This weekend, President Joe Biden violated an indoor mask requirement in Nantucket. He did so just hours after being briefed on Omicron’s new coronavirus variant and banned travel from 8 African countries. 

While on the island this weekend with his family, President Obama was seen in Murray’s Toggery Shop wearing his mask, but not covering his face. On the shop’s front door, a large sign reading “Face Covering Requirement” could be found.

At a November 18th town meeting, the island reintroduced its indoor mask requirements. The decision was made to return indoor masking after scientists discovered a high prevalence of the virus within the island’s wastewater.

Nantucket is home to a low incidence of cases, one of the lowest vaccination rates and a relatively small number of people. However, the outbreak of the virus in sewage immediately led to the return of mandatory indoor masks that are worn for at most two weeks.  

Biden, who has been vaccinated repeatedly, advised Americans to wear masks inside.

President Obama spent Saturdays shopping in Nantucket with Hunter, his son and three grandchildren. Hunter was joined by Hunter’s newborn son Beau who is named after the late president. 

Finnegan Biden, President of the United States, and Father John Murray, one of their granddaughters, were later welcomed by Father John Murray to celebrate mass at St. Mary Our Lady of the Isle Catholic Church. 

Joe Biden is seen shopping in Nantucket on Saturday without a mask

Joe Biden, seen without a mask shopping in Nantucket Saturday

Biden has spent the holiday weekend in various shops around Nantucket

Biden enjoyed the weekend in Nantucket’s shops

Biden can be seen in Murray's Toggery Shop with his mask around his neck

Murray’s Toggery Shop has Biden wearing a mask around his neck.

Biden seen leaving the shop without a mask and having a drink

Biden seen walking out of the shop sans a mask while enjoying a beverage

The White House said that Biden has been ‘fully briefed’ on Omicron as fears rise over the new super mutant variant – and the president’s top health expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said he ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if the strain was already in the U.S.  

The Dutch health ministry said Saturday that at least 61 new cases of Covid entered the Netherlands from South Africa, leading Dr Anthony Fauci to sound the alarm about the dangers Omicron poses to Covid-weary US residents.

If Omicron has been in the US since then, he said that he believes it. Today ShowFauci responded Saturday morning: “I wouldn’t be surprised if that is.” 

“We haven’t yet detected it, but if you already have travel-related illnesses and a virus with this level of transmissibility, you almost always get the same result.  

He said, “You need to be cautious and assume that this is the case,” noting Omicron might ‘evade” vaccinations. 

Biden also expressed concerns over ‘transmissibility’, as he stated that US citizens and holders of green cards from other African regions will be permitted to travel to America. 

Israel said Saturday it would prohibit foreigners entering its country. In order to control the spread of a potentially contagious variant of coronavirus first identified in South Africa, counterterrorism technology will be reintroduced.

In a statement, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett stated that the ban would be in effect for 14 days, subject to government approval. Israel is the country that closed its borders to the Omicron-related variant of Omicron. One confirmed case has been reported by Israel and seven more are being investigated.   

Dr Anthony Fauci said he 'wouldn't be surprised' if it the new Covid variant Omicron was already in US. On the Today Show Saturday morning he said that he's concerned about the 'transmissibility' but there were still a lot of unknowns

Anthony Fauci, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that he would not be surprised to hear that the Omicron variant of Covid was available in the US. Today Show host Anthony Fauci said Saturday that while he is concerned about the transmissibility, there were many unanswered questions.

Cases of Omicron have already been picked up in South Africa, Botswana, Hong Kong, Israel and Belgium. It is not yet known whether the variant arrived in the Netherlands yesterday but Dutch authorities are sequencing passengers' tests. There are also suspected individual cases being sequenced in Germany, the Czech Republic and Australia

Omicron cases have been found in South Africa and Botswana as well as Israel, Israel, Hong Kong, Israel, and Belgium. The variant may have arrived in the Netherlands on yesterday, but it’s not known. However, Dutch authorities are currently sequencing the passengers’ DNA. It is also possible that individual cases may be being sequenced by authorities in Australia, Germany, and Czech Republic.

South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi are included in the Biden administration's travel ban

The Biden administration has included South Africa, Namibia and Lesotho in its travel ban.

All flights from South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe and Namibia were banned by Mr Javid yesterday

Yesterday Mr Javid ban all South Africa flights, Botswana Lesotho (Eswatini), Zimbabwe, and Namibia

On Friday, Biden announced a ban on travel from eight southern African countries in response to Omicron – hours after his chief scientific advisor suggested the move was unlikely, and despite Biden himself declaring last year that ‘banning travel will not stop it’. 

