High-profile FEMINISTS blamed for misogyny. Sex addict who had sex with 700 men. ‘Man-hating attitudes drive boys towards toxic ideology,’ says one.

Former Bachelor star, a recovering sex addict took aim at Australian high-profile feminists. She believes they are inadvertently contributing to a spike in misogyny and ‘hating on’ males.

Belinda ‘Love’ Rygier, who overcame her addiction after bedding more than 700 men, singled out Abbie Chatfield and Clementine Ford as the worst offenders in her opinion.

She even compared them to toxic influencers on the opposite side of the ‘war of the sexes’, including disgraced social media star Andrew Tate, whose misogyny has seen him kicked off social media platforms such as TikTok.

Recovered sex addict Belinda 'Love' Rygier (pictured) has taken aim at high-profile Australian feminists she believes are inadvertently causing a surge in misogyny by 'hating on' men

Belinda Love Rygier, a recovering sex addict (pictured), has attacked high-profile Australian feminists that she feels are inadvertently creating a rise in misogyny through ‘hating’ on men

“Good on her!” for her success in life. But her beliefs around feminism are actually misandry,’ Ms Rygier said of Chatfield.

Misandry refers to the hatred of men. Online communities that are dominated by men claim misandry is a consequence of feminist ‘going too far.

By contrast, many feminists argue misandry and misogyny cannot be compared due to gender inequality in society, and doing so is a false equivalence.

Rygier said, “I disagree with her treatment of men,” and she runs bootcamps in order to foster healthy, stable relationships.

Belinda 'Love' Rygier, who overcame her addiction after bedding more than 700 men, singled out Abbie Chatfield and Clementine Ford as the worst offenders in her opinion

Belinda Love Rygier, who cured herself of her addiction to bed-sharing with over 700 men after sex, named Abbie Chatfield (and Clementine) Ford the worst offenders. 

Rygier claimed Chatfield, Ford and their often outrageous statements about men ‘trigger her’. 

Ford, a best-selling author and commentator, infamously tweeted that ‘coronavirus isn’t killing men fast enough’ at the height of the pandemic. After public outrage, she later apologized.

Chatfield claimed that 40 percent of paedophiles are men once.

‘How [Chatfield]Everything they say about them. They trigger Clementine Ford and me. I won’t follow their lead. This is what Rygier described as their hatred for men Rygier. 

Rygier said Chatfield and Ford 'trigger' her with their sometimes outlandish statements about men. Chatfield (pictured) infamously once claimed '40 per cent of men are paedophiles'

Rygier stated Chatfield and Ford “trigger” her by their outlandish comments about men. Chatfield (pictured) once claimed that “40%” of men were paedophiles.

Ford, a best-selling author and commentator, tweeted that 'coronavirus isn't killing men fast enough' at the height of the pandemic. She later apologised following public outrage

Ford was a well-known author and commentator who tweeted at the peak of the outbreak that the ‘coronavirus wasn’t killing men quickly enough’. After public outrage, she later apologized. 

Rygier stated that she was not surprised by men and women retreating into harmful and sexist online groups – known as the “manosphere” – due to the hostile attitudes amplified through the media.

They wonder why men are returning to misogyny when it’s this entire pendulum swinging. “Misogyny is the cause of misandry. We are calling it feminism.” she stated.

‘It’s like someone says, “I f**king hate men,” so the other says, “I f**king hate women.”‘ 

Rygier favours an attitude that stresses respect for all.

Ford replied to Daily Mail Australia via email that he didn’t know who Belinda Love was when he was contacted by reporters on Tuesday.

Chatfield did no respond. 

Rygier (centre, on The Bachelor) said she wasn't surprised to see men retreat into toxic and sexist online communities - dubbed the 'manosphere' - because of these hostile attitudes

Rygier (pictured, at The Bachelor) stated that it was common for males to withdraw into toxic and sexist communities online – known as the’manosphere’ because of their hostile attitudes

She is passionately involved in running bootcamps for healing and self-esteem.

“In relationships, people don’t learn how to communicate with others. We assume that because we are raised in families, we have a good understanding of how to relate to others. She said that there is more to the story.

“It’s more complicated than many people believe. People think that you only need to go out on a date with someone and then find your love.

She compared Chatfield and Ford to toxic influencers on the opposite side of the 'war of the sexes', including disgraced social media star Andrew Tate (pictured)

Chatfield was compared to Ford and toxic influencers who were on the opposing side of the ‘war of thesexes’, such as Andrew Tate (pictured).