A barmaid falls down an open cellar hatch, injuring both her knee and breaking two of the ribs.

  • Footage of Chloe Kennedy (20) entering a cellar in a Glasgow pub, Scotland
  • Colleague was seen opening door hatch to take down a drinks container
  • However, Chloe was unaware that the drop had passed her and turned around to go into the cellar.
  • Two rib fractures left her with nerve damage.

This is what happened when an innocuous barmaid fell down an open basement hatch as she was talking with a customer.

Chloe Kennedy fractured two ribs and was left with nerve damage after accidentally stepping through the trapdoor behind the bar at a Glasgow pub.

Footage captures the young woman serving customers in the bar. She didn’t know who they were, and she was joined by two other colleagues moments prior to the frightening fall.

A blonde-haired barmaid lifts the large cellar door and reaches for large drink containers to grab.

Barmaid Chloe Kennedy, 20, fractured two ribs and was left with nerve damage after accidentally stepping into the open cellar behind the bar where she was working in Glasgow

20-year-old barmaid Chloe Kennedy fractured her two ribs, and suffered nerve damage from accidentally walking into an open basement behind the bar in Glasgow.

Just seconds later, Chloe (from Paisley, Renfrewshire) can be seen turning her head while talking to a customer, unaware that she was only inches away from the drop.

As her colleague desperately tries to grasp her, she then steps down and plummets into the cellar.

Chloe can be seen reaching for something while her torso crashes into the hatch door’s side.

An additional colleague looks on in horror as Chloe goes missing.

Another barmaid with blonde hair is shown opening up the large cellar door while reaching for a large drinks container to take down, while Chloe is unaware of the drop behind her

Chloe does not see the blonde-haired barmaid opening the large cellar door, but she is reaching for the large beverage container.

The clip is over when Chloe appears to be able to stand up again.

Although the footage was shot in October 2013, it was not uploaded on TikTok until last week by Chloe.

It was captioned by her: ‘I fell down hatches (what is your opinion)’, with an emoji of a laughing face and an emoji that shrugs.

With over 3.3 Million views and 349,000 Likes, the clip is now viral.

Chloe, from Paisley, Renfrewshire said: 'We do all shout about the hatch being opened whenever it's in use. We're quite a close pub, so we're friendly with all of our customers and I was mid-conversation, having a laugh with someone and I just stepped back at the wrong time'

Chloe of Paisley, Renfrewshire, said that “We all shout about hatch opening whenever it’s used.” Because we are a small pub, our customers get along quite well.

Many shocked viewers shared their reactions to the video clip.

A social media user commented, “Imagine how hilarious it would have been to view the customer’s perspective.”

Another said, “I wish she wasn’t flirting” with the man.

A third commented: ‘Why would she open it knowing you’re right there*’

Another viewer commented: “That should be illegal in health and safety. Honestly that poor girl who built that bar!”

Another added “No” because he would have quit his job to move countries out embarrassment.

Chloe stated today that she shouts about opening the hatch whenever it is in use.

“We are a very close pub so we’re friendly to all our customers. I was in mid-conversation having a laugh and someone else and just stepped back.

“I broke two of my ribs, and I got nerve damage to the kneecap.”