Keir Starmer: Anti-vax aggressors. Rag-tag members left-wing mob were whipped into a frenzy prior to attacking Labour leader Piers Corbyn. 

William Coleshill

Free Assange campaigner William Coleshill can be seen in yesterday's footage approaching the politician and shouting 'why did you go after a journalist Mr Starmer'

He is editor of the Resistance GB movement, which claims to 'cover news which the mainstream won’t show you'

William Coleshill is seen on yesterday’s footage approaching the politician, shouting “why did you chase a journalist Mr Starmer?”

Protester shouting at Sir Keir starmer is head of YouTube’s anti-lockdown news site. He has also mobbed Tory minister Michael Gove.

He is editor in chief of the Resistance UK group who claim to be ‘defending natural rights and civil liberties against police abuses and state criminality’.  

Coleshill is a former Tory Bush Hill Park Councillor and can be seen yesterday approaching the politician shouting “Why did your go after Mr Starmer” and “Why did your go after Julian Assange.” 

Coleshill was previously a member of Resistance GB and has targeted politicians like Michael Gove.   

Coleshill pulled a camera up to his face, and asked: “How can you justify the illegal lockdowns that were pushed upon this country?”    Coleshill allegedly also followed Nick Watt, the BBC’s editor, down the street at a prior occasion.

He also posted another video on the Resistance GB facebook page.  He added: “Having arms is an ultimate check on government because people shouldn’t fear their governments. Governments should fear their people.”  

Piers Corbyn

Piers Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn’s elder brother, has been spending the pandemic urging people not to take the vaccine or follow any restrictions.

He spoke to the demonstrators who later gathered outside New Scotland Yard and smashed into Sir KeirStarmer.

He and his team have also been closing covid testing centres and vaccine centers, in addition to decrying the masks.

They stormed one in Milton Keynes in December, to cries of ‘You murdering b****rds’ and ‘The wind is changing’ are heard as the crowd marches into the site, and one of the demonstrators appears to pick up testing equipment before carrying it out of one of the site’s tents. They did it again at London’s Guys and St Thomas Hospital in January.

Last month he was told he will face trial in May charged with breaching Covid rules during a series of anti-lockdown protests in central London. 

David Burridge

Burridge, a Piers Corbyn dreadlocked acolyte who was also involved in closing down the vaccine centers, is described as “a cowardly acolyte.”

Recently, Guy was charged with trying to stop Guy’s hospital from offering vaccinations.

He is part of Stop New Normal, which asserts that vaccines were approved in fraud trials. 

This group offers legal assistance for those arrested during anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine demonstrations. 

Edward ‘Remeece’ Freeman

A well known protester who has been filmed confronting people wearing masks on the London Underground, Edward ‘Remeece’ Freeman He sings a song he composed and goes to schools and vax centers singing it.

After urging kids not to get the vaccine, he was banned from Instagram.

His Twitter followers heard him say that someone is conspiring to stop him from speaking – “but they cannot censor me on streets.” 

Due to his anti-vaccine position, he says that “children love me” and has over 2000 students who are regular contacts. 

Freeman can be seen shouting the exact same phrase as Sir Keir (left) while standing next to David Lammy and David Lammy.  

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Today, the BBC was accused of falsely accusing Boris Johnson of inciting the mob of professional protesters to harass Sir Keir Sterner after he “walked into an antivaccination demonstration”.

Some viewers have criticised the corporation for their ‘ridiculous and hysterical coverage’ of the incident. Claiming that they wrongly blamed Sir Keir Starmer’s criticism of Jimmy Savile’s refusal to go to jail, the Prime Minister – which allowed false comparisons to Donald Trump’s covert riots on Capitol Hill. 

On BBC Breakfast this morning political correspondent Chris Mason said the incident had meant the ‘row is burning again’. He claimed that there is now greater pressure on the PM, to either retract or apologize for his initial false allegation. 

He said, “It all falls in the pot marked Boris Johnson’s future.” This is a bubbling pot, and has been for some while. It will also continue to bubble as a result last night’s events. 

