A moment biker is almost killed when he fails to obey a stop sign and runs into a truck that’s about to hit him. The truck tipping over in China nearly crushes the man.

  • After he missed a red light, Mr Zheng, a motorcyclist also known as Zheng, died. 
  • He collided in China with a truck that had huge metal cylinders.
  • Police said that Mr Zheng was able to rub shoulders with the Grim Reaper after his ordeal 

The moment when a biker narrowly avoided death was after he skipped a red light. He also got hit by an approaching lorry, which nearly fell on him as it tipped.

The footage shows a motorcyclist, identified only as Mr Zheng and not wearing a helmet. He is seen being pushed to the asphalt by the truck’s wheels, narrowly avoiding getting run over, before being struck by the cargos of the truck.

The SUV in black was not lucky to be waiting for the lights. It suffered a heavy impact from the material, sending it several meters behind.

The Jiaxing Traffic Police, Zhejiang’s Chinese provincial of Zhejiang stated that Zheng had been seen with the Grim Reaper after the incident.

A motorcyclist in China almost came to a very violent end when he skipped a red light and hit a lorry

China’s motorcyclist almost met his doom when he failed to stop at a red light, and crashed into a truck.

The biker may have thought he was being clever by ignoring the traffic lights but instead caused chaos

While the biker thought he was smart by not looking at traffic lights, it actually created chaos.

He collided with the lorry, which swerved, causing rolls of metal to cascade from the side of he lorry

His collision with the truck caused rolls of steel to fall from his side.

The biker was lucky to avoid being hit by such large objects. Traffic police said they man had brushed shoulders with 'the Grim Reaper'

It was a lucky escape for the biker that he wasn’t struck by large items. According to traffic police, the man was known as ‘the Grimreaper’.

A car nearby was not so lucky and took the full force of the lorry's load on its bonnet and windscreen

Unluckily, a car near the truck was not as lucky. It took all the weight of the load onto its windscreen and bonnet.

They also added, “On the 28th of October at the intersection 320 National Highway Xingxing Road, in the district Nanhu (in Jiaxing), Mr Zhang was driving a lorry. The lights became amber. And Mr Zheng, a scooter-rider, turned left, and also violated traffic lights.

“In an effort to save Mr Zheng from being hit, Mr Zhang performed an emergency maneuver, which caused the steel wheels on the rear of the truck to collide with an SUV that was waiting for the lights.

The impact caused the airbag to expand in the SUV and resulted in a head injury for Yue, the driver.

Zheng managed to avoid being hit by a car and was left uninjured. He was devastated after the accident and cried.

Police also added investigation into the incident, but it remained closed.