A Florida deputy sheriff’s one-month old son leaves behind his parents. His Florida sheriff deputy father and mother both committed suicide after their partner was removed.

  • Clayton Osteen and Victoria Pacheco, Sheriffs of St Lucie County, died from suicides two days apart 
  • Osteen, an ex-Marine, tried to kill himself on New Year’s Eve. Two days later, his life support was turned off. 
  • Pacheco was the mother of Jayce, the couple’s baby boy, and she took her own death after Osteen died. 
  • To make a donation to Jayce, visit www.stluciesheriff.com/donate and put Jayce Osteen in the comment section, to ensure donations go straight to him 

A couple of Florida sheriff’s deputy officers committed suicide two days apart, leaving their son orphaned. 

Deputies Clayton Osteen, and Victoria Pacheco were killed by Ken Mascara of St Lucie County. Both were on duty since November 2019 and February 2020 respectively. 

Mascara explained that the sheriff’s department received a call shortly before midnight New Year’s Eve about a suicide attempt. 

According to investigators, the man who attempted suicide was Osteen, a deputy who was not on duty at the time. 

Osteen was initially able to survive and was then taken to the hospital. His family later decided to take him off life support.

Osteen’s colleague, partner and mother Pacheco (his one-month old son) took her own lives a day later.

Mascara said, “Words are not enough to express our profound loss after the death of these two family members in our sheriff’s department,”

Authorities are not able to speculate on the cause of the deaths or what they might have done, however Sheriff Mascara said in his statement, that deputies frequently deal with stress and are “human.” 

Clayton Osteen

Victoria Pacheco

Clayton Osteen (left), and Victoria Pacheco, both St Lucie County Sheriff’s Deputies, died in suicides last week. 

The young couple had just welcomed their first child together, a boy, in mid-November. Osteen and Pacheco are pictured during her baby shower in September

They had just given birth to their first baby together in November, a boy. Osteen Pacheco is pictured with Pacheco at the September baby shower  

Jayce Osteen has been left orphaned after his mom and dad, who were both sheriff's deputies, took their own lives

Jayce Osteen was left orphaned by his parents, both of whom were sheriff’s deputy officers.

“While we can’t fully grasp the personal circumstances leading to this terrible loss, however, we hope this tragedy acts as a catalyst of change and a catalyst to reduce stigma surrounding mental well being, normalize conversation about the many challenges that so many face,’ sheriff said.

Osteen is a US Marine veteran who previously served as a rifleman for 3rd Battalion 2nd Marine Regiment.

In May 2015, he enlisted and was featured on a YouTube video that shows him training in Brunei’s jungles in 2016.

Osteen and Pacheco were blessed with their first child, a boy, mid-November. 

Osteen, pictured above cradling his girlfriend's pregnant belly, attempted to take his life on New Year's Eve and was taken off life support two days later

Osteen, pictured above cradling his girlfriend’s pregnant belly, attempted to take his life on New Year’s Eve and was taken off life support two days later

Osteen was a retired US Marine, previously serving as a rifleman with 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment

Osteen was mourned on social media by his former comrades

Osteen, a former US Marine who served as a rifleman in the 3rd Battalion and 2nd Marine Regiment, was retired.

Just one day after her deceased partner, this young mother of one took her own lives. 

Friends shared their memories and photos on social media of the sad couple. 

Ray Tourville shared a Facebook post about Osteen: “A true brother lost its internal struggle,” It’s difficult to find the right words to express my gratitude for him. I’m incredibly sorry that you felt this was your only option.’

You can make a donation in support of baby Jayce by clicking here Here. For him to receive the cash, please write “Jayce Osteen” in the comments box. 

  • Call the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255 for confidential assistance