bare foot as she finds her way home after the wild celebrations

After the revelry, a New Year’s Eve partygoer searches her way home along Sydney’s streets barefoot. 

A glamourous reveller ditched her high heel shoes after a long night of partying in Sydney's Circular Quay

After a night out partying at Sydney’s Circular Quay, a glamorous reveller decided to ditch her heels.

Partygoers who were a little worse for wear made their way home after the fireworks extravaganza on Sydney Harbour

After the Sydney Harbour fireworks display, partygoers were left feeling a bit worse than before and made their way back to their homes.

Three police officers arrest a man during New Year's Eve celebration in Sydney, holding him on the ground in the midst of the large crowd

Three officers from Sydney police arrest a man at the New Year’s Eve party and place him on the ground amidst the huge crowd.

So long 2021! Australians were only too happy to say goodbye to a tough 2021 and welcome in 2022 with the best kind of virus - a shared party spirit and sense of fun on the last night of the year

So long 2021! Australians only wanted to be able to wave goodbye to 2021 with a positive outlook and welcoming 2022.

The signs of a year weighed down by Covid-19 were obvious with masks and smaller crowds than in the past, but Aussies still got out in numbers to welcome in 2022 across the country. Smiling Sydney revellers are pictured

Covid-19 made it obvious that the year was weighing down, with smaller crowds and masks. However, Aussies were still able to get out in large numbers to welcome 2022 all across Australia. These smiling revellers from Sydney are photographed

All white on the night: Sydney revellers dressed to stay cool in the city on New Year's Eve on a night of partying

Sydney revellers wore all-white attire to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

A night spent tottering on high heels is enough to convince anyone that Prince Charming is there to help out. New Year's Eve revellers are pictured at Sydney's Circular Quay

It is easy to believe that Prince Charming will be there for you if you spend the night dragging your heels around in high heels. Pictured at Sydney’s Circular Quarter are New Year’s Eve revellers

Sydneysiders were in a mood to welcome in 2022 and who could blame them as 2021 didn't produce much to celebrate

Sydneysiders welcomed 2022 with open arms, and they were not wrong as the year 2021 wasn’t a great one.

Sydney is preparing to host the world's biggest New Year's Eve fireworks extravaganza, undeterred by fears over the Omicron strain of Covid-19 and rapidly rising case numbers. Revellers are pictured in the CBD

Sydney will host the largest New Year’s Eve fireworks show in the world, unaffected by concerns over Covid-19’s Omicron strain and rising numbers of cases. The CBD is home to revellers

The crowds were smaller at Circular Quay but that just meant a better view of the world-famous festivities for those who werent daunted by the Covid doomsayers

Although Circular Quay was smaller than other venues, this did not mean that the crowds couldn’t see the famed celebrations.

Sydney's 9pm fireworks display dazzled thousands of revellers who ignored Covid doomsayers and lined the harbour on New Year's Eve

Sydney’s fireworks display at 9 p.m. dazzled thousands.

The spectacle of Sydney's famous fireworks display captivated the city and the thousands of revellers who ignored Covid doomsayers and headed out for a night of fun

Sydney’s famed fireworks spectacle captivated both the city and thousands of revellers, who ignored Covid doomsayers to head out for an evening of entertainment.

Smaller crowds at Sydney's fireworks meant prime positions for those who made the effort on a warm night

The smaller crowds that attended Sydney’s fireworks were able to secure prime spots for people who dedicated their time on a hot night.

Sydney was preparing to host the world's biggest fireworks extravaganza on New Year's Eve, undeterred by fears over the Omicron Covid-19 variant and rapidly rising case numbers

Sydney was ready to host the largest fireworks display in the world on New Years Eve. It wasn’t deterred by concerns about the OmicronCovid-19 variant or the rapidly increasing number of cases

What's an Omicron? Sydney revellers get up close and personal as the party starts beside the world-famous harbour

What is an Omicron, you ask? Sydney revellers come up close as the party begins beside the iconic harbour.

Self-conscious Sydney revellers were keen to capture precious moments with friends on New Year's Eve

Sydney revellers, who are self conscious and anxious about their New Year’s Eve celebrations, were eager to record precious moments with close friends

Sydney turned on a stunning day to go with its centrepiece, the gorgeous harbour ahead of its much-anticipated fireworks displays

Sydney had a spectacular day ahead of the much-anticipated fireworks display.

