This was an Old Hollywood wedding theme. The cake featured a waterfall of cream and golden frosting. Ben Affleck (55) and Jennifer Lopez (53) wrote their happily ever after story, which was twenty-plus years in the making.

These exclusive pictures obtained by give the first glimpse inside the celebrity wedding of the year as the two superstars exchanged their vows – for a second time – this time in front of their closest family and friends. shows you the extravagant waterfront wedding as the couple get together for a barbecue picnic.

On Saturday, the couple married. The guests were dressed in white, and the bride was radiant in Ralph Lauren.

Lopez and his friends had earlier enjoyed treatment in a spa located near the farmhouse, where they partied well into the evening.      

Pictured: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez sharing their wedding kiss on Saturday in his $8.9 million Georgia estate

Pictured: Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez share their first kiss in Georgia, at his estate worth $8.9million.

Hollywood's A-listers rushed to Ben Affleck's plantation style home to watch the duo tie the knot

Hollywood’s A Listers ran to Ben Affleck’s Plantation Style Home to see the pair tie the knot

Floral pedestals were arranged throughout the property and let to event spaces

The property was decorated with floral pedestals that were placed throughout and then let out to events spaces.

PICTURED: The rustic farmhouse where guests enjoyed cocktail hour after the wedding ceremony

PICTURED – The rustic farmhouse, where wedding guests were able to enjoy cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony 

Romantic engraved wooden signs hung at the farmhouse wedding reading, 'Baby, I love u - heart + soul,' and 'Love always hopes and always preserves,' 'Love always protects, it always trusts,' and Love never fails,' complimented the slightly rustic theme of the farmhouse wedding

The farmhouse wedding featured rustic wooden signs with romantic engravings that read: “Baby. I love you – heart + soul” and “Love always hopes, always preserves.” These messages were hung in the farmhouse to complement the rustic farmhouse theme.

Old Hollywood themed movie posters, including Casablanca and King Kong, were hung all around the farmhouse

The farmhouse was decorated with old Hollywood movie posters.

As guests walked through to the rear of the decked-out farmhouse to where tables were set up for an elegant reception, they were met with a sign that read, Jennifer & Ben, baby i love u, heart & soul, marry me, let’s get loud!’ The sign was flanked by a swing that made it romantic.

Large fans were used to cool guests from the Georgia heat.

In contrast to the bright white flowers and linens at the ceremony itself, which featured guests being asked to wear white, the decorations in the farmhouse were made of silk and velvet as well as rubies and purples.

Easy chairs were arranged round steamer-trunk style tables, with Moroccan inspired hues and tapestry cushions – inspired by Casa Blanca perhaps, one of the many movie posters that adorned the walls.

Others titles include King Kong and Gone with the Wind.  

PICTURED: Inside the farmhouse venue showed that off old-Hollywood posters and vintage tapestry

PICTURED: The farmhouse featured vintage tapestry and old Hollywood posters.

PICTURED: tables at the romantic wedding featured pots of violets

PICTURED: The romantic marriage featured tables with pots of violets

A wooden bar was placed inside the farmhouse for guest to enjoy during cocktail hour

For guests to use during cocktails hour, a wooden bar was installed inside the farmhouse.

A Gone with the Wind poster can be seen hanging nearby the farm entrance

An image of Gone with the Wind can be found near the farm’s entrance.

PICTURED: Rectangle wooden tables and chairs were arranged with simple oversized white candles as center pieces. A four-tier cake sat in the middle

PICTURED: Simple, oversized white candles were used as the centerpieces of rectangular wooden tables and chairs. The middle featured a 4-tier cake.

PICTURED: Ruby colored velvet table clothes dangled on hightop tables where guest enjoyed cocktails served at a wooden bar and cigars after the ceremony

PICTURED: Ruby colored velvet table clothes dangled on hightop tables where guest enjoyed cocktails served at a wooden bar and cigars after the ceremony

PICTURED: Outside the farmhouse where guest enjoyed drinks and cigars after the ceremony

PICTURED – Outside of the farmhouse, where guests enjoyed cocktails and cigars following the ceremony 

Chandeliers with Edison lightbulbs illuminated the scene at night with more lights hanging off of signs

Edison-powered lightbulbs were used to illuminate the night scene with chandeliers that were attached to signs.