Initial warnings by the State Department on eight countries were issued as a Stage 4 “Do Not Travel” Warning. 

Fauci explained that “blocking travel from one country is just to allow us to assess it better” on Today’s segment. Fauci made this comment just hours before Biden announced their decision. The chief scientist stated that he believed a ban on travel was unlikely.

He noted, however that travel bans shouldn’t be cause to panic. However, he added that it has many mutations.  

While on Thanksgiving break in Nantucket, the president implemented these bans. 

He made the decision to halt flights from Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique and Malawi as of Monday after a 30-minute conversation with Fauci and his team.

According to him, US citizens and holders of green cards will continue to be able travel from banned areas into the country. But no one will be allowed. 

This decision was taken after Israel and UK had stopped all travel from Thursday. The EU then followed the lead.   

Bradley Field (left) and Benjamin Field (right) arrived from Johannesburg, South Africa this morning on United Airlines flight 187

Bradley Field (left), and Benjamin Field, (right), arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa on United Airlines Flight 187 this morning.

Benjamin Field hugged his father upon arriving at Newark International Airport, New Jersey from OR Tambo International Airport in South Africa

Benjamin Field hugged his dad upon landing at Newark International Airport (New Jersey) from OR Tambo International Airport South Africa.

Other passengers from flight UA187 - one of the last flights before Biden's travel ban comes into effect - deplaned at Newark International Airport Saturday morning

Another passenger from flight UA187 – the final flight before Biden’s travel ban came into force – was also deplaned at Newark International Airport on Saturday morning

Long queues formed at the New Jersey airport as Biden's impending travel ban will forbid travel from regions in South Africa, which include Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique and Malawi

Long queues formed at the New Jersey airport as Biden’s impending travel ban will forbid travel from regions in South Africa, which include Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique and Malawi

Kathy Hochul, New York Governor declared an emergency because Covid transmission rates reached levels not seen since April 2020. 

Hochul maintained that the new troubling variant of Covid, which first appeared in Botswana, is now ‘coming. 

She spoke out after a top epidemiologist warned that the new strain of the virus was very troubling. He urged tougher travel restrictions, and said the virus could cause a ‘pandemic 2.0.

Fauci said that there were still many unanswered questions and that he was trying to find out if Omicron-derived infections are more severe than those from the Delta variant.

“Are these antibodies induced by vaccines – are they protecting against it?” He added that he was also curious. 

Over 776,000 people have died from the coronavirus in the United States alone

The coronavirus is responsible for over 760,000 deaths in America alone.

Infections have steadily rose from October to November

From October to November, the number of infections has steadily risen

Over 48 million positive COVID tests have been registered in the United States

More than 48 million COVID positive tests were registered in the United States

The midwest is seeing an increase in coronavirus cases of late

Coronavirus late-onset cases are on the rise in the midwest

Deaths have been trending downward further into November

In November, death rates continued to trend downward.

Fauci told CNN that yesterday he had been in very active contact with South African colleagues. 

Experts from South Africa tried to stop panic about the variant yesterday, calling it a “storm in a teacup”. 

Boris Johnson (Prime Minister) has implemented Covid restrictions to counter the Omicron variant. Seven countries from southern Africa were placed on red lists. All travelers are required to be in quarantine.

Every passenger arriving in the UK should take a PCR test within two days of landing. Once they have the results, isolate the specimen at home. All contacts with Omicron variant-infected persons must also isolate the sample for 10 days.

The Prime Minister was joined by Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Advisor and Professor Chris Whitty as they held a press conference. He also stated that public space regulations regarding facemasks will be strengthened. 

President Biden spoke with reporters in Nantucket, where he celebrated Thanksgiving with his family, and said that he decided on the ban out of an abundance of caution

Biden talked to reporters in Nantucket where he was celebrating Thanksgiving with his family. He stated that the ban came out of an excess of caution and was happy to speak with them.

Johnson made a speech to the nation warning that Omicron is a virus which ‘differs quite substantially from other forms of the virus’. Johnson also stated that it would’reduce the effectiveness of vaccines over the course of time’.

Four more countries – Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Angola – will also be added to the no-fly list on Sunday. Because of growing panic over the ‘variant-of-concern’ that scientists consider more transmissible, and poses an increased risk for reinfection, all South African, Botswana (Lesotho), Eswatini Zimbabwe, Namibia and Namibia flights were canceled yesterday.