Nick Robinson’s Questioning of Chris Phil, Tory Minister on Today was also condemned. Tweeted a clip from Today, the broadcaster said that he was first drawn by a prime minister trying to protect his political skin and the notion of linking his opponent to serial paedophiles. The minister today for Boris Johnson defense asked me the following question:

Tory MP Michael Fabricant told MailOnline that while the abuse Sir Keir suffered was ‘unacceptable’ – he claimed the BBC had zeroed in on ‘one person’ yelling about Jimmy Savile when the vast majority were angry about his leadership of the Labour party and the Government’s handling of the pandemic. 

The crowd, mainly from the ‘Resistance GB’ group who claim to be ‘defending natural rights and civil liberties against police abuses and state criminality’, were also protesting about Julian Assange’s imprisonment in Belmarsh Prison.

Mr Fabricant told MailOnline: ‘I think the BBC has to ask itself some serious questions about its standard of reporting regarding the Keir Starmer incident yesterday. It is evident that Fabricant entered an antivaccination demonstration, calling for the resignation of the government as well as the release Julian Assange.

Jimmy Savile is the ‘one person’. For his safety, he was still bundled in a car with police officers. BBC journalists have an obligation to tell the truth and not just what may be politically expedient for them. 

A large group of left-leaning agitators belonging to the ‘Resistance GB group, including Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers had gathered at Westminster to protest Covid-19 vaccines as well the US extradition request for Julian Assange. They also wished to stand in solidarity to the ongoing Canadian Freedom Rally. 

They spotted the Labour leader and his Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy leaving New Scotland Yard and sprinted across to abuse them, forcing police to step in and guard the men. Sir Keir, a man and woman were taken into police cars.

Videos of the incident, posted to social media, showed the protesters surrounding the Labour leader, with most heard shouting ‘you’re a f***ing traitor’. 

Another voice on video was also shouting: “You’re the leader of opposition. Why aren’t we standing for our constitution?” This is for the working class of this country. How about the workers of this country? Isn’t it your job to represent the opposition? 

Witnesses said that several mob members shouted at Jimmy Savile, “Jimmy Savile” and “Protecting Paedophiles”. 

However, Boris Johnson supporters have been furious at the BBC’s coverage. It immediately focused on Labour’s calls for the PM’s apology over Sir Keir’s claims that he ‘used his time procuring journalists and failed to prosecute Jimmy Savile while director of public prosecutions’ (DPP).

Viewers who saw the BBC coverage of this morning’s election said, “These were Corbyn supporters. A rentamob.” Our media, particularly the BBC, are guilty of a vendetta against Boris. It has made people angry. The same thing happened to Trump in the States and it was just as dishonest.

One other said, “BBC again this AM, blaming PiersCorbyn protest against Boris.” It’s ridiculous’. One angry Radio 4 listener stated that the BBC didn’t care whether the “mob” was left-wing, right-wing, or none at all. As long as it’s another way for them to trash Boris Johnson and bait their mostly anti-Boris listeners, they will.  

Responding to the criticism a BBC spokesman said: ‘The BBC has reported on all aspects of this story – including the reaction of Boris Johnson to the treatment of Sir Keir Starmer by protesters, and criticism from some Conservative MPs and others linking what happened to remarks made by the Prime Minister in the House of Commons’. 

Boris Johnson took to Twitter last night to complain about Sir Keir’s abuse, but did not address the Savile row.

“The PM stated that the behaviour of Leader of Opposition tonight was absolutely shameful. Every form of harassment against our elected representatives is totally unacceptable. “I thank the police officers for being prompt in responding.”

It was also revealed today that Boris Johnson had refused to apologize for Savile remarks.

  • Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the Commons Speaker, warned that words can have serious consequences after the Labour vote. Anti-vaccine protesters surrounded Parliament and hounded the leader; 
  • Boris Johnson has reorganized his team as he tries to cope with Partygate’s impact on the Tories. According to the PM, this is a mini-reshuffle. Mark Spencer will be replaced as Tory chief whip following a string of failed backbench rebellions. Jacob Rees Mogg, the Commons Leader has been suggested for the move that could be responsible for any Brexit “opportunities”.
  • Boris Johnson’s communications chief, his second day as such, is now under more pressure. This comes after it became public that he had lobbied No10 to Chinese tech giant Huawei and asked which ministers he could ‘nudge’ in order to get rid of a ban on 5G technology.