PICTURED: Chandelier swinging from the rustic farmhouse

PICTURED – Chandelier swinging at the rustic farmhouse

Pots of violets – a nod to Affleck’s oldest daughter 16-year-old Violet – were among the flowers that decorated the sumptuous interior.

The barn-style structure’s entry area was the perfect place to enjoy cigars.

Spotlights and chandeliers illuminated the space above, while candles lit up in the lanterns on the walkways.

There were sweet confections like delicate cakes with cherries, but the highlight was an elegant three-tiered cake decorated in cream and gold.

A source said, “It was really tasteful. It wasn’t nearly as flashy as you would have expected of two huge stars.”

A romantic boulevard was adorned with floral arrangements and wagons, as well as a farmhouse and an area called Turtle Lake.

It was converted into a beach with guests enjoying it. Specially shipped sand and a diving platform were installed, as well as kayaks, parasols, and sun-chairs.

It is also near the seaplane hanger (and helipad) that stars often use.

They spent $400,000 on the venue for their wedding, which took four months to make, according to  

PICTURED: the guest house where close family stayed. The wedding at Affleck's mansion was a massive affair that involved months of preparation

PICTURED: The guesthouse where family members stayed. Affleck had to plan for months before the big day at his mansion.

PICTURED: The Seaplane hanger and lake at the Hampton Island Preserve. The house, built in 2000, is an 'imitation plantation' mansion in Riceboro, Georgia that overlooks the North Newport River on the private Hampton Island

PICTURED: A Seaplane hanger at Hampton Island Preserve and a lake. This house was built 2000 and is located in Riceboro Georgia. It overlooks North Newport River on Hampton Island.

PICTURED: the swimming pond with kayaks and a diving area. Affleck recently put the 87-acre Georgia property up for sale for $8.9 million, but he ultimately decided to keep the home and use it for a wedding ceremony with Lopez

Pictured: The swimming pond, with its kayaks and diving areas. Affleck put up the Georgia property of 87 acres for $8.9million, but ultimately decided to retain the house and host a Lopez-led wedding ceremony.

PICTURED: outside the farmhouse where the couple's glamorous wedding was held

PICTURED: Outside the farmhouse, where the glamorous wedding took place 

JLo was seen waiting for Affleck at the top the stairs

She was wearing a stunning white gown

JLo was seen waiting for Affleck at the top of the stairs of his $8.9 million estate as they prep for the big event Exclusive: shows you the $400-per-night boutique Savannah hotel that JLo and Ben Affleck booked for their A-list guests on their wedding day. has the details. was told by a source that the couple booked 40 rooms in Perry Lane, which is also where J-Lo used for his top-secret wedding gown fittings.

Lopez, 52 years old, looked stunning in her Ralph Lauren couture gown. She also visited the hotel Wednesday and Thursday to get fittings.

Guests who stayed at the hotel included officiant Jay Shetty, 34, and his wife Radhi Devlukia Shetty – both of whom were seen leaving the property on Sunday morning ahead of a deluxe barbecue.

Built in 1906, the hotel is part of the legendary Luxury Collection, a collection of luxurious lodgings that cater to the richest people on the planet. Locations are all over Europe and around the world.

The newlyweds block-booked 40 rooms at luxurious Perry Lane in Savannah, Georgia - part of the storied Luxury Collection - ahead of their star-studded wedding Saturday, for their high-powered A-list guests

They booked 40 rooms in the luxury Perry Lane hotel, Savannah, Georgia, ahead of Saturday’s star-studded ceremony for their A-list guests.

Perry Lane lies in Savannah’s Historic District and is approximately 40-minutes drive from Affleck’s Riceboro Estate, which covers 87 acres.

The property has 167 bedrooms and is furnished with luxurious bedding, bath products, cozy furniture, and a fully-stocked bar.

Weekends in August: Standard rooms start at $756/night, while corners cost $981.

Guests at the 167-room property enjoy bedrooms kitted out with ‘high-end bedding, deluxe bath products, a fully-stocked private bar, and cozy furniture.’ Standard rooms for weekends in August cost $756 a night while corner king rooms cost $981

The 167 rooms have a private bar and cosy furniture. For weekend stays in August, standard rooms are $756 per night and corner rooms are $981

The posh establishments offers guests sophisticated amenities such as this tea room, which was named one of the state's best tea rooms by local tourism magazine Explore Georgia

These posh establishments offer guests refined amenities like this tea room that was named the best in Georgia by Explore Georgia, a local tourism magazine. 