Sajid Javid (Health Secretary) stated earlier today that the strain was detected in two locations in Essex, Brentwood and Nottingham. Both cases are believed to be linked to traveling to southern Africa.

Following confirmation by the UK Health Security Agency, all infected people and members of their household were told to self isolate.

Near Amsterdam, 600 passengers boarded two flights from Johannesburg to Schipol Airport. They arrived just hours after travel bans had been lifted. 

All air travel leaving southern Africa was banned by the Dutch government on Friday morning. Hugo de Jonge, Health Minister of the Netherlands, stated that all passengers en route to the Netherlands will have to be quarantined and tested upon their arrival.

On Friday, Europe was first to be able to spot the variant. The unvaccinated female who caught the virus had not traveled to South Africa but Turkey and Egypt.   

Germany and the Czech Republic both confirmed suspected cases today. Germany confirmed that the initial sequencing indicated that there was a South Africa traveler carrying Omicron’s virus. Officials will be awaiting the final sequencing of this virus later today. 

President Joe Biden headding to a toggery shop on Nantucket on his way to mass Saturday

Joe Biden, President of the United States, is heading to Nantucket’s toggery to get ready for mass on Saturday.

Biden attended mass at St. Mary, Our Lady of the Isle Catholic Church

Biden went to mass at St. Mary, Our Lady of the Isle Catholic Church

Biden and his family greet the priest at St. Mary

Biden’s family and friends greet St. Mary priest

Biden spent time with his granddaughter Finnegan (pictured right), his son Hunter's daughter

Biden was pictured with Finnegan, his granddaughter and Hunter’s child.

Granddaughter Natalie (pictured left), Biden's late son Beau's daughter, joined the president and Finnegan at church

Natalie, Biden’s granddaughter and Beau’s son Beau’s granddaughter, was present at the church with Finnegan and President Obama.

Biden, walking down Main Street in Nantucket with his granddaughters, has been 'fully briefed' on the Omicron variant

Biden walks down Main Street in Nantucket while accompanied by his granddaughters.

Biden, only America's second Catholic president, attends mass regularly

Biden, America’s second Catholic president is a regular attendee of mass

President Biden and Finnegan were greeted by Father John Murray for mass

Father John Murray welcomed President Biden, Finnegan to mass

Biden is often seen with at least one of his seven grandchildren on his weekends away from the White House

Biden often spends weekends with at least one of seven grandkids, even if he is not in the White House.

Biden has been slammed for still allowing flights from South Africa to land in the US after enacting the ban

Biden was criticized for allowing South African flights to fly into the USA after the ban was enacted.

President Biden also walked down the vacation go-to island's main street

The President Biden also took a walk down Main Street of the Vacation Go-To Island’s Most Popular Street

The president's son Hunter also took in the sights on Main Street with his son Beau, named for his late brother

Hunter, the president’s younger son, also visited Main Street along with Beau (named after his brother).

Biden, walking Main Street with Natalie and Finnegan, has his COVID response team led by Dr Anthony Fauci keeping him up to date on the virus

Biden is seen walking Main Street alongside Natalie and Finnegan while his COVID Response Team, led by Dr Anthony Fauci, keeps him informed about the virus.

Biden and granddaughter Finnegan pass by a Christmas tree on Nantucket

Biden, Finnegan and their granddaughter pass by Nantucket Christmas trees

Biden departing St. Mary, Our Lady of the Isle Church following mass

Biden leaving St. Mary the Lady of the Isle Church after mass

Biden, Finnegan and other family members leaving church Saturday evening

Biden, Finnegan, and other relatives leave church on Saturday night

The Secret Service escorted the first family away from St. Mary

The Secret Service led the family to St. Mary.

Hunter and Natalie flank the Biden patriarch on the way out of mass

Natalie and Hunter flank the Biden patriarch as he makes his way to mass

Australian authorities also ban travel to the nine region countries. They fear this variant might have entered the country. 

South Africa reported 2,828 Covid new cases yesterday, which is more than the 1,374 that were recorded on Thursday. However, infection rates have not risen dramatically in South Africa and there have been no cases of the new Covid variant-related hospitalizations.

Botswana has four Omicron confirmed cases, South Africa has seven, with the true number likely to be in the hundreds, and Hong Kong only two. This means that 83 confirmed cases have been confirmed. 

