Mum defends her very unusual Christmas tree upside-down, as her parents threaten to eject her.

  • A mother from Australia shared an upside-down Christmas tree via Facebook
  • Its unique design keeps her dog and baby away from it
  • However, not everybody was impressed by this idea. Some even suggested that it could fall off the roof.
  • The mother replied that it would enhance the house.

A mother from Australia was forced to defend an abstract Christmas tree she had posed as a photo on Facebook.

Mel Webber is a Queensland resident and the owner of many small dogs. A puppy and a little boy were among them. Mel decided to build her snowy white tree from the roof of her home to stop it being torn down.

This is what Christmas looks like inside our home! How I child and pet-proofed the Christmas tree. She wrote that the tree and ornaments were all purchased at Kmart throughout the years.

Mel, proud of her tree and all that it meant for her life, wasn’t prepared for the torrent of criticism she would face over her post on her website.

Mel Webber, who lives in Queensland, is the owner of a number of small dogs, including a puppy, and a toddler so decided to erect her snowy white tree on the roof of her house

Mel Webber lives in Queensland and is the proud owner of several small dogs including a puppy and a toddler. She decided to build her white snowy tree from the roof of her home.

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‘It would make my eyes hurt. There is no way that I can enjoy such a tree. The tree is not safe. One mother said that a child with issues touching the tree will pull it and possibly get hurt by the falling tree.

“And don’t place presents under them because they won’t be trusted with trees. Trees that are too dangerous for animals will fall if they see them as fun. Although each animal is unique, it doesn’t make much sense.

“I’m sorry, that’s wrong.” Another said, “Your tree is gorgeous but I would not allow it to play with me too much.”

The third was: “Going to be tough putting the presents under Christmas’.  

Mel replied to the backlash and described her dilemma with several pets and a young child at home. 

She stated that she has two small dogs (not cats), and one puppy.

“We’ve been doing this ever since our second Christmas. We didn’t give her any chance to become ‘naughty’. I did not want to spend one month trying to tell a 1-year-old no. 

Mel responded to the backlash by outlining her predicament with multiple pets and a young daughter at home

Mel responded to criticism by explaining her predicament, which included multiple animals and a young child at home.

“So this was all pre-planned. Unless an adult is tempted to swing from the tree like a stripper, it won’t just fall from the skies unsafely. To support the weight, the feet have been attached to the ceiling using a support board.

She also wondered why commenters weren’t sure where they should place their gifts.  

“Look at how much space there is underneath that pushbike. We could gift it to our daughter and put it under the tree. A standard bike will probably fit just as many presents. It’s okay to begin spreading the presents around the tree.

Many people were impressed by the concept and wanted to test it.

“Love this idea. Do not be afraid of negative comments. “We have a greyhound who rubs up against our trees knocking them over, so this is great,” one woman explained.

“What a great idea!” Another said, “Keeps mini-decorators from changing the Christmas vision.”