NEWS: The Biden administration may force all US travelers to quarantine in the US for 7 days. This is to reduce spread of COVID micron variant. It could also fine people who ignore it.

  • Biden will be looking into whether it is possible to impose a seven-day quarantine on all Americans returning from the U.S.
  • Even if they have a negative Covid, travelers cannot avoid the quarantine and may be subject to a fine for violating it.
  • The federal fine would not be linked to any testing or quarantine measures that U.S. citizens have taken before.

The Biden administration is considering whether to force all travelers returning to the U.S. to quarantine for seven days to curb the spread of the potentially dangerous omicron variant – and may fine those who refuse, three federal health officials told the Washington Post.

Even if they pass the Covid test, travelers would be prohibited from avoiding the quarantine requirement. This comes as Biden is preparing his winter Covid strategy. He plans to make it public Thursday. It would mark the first time that federal fines have been linked to testing and quarantine measures for U.S. citizens. 

Biden’s tentative plan would also require everyone entering the country to be tested one day before boarding flights, regardless of their vaccination status or country from which they’re leaving. A third requirement would be for all travellers to undergo a second test within 3 to 5 days after their arrival.

Biden is considering whether to mandate a seven-day quarantine for all travelers returning to the U.S.

Biden contemplates whether to require a seven day quarantine for all U.S. travelers. 

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