As a result of ‘out-of control’ learner driver careers, baby girl gets seriously hurt and is forced off the road to mother and her children in West Midlands Street

  • Walsall West Midlands: A car was allegedly driven into the back of a mother and her two young children.
  • A hospital is treating a little girl who suffered potentially life-threatening injuries.
  • An area in which a car had crashed through a garden wall was cordoned off by police
  • Pictured was a silver Nissan Micra fitted with a learner’s L plate.

An accident that saw a driver drive off the road while a mother was on maternity leave has resulted in serious injuries to a little girl.

Just after 3:25 yesterday, the collision happened at a intersection on a Walsall residential street.

According to reports, the car drove in front of the mother with her two children. The injured child is one of those kids.   

Later, a silver Nissan Micra equipped with a learner’s L plate was pictured being inserted into a fence after it had rammed through brick walls. The car was equipped with L plates but it is not known if the driver was a student.

The victim was treated by emergency services at the scene. He was then transported via land ambulance to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where he sustained potentially fatal injuries. 

Police have cordoned off a street in Walsall after a mother and two children were run over by an allegedly 'out of control' learner driver

Walsall police have reopened a street after two children and a mother were hit by an unruly learner driver.

A silver Nissan Micra with a learners L plate was later seen implanted into a house fence after crashing through a brick wall

After crashing into a brick wall, a silver Nissan Micra was seen with a learner’s L plate.

As police investigate the incident, officers have cordoned off the intersection between these two streets. 

A spokeswoman from West Midlands Ambulance Service said: ‘We were called at 3.26pm to reports of a road traffic collision involving a car and a pedestrian at the junction of Primley Avenue and Ripon Road.

“Two ambulances, one paramedic, and the Midlands Air Ambulance from Cosford, as well as the West Midlands Care Team, attended the scene.

On arrival, one patient was found, a pedestrian child. Ambulance staff arrived on the scene to assess her and determined that she had suffered potentially severe injuries. 

A silver Nissan Micra was seen embedded in a fence just inches away from a neighbouring property

Just inches from the property of a neighboring house, a silver Nissan Micra was embedded in a fence.

The car at the scene had apparently smashed its way through a garden wall, with rubble and a broken fence nearby

According to reports, the car had cut its way through a wall in the garden with rubble and broken fencing nearby.

“She was treated immediately and transported to Birmingham Children’s Hospital by land ambulance. 

A resident near the scene told Black Country Live: ‘It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this happen within the last five years, when I saw all the police I was scared.

“As parents, it can be scary to have something like this at your door. Your thoughts should always be with your children.”