It was a second subdued New Year's Even on Sydney Harbour as the pandemic kept usually boisterous revellers away in droves. Friends (L-R) Danni Moore, 29, Tara Delaney, 28, and Sarah Kimberlin, had flown up from Melbourne for the fireworks

As the flu pandemic kept revellers from rioting, it was another subdued New Years’ Eve on Sydney Harbour. Friends (L to R) Tara Delaney, 28; Danni Moore, 29; Sarah Kimberlin was 28, and Sarah Kimberlin were flying in from Melbourne to watch the fireworks.

The best seat in the house! Queues start to form at the Opera Bar directly opposite the Harbour Bridge

This is the best spot in the house At the Opera Bar, directly opposite to the Harbour Bridge. Queues form.

Where once a million spectators would gather around the water's edge to see the city's world-famous fireworks display, this year's celebrations were low-key. Husband and wife Diana Mosquera, 32, and Omar Campos, 33, enjoyed getting out of their Sydney home

One million spectators used to gather at the water’s edge every year for the city’s famous fireworks display. But this year, the festivities were more casual. Omar Campos (33) and Diana Mosquera (32), their husband and wife, had a great time getting out of Sydney.


Melbourne celebrated the New Year with fun, friendship and hugs after a day of soaring temperatures

Melbourne celebrated the New Year in style with friends, laughter, and lots of hugging after an intense day.

The mood was celebratory at St Kilda in Melbourne on New Year's Eve as friends laughed and joked beside the beach

St Kilda, Melbourne’s New Year’s Eve celebration was a success as many friends laughed and joked by the shore.

Thousands of Melburnians watched a spectacular fireworks display on the Yarra River a after a scorching day that reached 38 degrees

After a hot day of 38 degree heat, thousands of Melburnians witnessed a stunning fireworks display at the Yarra river. 

Melbourne revellers looked delighted to say goodbye to 2021, in which they endured the world's longest lockdown, an epically awful 262 days

Melbourne revellers seemed happy to be saying goodbye to 2021. In which they were subject to the longest lockdown in history, an extremely painful 262 days,

Yes, 2021 really is over... friends share a deep moment on a night of serious partying at St Kilda in Melbourne as they prepared to welcome in 2022

It’s true, 2021 is done… Friends share an intimate moment at St Kilda Melbourne on a night filled with serious drinking as they prepare to welcome 2022.

New Year's Eve is a memorable time for everyone, especially couples

The midnight kiss is an Aussie tradition that was repeated across the country again

New Year’s Eve will be remembered by everyone. Couples especially love the tradition of the midnight kiss.

Over Covid: Melburnians glammed up to get out and and see in 2022, enjoying the biggest night of the year with friends

Melburnians look sexy to go out in 2022 and enjoy the most memorable night of the year together with friends.

Friends walk through St Kilda after celebrating New Year's Eve in Melbourne after a hot day

After a long day of hot days, friends walk through St Kilda with their families after New Year’s Eve celebrations in Melbourne. 

Who cares if it's been the year from hell? Melburnians, who endured the world's longest Covid lockdown were ready to party

It doesn’t matter if this was the year of hell. The Melburnians who were subject to the longest Covid lockdown in history, were eager to have a good time. 

Melburnians cooked in 38 degree heat on New Year's Eve so it was little surprise many stayed close to the beach and the water as they prepared for the midnight countdown

Melburnians threw 38 degrees heat into their ovens on New Year’s Eve. So it wasn’t surprising that they stayed at the shore and in the water to prepare for the countdown.

Melbourne's early fireworks at 9.30pm delighted young and old. A young girl is pictured celebrating with her mother

Young and old alike enjoyed Melbourne’s 9.30pm early fireworks. Pictured is a young girl celebrating with her mother

Melburnians were keen to stay hydrated after scorching temperatures on New Year's Eve

Melburnians were determined to remain hydrated after the heat of New Year’s Eve.