Guests at the hotel, which is part of the storied Lucury Collection, are greeted with historic paintings and items that give off a distinct midcentury modern feel

The hotel is part of the historic Lucury Collection. Guests are welcomed with historical paintings and other items giving off an authentic mid-century modern vibe.

One of the hotel's multiple bars, The Wayward, offers local beers and liquors in a modern, automotive-themed setting

The Wayward bar is one of several bars within the hotel. This offers local liquors and beers in a contemporary, auto-themed setting.

The hotel's restaurant The Emporium serves up entrees that include a $47 fillet mignon and a $39 branzino dish that comes with turnips, sunchoke and gnocchi with celery root cream

The Emporium restaurant at the hotel serves entrees such as a fillet mignon for $47 and branzino with turnips and sunchoke that costs $39, and gnocchi and celery root cream with gnocchi.

Another shot of the hotel's tea room, where guests can convene and soak in sunlight shining through the hotel's floor to ceiling windows

Another view of the tea room in the hotel. Here guests can relax and enjoy the sunshine through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Pictured is Perry Lane's posh rooftop pool. The hotel sits in the middle of Savannah’s historic district and is an approximately 40-minute drive from Affleck’s 87-acre Riceboro estate

Perry Lane’s rooftop pool is shown in the picture. This hotel is situated in Savannah’s historic district. It’s only a 40 minute drive away from Affleck’s Riceboro estate, which covers 87 acres.

The 740sqft King Suites are the most costly rooms. These suites start at $1161 per Night and come with a separate sitting area that is decorated with 1,200 of the hotel’s artworks.

Perry Lane is home to three other restaurants. Peregrin, a rooftop bar on Perry Lane serves Georgia-themed cocktails like the Georgia Goes Blue (tequila-spiked) for $15.

The Wayward is a second bar that focuses on local beer, while The Emporium offers entrees such as a fillet mignon for $47 and branzino with turnips and sunchoke, and gnocchi and celery root-cream for $39 at The Emporium.

A source said that most Lopez and Affleck guests arrived on Thursday, with some of them set up to enjoy the property through Monday.

The hotel was decorated by boutique interior decorator Andie Kully Interiors, and is one of several exclusive hotels belonging to the Luxury Collection

Andie Kully Interiors is a boutique interior designer who decorated the hotel. It’s one of many exclusive luxury hotels that make up the Luxury Collection.

Reception desks are seen in the hotel's lobby area. Lopez used the hotel ahead of Saturday's much talked about nuptials for top-secret wedding dress fittings

The lobby has reception desks. Lopez was staying at the hotel before Saturday’s highly anticipated nuptials. Lopez needed it for high-secret bridal dress fittings

Bathrooms at the ritzy establishment are equipped with the most premium of toiletries and bath products, as well as his and hers sinks and marble floors and tiling

The posh establishment’s bathrooms are fitted with premium toiletries, marble floors, and tiling.

Guests at the exclusive event stayed in the hotel's posh suties over the weekend, before and after the wedding at Affleck's manse a few miles away

Over the weekend, guests at this exclusive event were treated to a stay in the hotel’s fancy suites before and following the Affleck wedding just a few kilometers away.

According to a source, most of Lopez and Affleck’s guests arrived Thursday with some set to continue enjoying their stay until Monday

A source says that Lopez and Affleck arrived most guests on Thursday. Some are set to stay till Monday.

Pictured is one of the hotel's corner king suites, which will run guests nearly $1,000 a night

One of the corner King Suites at The Hotel, that will cost guests almost $1,000 per night.

The hotel's sprawling lobby area features marble floors and high ceilings, as well as a midcentury modern aesthetic

Its expansive lobby features marble floors, high ceilings and a Midcentury Modern aesthetic.

Pictured are previous wedding arrangements at the classy hotel, which features gold accented chairs and silver-plated china

Here are some examples of previous wedding arrangements taken at this classy hotel. It features silver-plated china and gold accented chairs.

When vanity meets design: The hotel's bathrooms are no less opulent than the rest of the establishment, built in 1906

Where vanity meets design. The bathroom of this hotel, which was constructed in 1906, is just as luxurious.

Fleets of vehicles operated by Savannah-based Coastal Limo were seen ferrying wedding guests from the hotel to Riceboro throughout the weekend. Pictured is a car service cab parked outside the establishment

Coastal Limo, a Savannah-based company was seen transporting wedding guests to Riceboro in a fleet of cars throughout the weekend. A car service cab is seen outside of the establishment.

