One time, former President Donald Trump told ABC News’ Jonathan Karl that he thought of Barron his teenage son who was too cool to tell his father how much he loved him. 

Karl recounted the March 2020 conversation he had with the then-president in his new book, Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show, and also spoke about it on CNN Tuesday morning, calling it one of the ‘top five’ surreal moments of covering the Trump White House.  

“Jonathan’s cool.” He’s like my son,” Trump told Karl during a meeting about White House Correspondents’ Dinner. ‘”Do you love your dad?” I’m not sure.” He does. However, he is too cool. It’s the children. 

Former President Donald Trump (right) once told ABC News' Jonathan Karl he reminded him of his teenage son Barron (left) who was 'too cool' to say he loved his dad out loud

Donald Trump (right), a former president, once spoke to ABC News’ Jonathan Karl about his son Barron (left), saying that his father was like a teenage boy who loved him loudly.

ABC News' Jonathan Karl (right) told CNN's John Berman (left) Tuesday morning that Trump comparing him to his teenage son was one of the 'top five' surreal moments of covering the Trump White House

Jonathan Karl of ABC News (right) said to CNN’s John Berman Tuesday morning, that Trump’s remark about his teenage son was among the most surreal moments when he covered the Trump White House. 

Jonathan Karl wrote about a March 4, 2020 meeting he had with Trump in his new book, Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show

Jonathan Karl wrote about a March 4, 2020 meeting he had with Trump in his new book, Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show

Trump invited Karl and Zeke Miller from the Associated Press, as well as Steve Portnoy of CBS News Radio, into the Oval Office to discuss the upcoming White House Correspondents” Dinner. 

Trump has never attended the dinner the past three years. He flirted however with the possibility of attending in 2020. 

Karl was at that time the President of the White House Correspondents Association, a journalism trade organization which hosts the dinner. 

I had never invited Trump. Karl recounts that he had yet to decide whether he would be invited. He stated that the veteran White House correspondent had made a decision – “I was going to not plead for him to go.” 

Karl claimed that Trump’s joke about coronavirus was what made the meeting memorable. 

Trump then asked Karl whether they wanted to shake hands. Then they decided to do so.   

“What are you going to catch?” How the heck am I going catch you? Karl quoted Trump saying. 

Trump then wanted to talk about the Super Tuesday results. This made President Joe Biden appear like the likely Democratic nominee. 

Karl, along with the other reporters, was asked their views on Biden against Bernie Sanders. He said that Bloomberg was a loser and an idiot.    

“A president’s most valuable resource is his time.” Karl noted that Trump looked like he was able to talk about politics all day. 

Next, the group discussed the planned dinner for April 26, which was always set. 

“How important to you is it for me? Karl asked Trump. 

Karl Cooly responded, “We will respect you decision whether or not you choose to come,”   

Trump stated that Trump would receive a huge get if he was invited to the dinner. 

Karl did not beg so Trump went to Miller to start comparing Miller to his son.  

Karl wrote, “Donald Trump seemed to be comparing me to Barron, his teenage boy” in his book. 

Karl was not enthusiastic about the idea and said that he had told Trump once again, “Well, I’ll completely respect everything you do. 

Trump spoke about the so-called “Russia hoax” and suggested that Sean Hannity be awarded the Pulitzers to The Washington Post or The New York Times for his work on the subject. 

He asked questions about the meal and then switched to another topic. 

What is the concept of this? Are you supposed to find humor up there? He asked.

Barack Obama ridiculed Trump in 2011, when Obama was on the podium, while Trump was sitting in the audience. 

Vice President Mike Pence arrived from Capitol Hill, and interrupted the conversation to provide Trump with a coronavirus update. 

Karl marveled at Trump’s insistence on Pence waiting, and the President again talked to reporters about Super Tuesday. 

Karl wrote, “Remembering that March 4, 2020 meeting is both astonishing and telling of just how disconnected Trump was from the threat posed by the virus that was set to transform American life,”  

He said, “He was friendly, jokey about shaking hands,” he added.

Karl observed that Trump made Pence wait for an update.

The journalist stated that he didn’t appear to be interested in the virus which would define his presidency.