The virus was also found in Israel and Hong Kong. 

Fauci closed the Today Show saying, “It is essential that all people are vaccinated” and adding that boosters for those already vaccinated is a must.

As of Friday at 5am EST, the CDC website’s travel advice page for South Africa had the country listed as ‘Level 4: Very High Level of Covid-19,’ with flights to the US permitted from the African country since November 8. 

There are four levels: Level unknown, Low, Moderate Level, Level 2 and Level 3; High, Medium, High, Very High and High.

According to the CDC, Monday was the first day that Level 1 had been assigned to this country. 

It also requests that anyone who travels to or from South Africa be fully vaccinated. The page also suggests that travelers adhere to the South African guidelines, such as wearing a mask or social distancing.

On Saturday, the US Embassy posted a Covid-19 update to their website. It informed that the US Department of State had announced that South Africa travel has been elevated to “Level 4 – Do Not Travel” due to the new Covid-19 Omicron variant. 

According to the statement, “US citizens and Legal permanent residents (LPRs), who can travel to the United States but have not been fully immunized will be required to show proof that they were negative in a Covid-19 test at least one (1) day prior to their departure.” LPRs (US citizens) who are fully vaccinated should present evidence of their vaccination to the airline three (3) days prior to departure.

South Africa’s virus infection rate jumped to 93% in just one day, amid worries that it is being driven by the epidemic. Although the infection has been confirmed to have spread to the nine provinces of South Africa, the surge in hospitalizations is still being seen in Johannesburg’s virus epicenter.

Since November 8th, when the US had partially lifted restrictions on entry for peoples from over 30 countries due to the outbreak of the pandemic, South African travelers have been permitted entry.

The newer regulations, 19 months later than the original travel ban, mandate that international travelers show proof of vaccinations and negative Covid tests. 

Joe and Jill Biden had dined in Washington DC earlier in October for the first occasion since their move to the White House. They promptly violated the city’s mask ordinance.

Fiola Mare is a popular seafood restaurant in Georgetown, where the president and first lady were seen.

According to the website, all persons over 2 years old must wear a mask indoors.

The 78-year old man and his wife, however, were not wearing masks as they entered the restaurant. They were accompanied by Secret Service personnel who wore black masks.

Although the president carried his mask, he was not wearing it. Despite vocally urging people to use them more often.

Biden, who is fully-vaccinated and has often donned his mask in public, was also a part of what critics call political theatre.

He stated that he was determined to distinguish himself from Donald Trump. Trump is well-known for turning up his nose at coverings and not wearing them until July 2020. This happened five months after US cases first arrived.

Muriel Bowser, the DC Mayor, reinstated a mask ordinance and said that bars, restaurants and liquor-serving establishments would be fined for not following the rules.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, admitted Monday that President Biden didn’t put on his mask as quickly as he should while out on Saturday with First Lady Jill. But she told reporters to not focus on the moment. 

In response to being questioned, the press secretary stated that “Ofcourse there are occasions when we don’t always put on our masks as quickly as we should.” 

Psaki stated, “But I don’t believe we should lose the forest through these trees here.” 

Biden’s goals to make more Americans vaccine-ready and for schools and corporations to be able implement their own requirements. She said that it was important that Americans focus on the end result and not on a specific moment in time.

Earlier Saturday, the president and first lady Jill Biden were joined for lunch by Hunter, Hunter’s wife Melissa, daughters Ashley and Naomi, granddaughters Finnegan, Maisy and Natalie, grandson Hunter, and Hunter and Melissa’s new baby Beau Biden, as well as Peter Neal, Naomi’s fiancé. 

Biden is being criticized for not allowing South Africa flights to land in the U.S. amid tension over the new variant. But senior health officials and Covid response team members, including Fauci have been keeping tabs on Omicron’s latest developments and communicating regularly with international health officials.

Kamala Harris, Vice President of USA called the ban on travel unnecessary during a Saturday appearance in Washington as part the Annual Small Business Saturday. This event takes place each year following Black Friday.

Harris stopped when Harris was asked about additional travel restrictions and replied that they would take each step one at a while, but for now we have done the right thing.

‘I have been briefed,’ Harris added. Harris added, “As President Trump has stated, we are gonna take all precautions and that is why we’ve taken what measures we can.” 

A South African doctor has provided some information so far about Omicron variant sufferers, calling them “mild, but not uncommon”. 