Coastal Limo of Savannah was seen transporting wedding guests by way of a fleet od black Mercedes vans or Waggoner SUVs from Riceboro all weekend.

Spotted at the hotel was actor Kevin Smith, 52 – a close friend of Affleck’s who starred alongside him in 1997 movie Chasing Amy, religion-themed comedy Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

The actor also appeared in Jersey Girl – a critically panned comedy that starred Affleck and Lopez during their first romance, 18 years ago.

Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob star Jason Mewes (48), was also present at the extravagant wedding in Riceboro. Matt Damon (51) also attended.

Guests who stayed at the hotel included officiant Jay Shetty, 34, and his wife Radhi Devlukia Shetty – both of whom were seen leaving the property on Sunday morning ahead of a deluxe barbecue

Guests who stayed at the hotel included officiant Jay Shetty, 34, and his wife Radhi Devlukia Shetty – both of whom were seen leaving the property on Sunday morning ahead of a deluxe barbecue

The English influencer couple were two of several high powered guests staying at the posh Luxury Collection hotel so that they could attend Affleck and Lopez's fairytale wedding on Saturday

They were among several guests who stayed in the luxury hotel Luxury Collection to be able to attend Affleck and Lopez’s fairytale wedding.

On Friday, the rehearsal dinner was held. The ceremony took place on Sunday at 7 p.m.

J-Lo, the glamorous bride, was photographed walking down Affleck’s aisle, along with their children. They also posed for photographs on the dock of the estate, which is $8.9 million.

All guests were dressed in white for the occasion and were served a Southern themed meal of lamb chops and oven-roasted chicken.

In the run-up to the ceremony, vans carrying pianos and musical equipment were seen being ferried into the venue, along with catering trucks – some containing barrels of Jack Daniels.

An all-white floral arrangement included a grove with trees adorned in cream blossoms. These were then used to decorate the marquee, where they repeated their vows.

Lopez wore a stunning white, Ralph Lauren couture gown during the wedding Saturday, while Affleck looked sharp in a matching black and white tuxedo

A stunning Ralph Lauren white couture gown was worn by Lopez during Saturday’s wedding. A matching black and white tuxedo by Affleck was elegant.

The couple continued to embrace each other following the ceremony, marking the biggest point in their relationship after they called off their original wedding 20 years ago

After the ceremony was over, the couple continued to hug each other. This marked the most significant point of their relationship since they divorced 20 years ago.

Pictured: Ben and JLO walking down the white carpet together followed by their family, including their kids

Pictured: Ben, JLO and their families walk down the white-carpet together. 

The day before the nuptials was more secure than ever with several police boats patrolling the North Newport River, which runs right in front of the residence and stopping any vessels coming near it.

The long driveway leading to the house was upgraded with new security gates and a station for ID verification.

Affleck, who has been the owner of the property since 2003, had intended to list it. However Affleck took the extravagant home off the marketplace earlier in the year.

They were also spotted in Savannah, and photographed near Perry Lane Wednesday.

Lopez was also present at the hotel Thursday, and Lopez and Affleck were photographed together at Savannah’s hospital Friday following Chris Boldt’s accident at the Savannah dock and cutting Affleck’s leg. Exclusive Photos: Boldt was seen getting out of a wheelchair at the medical center just hours before rehearsal dinner.

Lopez’s mom Guadalupe Rodriguez was also present for the wedding but Affleck’s younger brother Casey, 48, was a surprise absentee – and was photographed on the day of the ceremony grabbing coffee in LA. 

After the ceremony by the main house Saturday, the couple walked over a bridge to take stunning photos together

Following the ceremony, Saturday’s couple crossed a bridge and took beautiful photos together. 

Following a photo shoot on the white carpet at the star-studded Wedding Wednesday, 'Bennifer' continued to hold onto each other after the cameras stopped rolling

After a photoshoot on Wednesday’s star-studded Wedding Wednesday’s white carpet, Bennifer and Bennifer continued to hug each other even after the cameras stopped rolling.

The ceremony saw a packed audience of friends, family and A-Listers at Afflecks estate is Riceboro

A packed crowd of family, friends and A-Listers attended the ceremony at Afflecks estate in Riceboro

Damon, long associated with Affleck and a co-Oscar winner with his fellow Massachusetts native for Good Will Hunting, was spotted at the fairytale procession with his wife, Luciana Barroso.

