BBC switches ‘Megxit” for ‘Sussexit in the second part of controversial documentary The Princess and the Press after Prince Harry declared that the term was’sexist.

  • BBC Two documentary The Princes and the Press refuses to use the term “Megxit” 
  • Prince Harry claimed the term was offensive and used it by a trolling group to attack Meghan. 
  • Furore remains in royal homes over the documentary’s “overblown” claims 

After Prince Harry had previously raised concerns about the word “Megxit”, a controversial documentary royal has decided not to use it in the episode tomorrow. 

The BBC Two show’s The Princes and The Press will air the second episode tomorrow.

The Telegraph reported that the title has changed to ‘Sussexit.’ The documentary will focus on claims of behind-the-scenes palace briefings as well the alleged insufficient support the Duchess and Duke received. 

Prince Harry stated: ‘Maybe people know this and maybe they don’t, but the term  Megxit was or is a mysognistic term, and it was created by a troll, amplified by royal correspondents and it grew and grew and grew into mainstream media.’

Pictured: The royal couple attended the Veterans Day Salute to Freedom gala Museum in New York so former soldier Prince Harry could present fellow veterans with bravery awards

Pictured: Prince Harry, a former soldier, attended the Veterans Day Salute to Freedom Gala Museum in New York to present bravery awards to fellow veterans. 

Prince William (centre) has already banned the broadcaster from showing a charity carol concert to be hosted by wife Kate at Westminster Abbey

Prince William (center) already prohibited the broadcaster showing a charity concert that would have been hosted at Westminster Abbey by Kate.

He said that he had placed the emphasis of their departures on his wife and the term ‘Megxit was sexist. 

According to reports, the palace became angry at the premiere of the documentary’s two-part series last Monday. It has not been in contact with film-makers since then.

It dismissed the allegations  as ‘overblown and unfounded’ and has apparently complained at not having what it considers a right of reply, with no previews of the episode before it aired.

Tomorrow’s second episode features Jenny Afia (Duchess of Sussex) as Jenny Afia’s lawyer. This will cover events between 2018 and the present including claims in March that Jenny Afia had ‘bullied’ two personal assistants. 

Ms. Afia stated that the stories are false. It’s a myth that the Duchess can make it work. She was so demanding and difficult as a boss, and everybody had to go, it isn’t true.

The MoS reported last week that a senior Royal source had condemned the documentary as ¿tittle-tattle¿ that upset the Queen.

The MoS reported last week that a senior Royal source had condemned the documentary as ‘tittle-tattle’ that upset the Queen.

The couple gave a speech at Global Citizen Live, an environmental event to tackle climate change held in Central Park in September, before they took a private jet back to their LA home

After giving a speech at Global Citizen Live (an environmental event that tackles climate change) in Central Park in September the couple flew back home to Los Angeles in a private plane.

It will reveal details about Martin Bashir’s 1997 interview with Princess Diana. To secure Princess Diana’s trust, Mr. Bashir confessed this year to having falsified two invoices.

Following the completion of the pilot episode, Buckingham Palace was joined by Clarence House, Kensington Palace and Clarence House in issuing a joint statement.

The authors stated that a free, open and responsible press was vital to the health of a democracy.

“However, it’s too often overblown, unfounded claims by unnamed sources that are presented to the public as facts. It’s disappointing when they give credibility, even the BBC.