Angelique Coetzee is a South African Medical Association board member. She first observed otherwise healthy patients who had these symptoms starting November 18th and flagged it for possible variant. 

Coetzee explained that mild symptoms include tiredness, sore muscles, and tiredness. We have not yet seen any symptoms that could cause loss of taste and smell. It is possible that they may have a mild cough. The symptoms are not obvious. Some are receiving treatment at home for the infection. 

Coetzee claimed that about two-dozen of her coronavirus patients who tested positive had new symptoms.

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke about the African travel ban at a Small Business Saturday event in Washington

Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States spoke at Small Business Saturday in Washington about bans on travel to Africa.

Vice President Harris attended the event with Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff

With Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, Vice President Harris was present at the event.

Harris and Emhoff spent the day supporting various small businesses as part of the Thanksgiving weekend tradition

Harris and Emhoff spent Thanksgiving Day supporting small businesses in the tradition of Thanksgiving weekend.

Dr. Angelique Coetzee, the South African doctor who first alerted authorities to the presence of the Omicron variant

Dr. Angelique Coetzee, the South African doctor who first alerted authorities to the presence of the Omicron variant

The majority of patients who displayed symptoms were males. Half of the people were not vaccinated. There were many ages and races represented in the patients. 

A flight from Johannesburg arrived at Newark Airport Saturday morning. This was the final before Biden’s ban on travel takes effect Monday.

According to Flight Aware, there are two more direct flights Saturday from South Africa slated to land in the US – one flight will arrive at Newark, New Jersey, and the other will arrive in Atlanta, Georgia. 

On Sunday, eight flights will depart South Africa to New York. However, travelers from eight African nations – Botswana and Zimbabwe, Lesotho (Eswatini), Mozambique, Namibia, Lesotho and Malawi – aren’t allowed in the country.   

One-tenth of the passengers arriving in Holland via Johannesburg were positive for Covid. However, it is not clear which Omicron-infected individuals they are. 

United Airlines Flight 187 was able to land in the USA earlier today from Johannesburg, but it’s still not clear if anyone tested positive for Covid.

While the CDC has not yet identified any cases of this new strain of Covid in the US however, two Omicron-positive people were reported by the UK.   

“In South Africa, even though there are very few cases, its potential to infect those who have already recovered from the infection and people who were vaccinated makes it a serious problem. Fauci added that it is important to be ready for serious consequences. 

“It may not work out the way you planned, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. We do what we do because we know how to. 

Biden said that the pandemic won’t end until there are global vaccines in place.   

To avoid angering Beijing, was Omicron a new Covid version? WHO opted to ignore TWO letters in the Greek alphabet, to keep out Xi Jinping (a Chinese president) 

Recurrent scrutiny has been placed on the China-World Health Organization relationship after it was revealed that the UN had called the Covid version ‘Omicron’, instead of the Greek letter Xi.

China hawks were critical of the WHO’s decision to name the mutation ‘Omicron,’ rather than ‘Nu or ‘Xi’ last night.

UN has used Greek letters, such as “Alpha”, “Beta”, and “Delta,” to describe these variants. It stated on its website that it would be easier and more practical for people to talk about them.

Its decision to call the southern African variant ‘Omicron” has prompted speculation that WHO skipped ‘Xi to not anger President of China, Xi Jinping.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is a former minister from Ethiopia, which has received large amounts of Chinese investment.

Tedros is accused of using the position to get more appointments in Beijing. He was also accused of making Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s dictator, a goodwill Ambassador. 

Chinese officials have been accused of using aggressive influence tactics to block the WHO’s initial response to Covid, which resulted in it losing its chance at stopping the pandemic. The UN agency’s independence is also being accused of being eroded before the spread of the virus to other parts in 2020.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted: “As far as my concern the original will always being the Xi variant.”  

Donald Trump Jr tweeted: ¿As far as I¿m concerned the original will always be the Xi variant¿

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted that “The original will always remain the Xi version”

President Xi is alleged to have significant influence over WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a former Ethiopian minister whose country has been a major recipient of Chinese investment

President Xi may have had significant influence over Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO director general, a former Ethiopian Minister whose country is a big recipient of Chinese investment.

The relationship between China and the World Health Organization has come under further scrutiny after the UN body appeared to skip over the Greek letter 'Xi' and call the new Covid variant 'Omicron' instead

After the UN appeared to ignore the Greek letter Xi and instead call the Covid variant Omicron, the relationship between China’s and the World Health Organization is now under scrutiny

Ted Cruz, Republican senator from Texas, retweeted a Telegraph editor citing a WHO source stating that Xi was not included to ‘avoid stigmatizing a particular region’.