Downing Street stated that Boris Johnson won’t apologize for his attack on Sir KeirStarmer, accusing him not prosecuting Jimmy Savile.

Officially, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson acknowledged that his words in Commons last week were “capable of misunderstood”, which is why he issued an explanation.

The spokesman for the Prime Minister stated that he clarified his comments last week in order to clarify that he wasn’t suggesting Keir Sterner was responsible individually for the Savile decision.

He stated that he believed the Prime Minister meant to make a political point by pointing out how organisations can be held responsible.

Jacob Rees Mogg, today insisting he didn’t recall feeding the Prime Minister the debunked jibe concerning Sir Keir Sterner failing to prosecute Jimmy Savile when the Labour leader was director for public prosecutions.

Questioned about a Sunday Times article that claimed Boris Johnson had the idea of using the attack line at the Commons, the minister for Brexit options told Conservative Home’s Moggcast that he didn’t remember.

The time it was was noisy and everyone was shouting at each other.

“It came from behind me, but it felt like a very fair point.”

The Cabinet minister said that he had mentioned it in passing about journalists across the room, but it was from his side.

“I was not sitting beside the Prime Minister so I wasn’t in a good place to feed him lines.”

Nick Robinson's questioning of Tory minister Chris Phil on the Today programme was also criticised today

Today also saw criticism of Nick Robinson’s interview with Chris Phil, Tory minister, on Today.

Dramatic footage showed the Labour leader being shouted at as he walked in Westminster after leaving New Scotland Yard while surrounded by police officers shortly before 5pm

Dramatic footage captured the Labour leader shouting at while walking in Westminster shortly after leaving New Scotland Yard. He was surrounded by officers just before 5pm. 

Scotland Yard later said two arrests were made after Sir Keir was escorted to safety. Above: Sir Keir gets into a Police car

Scotland Yard stated that Sir Keir had been escorted safely to safety and two arrests were later made. Above: Sir Keir is seated in a Police car

The BBC's coverage has been criticised by viewers who say Boris is being falsely compared to Trump

Boris has been falsely compared by Trump to BBC viewers, who have criticised BBC’s coverage.

Boris refusing to forgive Savile for his slur after Starmer is harmed by the mob 

Boris Johnson is today defying calls from Tories and his own adviser on political violence to withdraw his Jimmy  Savile ‘slur’ at Keir Starmer – after the Labour leader was mobbed by protesters near Parliament.   

Following the dramatic scenes that saw Sir Keir be surrounded and abused as he walked into Westminster, shortly before 5pm after having left New Scotland Yard just before 5. 

He was protected by police and taken to a designated car. Protesters continued to crowd around Savile, shouting obscenities about Savile and calling him a traitor.

Yesterday’s protesters in London included an anti-vaccine activist Piers Corey. Scotland Yard said that two arrests were later made, after Sir Keir had been escorted away to safety.

MailOnline is aware that Parliamentary officials are urgently investigating the circumstances in which the spiral occurred. This includes questions regarding Sir Keir being escorted by the mob and not taken to safety. 

Other concerns include the inability to control protests that take place outside of the democratic center. One source said that “Something would go wrong.” “Yesterday was proof that this is true.”

Lindsay Hoyle, Commons Speaker, met with Steve Barclay, Mr Johnson’s chief of staff. He urged No10 to help “change Parliament” and use a “temperate tone”. Officials claim that because of the fact that the PM has not said anything in disorderly, the Speaker is unable to take action.   

Videos of the incident, posted to social media, showed the protesters surrounding the Labour leader, with some heard shouting ‘you’re a f***ing traitor’. 

