Mother who As many as 9 house parties were heldA manslaughter accusation could be brought against her days after she died while sleeping on the same mattress as her child, inquest hears.

Keira-Mae Jones, a girl who was intubated to 5lb and 5oz at Barnsley Hospital on May 14, 2020, was born at 5lb and 5oz., Sheffield Coroners Court was told yesterday. 

Amy Jones (32), was on opioid-based painkillers during the pregnancy of Keira-Mae. The child was kept at the hospital up to 5 days in order to monitor if there were withdrawal symptoms.

When she sustained brain damage, the child was only two days old. She was then found lying face-down on her mother’s hospital bed. 

The Jessop Wing at Sheffield Teaching Hospital decided to cut her life support after 16 weeks of unsuccessful attempts to revive the patient.

Keira May was to become subject to an interim child care order. This is where the parents are removed from the care of their children and foster them.

Amy Jones was from Barnsley, South Yorkshire and arrested for ‘criminal over-reach’ after she took the baby girl to her bed under the influence. 

Although she denied that she had been on drugs, her daughter’s death was a result of the drug’s ‘heightened alertness’. 

Keira-Mae and Alex Jones, Amy’s 38 year old husband, were arrested under suspicion of perverting justice. They were released later without further action.  

One neighbor claimed that Amy was seen hosting nine parties at her house and drinking with close friends during the peak of the pandemic. Yorkshire Live reports.

David Urpeth, the senior coroner, declared yesterday that the baby girl was killed by the mother’s ‘unlawful act’. He said he was surprised she hadn’t faced charges and would appeal the decision to the CPS.

Amy Jones, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, was arrested on suspicion of 'criminal overlay' for taking the little girl to bed while under the influence of substances at the time. She had denied she was on drugs hours before her daughter died, but said someone on cocaine could care for a baby as it 'makes you more alert'

Amy Jones was from Barnsley, South Yorkshire and arrested for ‘criminal overlay.’ She took her little girl to bed under the influence of drugs at that time. Her daughter’s death was not caused by drugs, and she claimed that someone could take care of a child if they were on cocaine.

According to Mr Urpeth, “I believe the murder of Keira Mae Jones was caused by the illegal act of her mother.”

“I’m satisfied with the conclusion that this case has been ruled as a cause of death on balance of probabilities.

“It is a surprise that the CPS has not authorized charges in this sad case.” This case should be brought back to CPS for a reexamination.

Inquest was heard from next-door neighbour of the mother, who stated that Amy approached her in those days following Keira May’s death. 

Amy’s neighbor told Amy she was mortified that Amy had told her Amy that Amy had suffocated Amy, and she felt’mortified’.

Court was informed that Alex and Amy were known to host many house parties. This information was reported by police during the time Keira Mae died.

“I believe the actions following Keira’s death state everything,” said the neighbor. They were just house parties. Mrs Jones was friends with them.

Elle added that it had been done during a pandemic, which made it illegal. You don’t expect it to be. 

Jones was asked by the jury why she had blood taken less than 2 hours following the incident to show evidence of cocaine abuse.

The testimony of Dr Diane Garside, a forensic toxicologist, confirmed that the drugs had been used the day before the incident.

Jones answered no to Mr Urpeth’s question about whether she took cocaine, and if her boyfriend had given her urine in order to avoid positive drug tests.

Jones replied that he had asked Jones whether he could care for a child who was on cocaine. Cocaine makes you more alert.’

Then she said, “I am not saying that it is right.” [but]You can.

Joanne Posket was a senior midwife and caretaker for Amy Jones. She told the court that Amy appeared positive on the day following Keira-Mae’s birth.

She said that she felt negative about the whole incident and was irritable after she argued with her partner over the possibility of her 16 dogs being taken from her.

Keira-Mae Jones was born 5lb 5oz in the early hours of May 14, 2020 at Barnsley Hospital after being induced, but was set to be subject to an interim care order, where a child is removed from their parents' care and fostered, Sheffield Coroners Court was told yesterday

Keira-Mae Jones was 5lb5oz born in Barnsley Hospital at 5:45 a.m. on May 14, 2020. After being induced, the child was subject to an interim custody order. In this case, a child can be removed from its parents and placed into foster care. Sheffield Coroners Court was told yesterday

In several witnesses statements, staff from the ward described this behaviour as being erratic.

Jones refuted this claim. 

Amy says that Keira Mae took her to bed at six o’clock on May 16, 2020.

According to her, Keira-Mae was the next memory she had. She woke up at 8 p.m. and found Keira on the couch.

Keira-Mae was saved by Medics who were able to revive her.

Amy Jones wrote Keira Mae an apology note, in which she said that her belongings were now packed into a carry bag.

Alex met her in the parking lot of the hospital and convinced her to return inside.

Keira-Mae, at this point, was being transferred to another ward. She would then spend her remaining days on life support due to ‘catastrophic brain damage’.

Amy’s blood test showed that Amy had used cocaine byproducts less than 2 hours before the incident. An additional urine sample from Amy was taken.

South Yorkshire Police Detective Julie Thorpe stated that the officers made the arrest of Amy Jones and Alex Jones eight hours after she was injured. Officers reviewed her bodycam footage to see how she behaved.

DS Thorpe stated that he immediately thought of the following: “This female was clearly under the influence and it is imperative we locate and arrest her.”

Pictured: Police in Athersley South, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, on 16 September 2020 in relation to the death of baby Keira-Mae Jones

Pictured are Athersley South police officers in Barnsley, South Yorkshire on the 16th September 2020 regarding Keira-Mae Jones’s death

Alex was also detained on suspicion of perverting justice. Alex was arrested May 16, 2020. During initial police investigations, Alex’s car was discovered with a sample of urine from the hospital.

The coroner asked DS Thorpe to explain why Alex claimed to own the urine pot.

DS Thorpe said that he claimed he wanted the item because he was going to use it as a screening device at a sexual clinic.

“What explanation did that give you?” The coroner concluded.

DS Thorpe stated: “Nonsense.”

In subsequent police interviews, Amy denied using cocaine in hospital. After falling asleep and squashing her baby, she believed she was using cocaine.

They were released on bail May 20, 2020. Other than further interviews, there was no other action taken.

His ruling stated that Mr Urpeth had found Thorpe, an experienced officer, to have concluded that the mother was clearly intoxicated.

I believe there were dramatic, material changes in the behavior of her on May 16. These are indicators that she is intoxicated.

According to both, the hospital was the likely place where the cocaine was taken on May 16, despite the fact that I have already considered these two factors.

‘I consider it probable that Amy wasn’t fit to take care of a baby as a result of her drug abuse.

Keira was killed by the illegal acts of her mother.

“That’s someone who should and could have cared for Keira Mae. It is tragic that she didn’t.

“Therefore, I need to come to a conclusion. In this case I believe that unlawful killing is the correct conclusion.

Amy, who was in attendance to provide evidence, left the courtroom before it was completed.