“If WHO is so afraid of China’s Communist Party, then how can they trust them to name them next time they try to hide a global pandemic?” Mr Cruz said.

Wall Street Journal columnist Ben Zimmer said: ‘Kudos, WHO! For skipping over confusing Nu and Xi and moving straight to Omicron.

According to a WHO spokesperson, Nu was not used because people might think that the name is a new variant of Nu.

Then they added, “And Xi” because it was a common surname. We have also agreed to this [to]Naming rules that do not use place names or people’s name, as well as animal names. To avoid stigma.

An investigation conducted by The Sunday Times earlier this year revealed Beijing’s attempts to influence the WHO’s decisions, undermine investigations, and even place officials.

This newspaper alleges that the WHO has failed to challenge Chinese misinformation publicly, deferred declaring an international crisis, discouraged governments to place travel bans on China for its economic protection, and later delayed declaring an International Emergency.

There has been speculation that officials made a “backroom deal” with Chinese officials to reduce the scope of the inquiry into Covid-19’s source.

Scientists were able to steer away from the idea that coronavirus escaped from Wuhan’s laboratory and came from wild animals at a city wet market in December 2019.

Although initially dismissed by WHO as “extremely unlikely”, experts now believe there may have been human error at the laboratory.

The paper claims that China’s close relationship with the WHO leadership has impacted the WHO’s ability to confront China over the outbreak of the virus.

China is believed to have been using financial leverage on poor countries for some time in order to get its desired figures appointed as key representatives at UN-governed UN agencies such as WHO.

Tedros is the WHO’s chief decision-maker. He is also a friend and longtime Chinese friend. Two months prior to the outbreak of pandemic, Tedros visited President Xi. 

There were approximately 130 Chinese-funded official finance projects in Zimbabwe between 2000 and 2012. Some of these totalled hundreds of millions of pounds and built hydroelectric dams, and provided agricultural machinery.

Zimbabwe was one 53 country that supported the Hong Kong National Security Law at the United Nations in June 2012. This law, denigrated by Western nations for its clampdown on protestors as well as China’s freedom of speech, was backed by Zimbabwe.

American Infectious Disease Society Fellow Richard Ebright stated to the Times that China had played a crucial role in the Agency’s inability to act. 

An investigation has claimed that China used 'aggressive' influence on the World Health Organization to control decision making, sabotage investigations and even install preferred officials in the run up to the coronavirus pandemic

A probe has revealed that China used “aggressive” influence to overthrow the World Health Organization in order to control decisions, undermine investigations and install prefer officials during the period leading up to the coronavirus epidemic.

While China has tried to insist the virus originated elsewhere, academics, politicians and the media have begun to contemplate the possibility it leaked from a high-level biochemical lab in Wuhan - raising suspicions that Chinese officials simply hid evidence of the early spread

China claims the virus was not transmitted to them, but academics, politicians, and media began to consider the possibility that it may have leaked from Wuhan’s biochemical laboratory. This raises suspicions about Chinese officials who may simply be hiding evidence. 

“There is no medical, policy or scientific justification for what the WHO did in January 2020.” This was completely based upon maintaining satisfactory relations to the Chinese government’, he stated.

“Through this process, WHO actively resisted or obstructed attempts by other countries to implement effective borders controls that could have reduced the spread or contained the outbreak. 

Tedros received a remarkable return on investment for his support, especially when you consider the influence and money he used to get elected.

An organization spokesperson disputed the claims and stated that “WHO’s number one priority is to end the acute stage Covid-19 pandemic.”

Later, they added that “The Sunday Times article is riddled inaccuracies falsehoods half-truths unsubstantiated assertions willful distortions and intentional omissions of any item not fitting the predetermined premise of this story.”

“There has been a number of independent reviews about the global response to Covid-19. They include WHO work, and they note both the efforts of WHO as well as the early warnings that we gave.

“Frankly, WHO’s highest priority is to end the acute stage Covid-19 pandemic. We are supporting countries in implementing comprehensive, evidence-based solutions, which are based on consistent and equitable public health measures as well as the fair use of life-saving instruments such vaccines.

“In particular, our goal is to allow all countries to immunise health workers and older persons, in a world where only 10 countries have vaccinated 75% of the population.