Melbourne split its New Year's Eve celebrations into four zones. Revellers are pictured getting into the celebratory spirit at St Kilda

Melbourne divided its New Year’s Eve festivities into four areas. The celebratory spirit is captured at St Kilda by Revellers

Ready, set, go! Melburnians glammed up and got out in force to celebrate New Year's Eve although it was the hottest day for months

Ready, set, go! Melburnians looked great and went out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, even though it was one of the hottest days for many months

Cricket legend Shane Warne (right) enjoys a drinks break on a hot day with fellow former Australian players Michael Hussey (left) and Andrew Symonds (in blue hat) on New Year's Eve in Melbourne

Shane Warne, a cricket legend (right), enjoys a drink break during a hot day in Melbourne with former Australian players Michael Hussey and Andrew Symonds (in the blue hat).

The party spirit got to a few early on in the night after a searing hot day on New Year's Eve in Melbourne

Party spirit took hold in the early hours of the morning after an intensely hot New Year’s Eve celebration in Melbourne

A blistering hot day in Melbourne meant only the most committed partygoers lasted into the evening

It was a scorching hot day in Melbourne, so only the most passionate partygoers made it through the evening.

Melbournians were in the mood to party all day despite the heat

Melbournians were ready to have a good time despite the heat

Revellers arrive en masse for the Beyond The City music festival at Sidney Myer Music Bowl on December 31, 2021 in Melbourne

The Beyond The City music festival will be held at Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne on December 31st 2021. Revellers are expected to arrive in large numbers

Pop singer Jaguar Jonze (pictured) performs to the crowd at the Beyond The City music festival at Sidney Myer Music Bowl on December 31, 2021 in Melbourne

Jaguar Jonze, a pop singer performs in front of the audience at Beyond The City at Sidney Myer Music Bowl (December 31, 2021) in Melbourne

A glammed up crew of girls gets set for a wild night of celebrations in Melbourne as the city prepares to welcome the new year

As Melbourne prepares for the New Year, a glammed-up crew of girls is set to celebrate with the rest of the world.

Melbourne crowds lined up for a night of celebrations at the Beyond The City music festival, despite soaring Covid infections across Victoria and the rest of Australia

Melbourne’s crowds gathered for the Beyond The City festival despite the high number of Covid infection cases in Victoria and elsewhere.


Gold Coast revellers raise their hands in the air as the clock strikes midnight on the Gold Coast and fireworks erupt in the sky

Gold Coast revellers lift their arms in the air when the clock strikes midnight and fireworks explode in the sky

A partygoers welcomes the new year by climbing the famous Surfers Paradise sign on the Gold Coast

One partygoer welcomes in the New Year with a climb up the Surfers Paradise sign at the Gold Coast.

Sparkle, Sparkle! Young partygoers wave sparklers as they welcome 2022 following a tough year marred by Covid

Sparkle, Sparkle! After a difficult year, young partygoers are excited to welcome 2022.

All smiles at Surfers Paradise... Optimistic Aussies celebrate the arrival of 2022 on the Gold Coast after a year to forget

Surfers Paradise is all smiles… Happy Aussies welcome 2022 to the Gold Coast, a day after an awful year 

Young Australians were in the moody to party as a year to forget gave way to 2022 and the celebrations began

The mood was high for young Australians as the year of forgetting gave way to 2022, and celebrations started.

Revellers came dressed for an unforgettable night of New Year's Eve partying at Surfer's Paradise on the Gold Coast

Surfer’s Paradise, on the Gold Coast was packed with Revellers who came dressed up for an amazing night of New Years Eve celebrations 

The Gold Coast saw in the New Year with the Jackson Doherty's 18+ white-themed 'party of the year'

Gold Coast welcomed the new year with Jackson Doherty’s 18+ white-themed “party of the Year”

The white-themed 18+ event was attended by a bevvy of models, musicians and celebrities

A host of musicians, celebrities and models attended the white-themed 18+ event

The Gold Coast's 'party of the year' was hosted by YouTube star Jackson Doherty

YouTuber Jackson Doherty hosted the Gold Coast’s “party of year”

On the Gold Coast, YouTube star and millionaire Jackson O’Doherty (pictured, centre) hosted the self-proclaimed 'party of the year' for New Year's Eve

On the Gold Coast, YouTube star and millionaire Jackson O’Doherty (pictured, centre) hosted the self-proclaimed ‘party of the year’ for New Year’s Eve