Enjoy a slice of happiness! The adorable reactions of a baby girl when she first tastes pizza

  • Steph Kimball recorded the moment Sally received her first pizza.
  • While the child only takes a very small amount of food, it has an euphoric reaction.
  • The video was recorded at their family home in Old Lyme, Connecticut

Here’s a hilarious reaction by a little girl to her first pizza.

After consuming a tiny amount of margherita, Sally Kimball’s baby girl shows euphoria.

This video was taken at the home of her family in Old Lyme (Connecticut).

After consuming a tiny piece of margherita pizza, baby girl Sally Kimball had an exaggerated reaction.

The clip shows Sally looking uncomfortable while sitting in her highchair waiting for her meal.

Sally is asked by Mom Steph whether she wants pizza.The little girl turns around to give her hot slice of pizza a curious look.    

As she eats a corner of cheesey corner, the girl instructs her to only take one bite.

But the taste on the new food appears to be overwhelming, as Sally then gives a euphoric expression which makes Steph burst out in laughter.

Mom Steph instructs the youngster to 'only take a small bite' as she munches on a cheesy corner for a few seconds

But the taste on the new food appears to be overwhelming, as Sally then gives a euphoric expression which makes Steph burst out in laughter

Steph tells her son to only eat a very small amount of the new food, while Steph sips on some cheesy corners for a couple seconds. Steph laughs as Sally gives an euphoric smile and then reveals that the food is too good.

Steph uploaded Steph’s video to Instagram, with the caption “Baby’s first bite at pizza.” 

Since then, the video has been viewed over 1.4 million times with hundreds commenting on Sally’s relatable reactions to first-time pizza eating.

Brock Parmer said: “I am 23 years old and I still have that smile when I eat pizza.”

Danielle Elia stated that “this is Heaven” was what she thought of it when the word reached her lips.

A third person said that the flavor of the pizza made her feel like she had been transported to another dimension.