Other voices were heard shouting: “You are the leader in the opposition, why don’t you stand up for the constitution?” This is for the working class of this country. For the country’s working class. You aren’t supposed to be in opposition.

“What happened to Labour?” What motivated you to pursue Julian Assange’s case? What made you choose to target a journalist?”

Witnesses said that several mob members shouted at Jimmy Savile, “protecting paedophiles,” and other insults.  

Critics of the Prime Minister insist he must apologise to Labour’s Chris Bryant. Bryant stated: Johnson would consider it a victory that the braying masses recited the prime minster’s vicious slurs. He was successful in his goal. He was ventriloquising them. He incited them. It was malice beforethought.

It’s remarkable that it’s so similar to a year ago with the storming at the Capitol 6 January 2021. Refusing to apologize or silence is not an option. He needs to retract everything he’s said completely and apologize profusely. 

But Tory minister Chris Phil said today: ‘I don’t think there is any way you can reasonably suggest that the comments on Keir Starmer’s overall responsibility for the CPS in any way provoked the very unseemly and totally unacceptable harassment we saw last night.’ 

Peter Lilley, former cabinet minister, said on Newsnight: “I think we are getting a bit prescriptive about this. Both sides say that the person at top is responsible for events further down…both parties should apologize and quit making personal comments.”   

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis claimed that Sir Keir Starmer’s abuse was completely unacceptable, but insisted Boris Johnson wasn’t to blame.

ITV reported that Johnson was making a fair and reasonable point that somebody at the top is responsible for what happens inside an organization. This refers to Sir Keir’s role as former director of public prosecutions.

He said, “That’s not an excuse for people to behave as they did last evening and that we shouldn’t allow them that excuse,”

Yesterday afternoon, as Sir Keir, his shadow foreign secretary and David Lammy walked down Embankment, central London, they were met by an angry crowd.

They were returning to the Ministry of Defence for a briefing about Ukraine when they encountered a group of protestors against Covid.  

Boris Johnson out running this morning

Dramatic footage showed the Labour leader (pictured this morning) being shouted at as he walked in Westminster after leaving New Scotland Yard while surrounded by police officers shortly before 5pm

Boris Johnson (left) refuses to apologize following dramatic scenes in which Keir Starmer was surrounded and abused as he walked through Westminster shortly after leaving New Scotland Yard just before 5pm 

Is there a truth to the smear on Keir Starmer by PM’s Jimmy Savile? 

A fresh faced Keir Starmer when he was appointed DPP in 2008. An inquiry would later clear him of any involvement in the failure to prosecute Jimmy Savile

Keir Sternmer, a new face when he became DPP in 2008 Later, an inquiry cleared him of any involvement with Jimmy Savile’s failure to be prosecuted.

Boris Johnson accused Sir Keir Starmer, former director of public prosecutions, of having “used his time prosecuting journalist and failed to prosecute Jimmy Savile”.

The Labour leader, however, said that Johnson was ‘debasing’ himself by being so low. Repeating “a ridiculous slur promoted by right-wing trolls”.  

2012An inquiry led by a QC exonerated Sir Keir. The investigation found that he had not been involved in Savile being put in the dock in 2002, two years after his death. 

Sir Keir was director of public prosecutions during his tenure. 2008. – 2013.Detectives sought assistance from the CPS regarding four claims that Savile sexually assaulted young girls in 1970s.

October 2009.The CPS review lawyer responsible for these cases stated that none of the complaining parties were’ready to support any kind of police action, so no prosecutions can be filed. 

Savile was a victim of abuse against 500 children and women. 2011 without facing justice. 

2012, after it became clear the Top of the Pops host had attacked and abused hundreds of children and women in hospitals, schools and while filming his BBC shows, an inquiry was carried out Alison Levitt QC, on Mr Starmer’s own orders. 

2013. her report found that the decision was made by police and prosecutors locally, not Sir Keir, who was unaware of it. The CPS would also say there was ‘no reference to any involvement from the DPP in the decision-making within a report examining the case.’ 

Alison Levitt, QC discovered that the police had treated victims and their accounts ‘with a level of caution which wasn’t justified or required. 

