Battle of Katy Perrys: An Aussie fashion designer takes on a popular pop singer in “David and Goliath” fight regarding using the legendary name to market clothes

  • Katy Perty, a Sydney designer sued Katy Perty because she infringed on her brand clothing 
  • Katie Jane Taylor, nee Katie Perry, taking legal action against American popstar 
  • In 2008, Katy Perry was a smash hit and she trademarked her own name. 

Federal Court will hear allegations that Katy Perry, pop singer, is violating the trademark of Sydney-based designer similarly named Sydney.

Katie Jane Taylor (nee Katie Perry) is the Sydney-based designer who sued Katy Perry for selling Katy Perry clothing at Australian concerts and department stores.

Ms Taylor still trades under her original name. She trademarked it for clothing in 2008.

The same year, Katheryn Elizabeth HUDSON (legally known as Katheryn Elizabeth) became a pop superstar with her 2008 smash I Kissed A Girl.

Sydney-based designer Katie Jane Taylor - nee Katie Perry - is suing the American singer-songwriter over the sale of Katy Perry-branded clothing in Australia

Katie Jane Taylor (nee Katie Perry) is the Sydney-based designer who sued Katy Perry over her clothing sales in Australia. 

Katy Perry's legal team ended up withdrawing the challenge, but the singer's branded clothes have now been launched across Australia

Katy Perry’s legal team decided to withdraw the challenge. But, Katy Perry’s brand-name clothes are now available across Australia

Ms Hudson is an actress whose stage name includes her maiden name and first name.

She has said that Katy Perry is her real name and she does not use it for deceit or confusion.

Justice Brigitte Marcovic will be hearing the case for five days beginning Monday.

Ms Taylor will testify Tuesday.

It is unlikely that the US pop superstar will give any evidence.

The Australian, who has filed the new case under her married surname Taylor, has gained access to legal funding and been introduced to trademark lawyers

Australian has now filed the case under Taylor as her married surname and has been granted legal funding.

In a statement, Ms Taylor claimed that “This is a real David-and-Goliath fight.”

“I am not fighting just for myself but for all the small businesses here in this country that are vulnerable to being bullied by foreign entities with more financial power and influence than us.”

LCM, a global litigation funder, funds her case. 

The Sydney designer said that he was powerless to take action.

“People have taken photos of my stuff, and I don’t have the financial or legal power to make any changes. 

“My friends cautioned me about this, but it’s something I’d like to show my children.”