Ruth Wilson As the sad heroine of Jean Cocteau’s heartbreaking tale, The Human Voice (in which a woman fights to protect the man she loves), Will return to London’s stage.

In September, the actress revealed to me that she was planning to open a theatre in 2022. However, she refused the identity of the play. 

I’m happy to inform you that Wilson will play the lead role in Ivo Van Hove’s adaptation Cocteau’s 1930 ‘voice play’ about an abandoned woman’s telephone conversation. In it, she asks her lover not marry another woman.

Ruth Wilson (pictured) will return to the London stage as the tragic heroine of Jean Cocteau's tale of heartbreak, The Human Voice, in which a woman fights for the man she loves

Ruth Wilson (pictured), will be returning to London as The Human Voice’s tragic heroine, Jean Cocteau s tale about heartbreak in which a woman struggles for her man

The monologue can also be seen on screen, starring Tilda Swinton (pictured) in a version directed by Pedro Almodovar, set in an opulent Madrid apartment

Tilda Swanton (pictured) can watch the monologue on screen. This version was directed by Pedro Almodovar and set in an elegant Madrid apartment.

Wilson, van Hove and producer Sonia Friedman began talking about the idea of doing The Human Voice several years ago, when the actress appeared — on blistering form — in van Hove’s modern-day production of Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler at the National Theatre.

The Human Voice performances will commence at the Harold Pinter Theatre early in the spring. 

Van Hove presented his version of Cocteau’s play in Amsterdam, in 2009 Since then, it has been presented in New York City, Dublin, and Sydney.

Tilda Swainton is seen reciting the monologue in the film version, which was directed by Pedro Almodovar and set in an extravagant Madrid apartment.

Wilson (pictured) will star in Ivo van Hove's adaptation of Cocteau's 1930 'voice play' about a woman's telephone conversation, as she begs her former lover not to marry another woman

Wilson (pictured), will be the lead in Ivo Van Hove’s adaptation of Cocteau’s 1930 ‘voice play’ about a telephone conversation between a man and a woman. Wilson asks her lover to not marry another woman.

The Human Voice will begin performances at the Harold Pinter Theatre in early spring. Pictured: Tilda Swinton starring in the short film version of The Human Voice

The performances of The Human Voice at the Harold Pinter Theater will start in spring. Pictured: Tilda Swinton starring in the short film version of The Human Voice

Wilson has enjoyed enormous success on TV, with brilliant roles in The Affair, Luther, His Dark Materials, Jane Eyre, Small Island and Mrs Wilson; and on the big screen — in Dark River, The Little Stranger and Saving Mr Banks. True Things is her latest release.

However, she is a stunning performer on the theatre stage. Two Olivier Awards were won by her for performances in Anna Christie, and A Streetcar Named Desire. Both films were directed at the Donmar Warehouse by Rob Ashford.


Camille Cottin, a French actress, wasn’t shocked when Lady Gaga was rude to her at the new movie House Of Gucci.

Cottin stated that they were rivals in love and she was clearly in character. 

It was because she was a double personality that she was so lovely. The woman leaned back and stated, “OK. I’m in character.” Your beauty is amazing. We’ll stop talking now.

Patrizia Reggiani was sentenced for using a hitman as a murderer to kill her husband, Maurizio Guicci.  

Camille Cottin (pictured) wasn't surprised when Lady Gaga was mean to her on the set of House Of Gucci. The two play love rivals, and 'she was definitely in character', said Cottin

Camille Cottin (pictured at right) was not surprised that Lady Gaga was cruel to her while Camille Cottin was on the House Of Gucci set. Cottin said that the two are rivals and she was ‘definitely in character’.

In Ridley Scott's film, opening today, French actress Cottin portrays Paola Franchi (pictured), the Italian designer and artist for whom Maurizio left Patrizia

Ridley Scott opens the film today with Paola Franchi (pictured) as Cottin, a French actress. She plays Paola Franchi who is an Italian designer/artist for whom Maurizio quit Patrizia.

Today’s Ridley Scott film opens with Cottin as Paola Franchi. She is the Italian designer/artist for whom Maurizio quit Patrizia.

The class gap between them is evident. One of the greatest scenes in the movie is the one where Paola meets Patrizia on the slopes. This is a dazzling scene in all senses.

She said, “The most important thing was to realize that Paola comes from Maurizio’s world, which is different than Patrizia’s.” 

“She didn’t suffer the same humiliation. Maurizio was with a woman who understood him and had the same references. 

Although her Paola is cold and pompous, Cottin when she’s in real life is delightfully charming. That is due to her being an ‘extreme fan’ of English humour.

‘It’s limitless and funny — and goes much further than French humour,’ she said. It allows it to be cruder and louder. 

The French are libertine and free …’, but they still claim to be French.

Cottin said Gaga 'was concentrating on who she was playing in the movie, which sees Gaga gives an all-guns-blazing portrayal of Patrizia Reggiani (pictured)

Cottin stated that Gaga was focusing on the role she played in the film, where Gaga portrays Patrizia Reggiani with all her guns (pictured).

Cottin is in the UK at the moment, shooting the last series of Killing Eve with Jodie Comer. She plays Helene, also known as the duchess of crime and she's one of 'The Twelve'

Cottin currently is filming the final season of Killing Eve together with Jodie Komer in the UK. Helene is her role. She’s also called the Duchess of Crime and one of “The Twelve”.

She censored her thoughts. She said, “I think the British are much more crazy,” she added. Cottin is an Anglophile. 

Since the age of 12 years old, she lived with her stepfather, mother and sister in South Kensington.

You want to feel wild in London. You will find inspiration to explore new places and live in the night. It’s all about the free spirit. The mother-of-two, now living in Paris, said:

But she is back in the UK right now, filming Killing Eve’s final season with Jodie Komer.

Cottin portrays Helene — also known as Helene the Duchess of Crime. She’s one of ‘The Twelve’ — the assassins who form the distinctly dirty Dozen Incorporated.

Cottin shot several French feature films. However, he has recently been seen in Hollywood movies, such as Stillwater and House Of Gucci, alongside Matt Damon.

Cottin has shot many French feature films, but recently has been appearing in more Hollywood fare, including Stillwater, with Matt Damon

Cottin shot many French feature movies, but has recently been seen in Hollywood films with Matt Damon, such as Stillwater.

Cottin will always be linked with the Netflix goldmine of a show, Call My Agent, in which she excels as the complex and committed actors' agent Andrea Martel (pictured)

Cottin will always be linked with the Netflix goldmine of a show, Call My Agent, in which she excels as the complex and committed actors’ agent Andrea Martel (pictured)

She’ll be associated with Call My Agent, a Netflix show that is a goldmine. Andrea Martel, the complicated and dedicated agent for actors, excels in it.

Cottin said that while a movie version of the film is in development, they should not expect to come up with anything they like. They are working from this perspective, which is reassuring.

France is home to a well-known stage actor, and it’s not unlikely that she will be able to tread the boards in France.

She claimed that she had sat beside Clint Dyer from National Theatre (his documentary of Roy Williams’s National Theatre play Death Of England, Face To Face is available now on Sky Arts), during a performance of ‘The Milky Way’ with Michael Sheen. It was Under Milk Wood, I believe she meant.

I was told by her, “I would love to get something done with Clint Dyer at National Theatre.” And she added even more insistently: “This could be something.” Maybe.’