Savile also made veiled threats against officers if sexual abuse allegations against him did not ‘disappear’. 

CPS did not recommend Savile be prosecuted by the detectives who examined his allegations. 

Ms Levitt was also critical of the approach taken by the CPS’ reviewing lawyer, but did not suggest that Mr Starmer was personally involved in the decisions made.

After interviewing Savile with caution and four victims, the lawyer was criticised for not properly building a case against police officers or spotting inconsistencies within their reports. 

Sir Keir was later made to apologise as head of CPS. He acknowledged that Savile’s conviction wasn’t a good decision and it was a “watershed moment” for the organization. But Ms Levitt didn’t issue an admonishment.

He stated that he would like to apologize for any shortcomings of the CPS’s role in these cases.

These were mistakes in judgement made by both experienced, committed officers of police and a prosecuting attorney who acted with good faith and attempted to adhere to the right principles. The findings of Ms. Levitt’s investigation are more important and require a strong response. 

The Labour leader and lawyer Sir Keir left to become a politician. 2013 to pursue a career in politics. 


Police officers eventually stepped in and protected Sir Keir. He was then bundled up into a car and taken to the next entrance of Parliament. Sources said afterwards that he was ‘fine – it wasn’t pleasant, but he is fine’.

Yesterday night’s incident led to a renewed row regarding Boris Johnson’s controversial attack against Sir Keir last Week in which Boris Johnson accused Labour leader of using his time prosecuting journalists while failing to bring Jimmy Savile to justice.

Later, Johnson clarified that Johnson didn’t mean Labour was responsible for the decision to not prosecute.

Some Tory MPs suggested that he withdraw the entire attack.

Julian Smith, former Tory chief whip said: “Whatever happened to Keir starmer tonight outside Parliament is horrendous.” It is really important for our democracy & for his security that the false Savile slurs made against him are withdrawn in full.’

Robert Largan Tory MP said: “I agree with Julian. The power of words is important. What we say & how we say it echoes out far beyond Parliament. You could have real-world consequences. It is the responsibility of elected representatives to reduce the heat and not to add to the flames.

Chris Bryant, Labour MP for Chris Bryant, went even further and accused the PM of inciting violence as well as recycling conspiracy theories from hard-right extremists.

Following the incident Mr Lammy stated that it was not surprising that conspiracy theorist thugs harassed Sir Keir, and he retorted Mr Johnson’s attack. 

After Sir Keir was taken to a Victoria Embankment police car shortly after 5pm, there were some angry clashes.

Social media footage showed Piers Corbyn (the Covid-19 conspirator) addressing the crowd and leading chants like’resist defy do not comply’.

Video shows Sir Keir being chased down by officers while being given shouts of “Why aren’t your opposing?”

“Why did you pursue Julian Assange? Why did you chase journalists?” One man shouted.

After the officer was safely taken away, he was nicknamed a “pathetic little Thug” in angry exchanges.

Signs were displayed by protesters opposing compulsory vaccination and restrictions that prevent Covid-19 death.

Scotland Yard stated that two arrests had been made in the aftermath of clashes. According to online posts, the protestors called themselves a “UK freedom convoy”.

The move comes after major traffic jams caused by a protest organized in Canada against mandatory Covid vaccines.

This is after Michael Gove, Levelling Up Secretary was attacked by anti-lockdown demonstrators as he walked in Westminster alone.

He was accosted by people who surrounded him and hurled insults including ‘absolute w*****’ and ‘****ing idiot’.

A person pointed a camera at him and demanded, “How do you justify the illegal lockdown that has been imposed on this nation?” While another person shouted, “arrest Michael Gove!”

England’s chief physician, Chris Whitty was also targeted, as were Nick Watt and Jeremy Vine.

Metropolitan Police stated that a man, who was being surrounded by protesters close to New Scotland Yard on Monday February 7, 2017, was removed by a cop car.

A traffic cone that was being thrown at police officers resulted in a pair of women and a man being arrested on the spot for assaulting an emergency worker.

“They were taken into custody.”