A private plane took the couple to the airfield close to the location of their celebration.

Mewes and Kevin Smith, the director and Mewes were also seen in Georgia at the party. 

Smith and Jennifer Schwalbach Smith were seen together at Hertz’s rental truck as they set off for the celebrations. 

The party will also feature Jane Fonda and George Clooney. Rene Zellweger and Jimmy Kimmel are other stars.

Affleck’s younger brother Casey was absent. He said that he couldn’t attend the wedding because of ‘parental obligations at work’. 

The power couple shared a passionate first kiss as husband and wife on Saturday night, in Savannah, Georgia

On Saturday, the power couple had a passionate first kiss together in Savannah, Georgia.

An aerial shot of the ceremony shows the couple posing for photos with arms wrapped around each other as Lopez holds onto a bouquet in her right hand

Aerial shots of the wedding show Lopez and Lopez holding onto the bouquet in Lopez’s right hand while they pose for photographs with their arms around one another.

Affleck is seen holding onto his new bride as photographers pose them together at the back of the aisle

Affleck can be seen holding on to his newlywed bride while photographers photograph them in front of each other. 

The couple then posed loving pictures together on a bridge on Affleck's estate. The veil on Lopez's Ralph Lauren gown was seen draped across part of the railing on the bridge

They then took loving photos together at Affleck’s estate bridge. Lopez’s Ralph Lauren veil was seen draped along a part of the bridge railing.

Pictured: Lopez directing her and Affleck's children to pose for a blended family photo together on the bridge

Pictured: Lopez directs Affleck and Lopez to take a family picture together at the bridge.

The guests followed the couple down the aisle as they readied themselves for the reception party

As they prepared for the reception, the guests followed them down the aisle.

Jennifer Garner, Affleck’s ex-wife and close friend, was not present at the party due to scheduling conflicts. Jennifer Garner was currently filming in Texas. 

Casey was asked why he didn’t attend his brother’s wedding. He mumbled, “I have other priorities,” but he wouldn’t clarify if that is what he meant.

A pair of jeans with a blue hoodie and baggy pants made the younger Affleck brother look comfortable. He even smiled at the camera while he grabbed a coffee from Starbucks, then called his brother on his phone to celebrate his big day.

It is unclear why Casey appeared in no rush to make it to the wedding — or to his mother after she was injured before the festivities, rushed out of Ben’s Georgia estate to a nearby hospital from Friday after she reportedly fell off a dock and cut her leg.

Matt Damon, long associated with Affleck and a co-Oscar winner with his fellow Massachusetts native for Good Will Hunting, was spotted at the fairytale procession with his wife, Luciana Barroso

Matt Damon is a long-standing associate of Affleck. He was also a cooscar winner for Massachusetts Good Will Hunting. 

Jay and Silent Bob co-star Jason Mewes, 48, who also attended the lavish wedding in Riceboro, Georgia, alongside other A-lists guest such as Matt Damon, 51, was also spotted leaving the hotel Sunday

Jay and Silent Bob’s co-star Jason Mewes, 48 was also there. He, along with other guests such as Matt Damon (51), were also seen leaving the hotel on Sunday

Mewes starred in multiple films with director Kevin Smith (not pictured) who was also spotted at the hotel on Sunday

Mewes was a star in several films alongside Kevin Smith (not shown), who was also seen at the hotel Sunday

Director Smith (pictured with his wife, Jennifer) and actor Mewes - famous for their pairing as 'Jay and Silent Bob' - were in Georgia for the wedding

Director Smith is pictured here with Jennifer, his wife. Mewes was an actor and Mewes was a comedian best known for playing the role of Jay and Silent Bob. They were both in Georgia to attend the wedding.

Casey’s disappearance is even more puzzling, as both brothers are known for being close. They have collaborated on many films throughout their Hollywood careers.

Page SixThe wedding was previously announced by Casey. 

Following the wedding ceremony, Affleck and Lopez walked with their guest towards the estate’s Oyster House, which also hosted the wedding reception.

They are happy to be reunited 20 years later, when they were first engaged and dated. But, in the fall of 2003, it was too much media attention that caused them to cancel their wedding. 

They remarried, Lopez marrying Marc Antony to sing and Affleck marrying Jennifer Garner to be a singer. But, after more than 17 years, their love was rekindled in 2021.