Blackpool’s football star (24 years old) ‘grabbed an 18-year-old girl by her hair and said that he would raped her before she was able to bear him’

  • Blackpool striker Beryly “Bez” Lubala (24), is accused of raping his wife in their home
  • She is now 20 years old and says that she was invited to watch ‘Netflix and chill’ in September 2019.
  • According to her, she was instructed not to make noise and was raped at Horsham in West Sussex.
  • The allegations are denied by Mr. Lubala, and the Lewes Crown Court trial is ongoing

A Championship striker is accused of raping a teenager girl, after she invited her to watch ‘Netflix and chill’. This was according to today’s court.

Blackpool’s forward Beryly “Bez” Lubala (24), is accused of pulling the young girl by her hair and telling her to stop making any noise. This was before she was accused of the alleged rape that took place on September 13th 2019.

Now aged 20, the woman told police that she had made clear to him in multiple text messages, before she drove to Horsham, West Sussex, where he lives.

The woman admitted that they have slept together before and was happy to invite her to join her in watching television.

Today, during Mr Lubala’s trial at Lewes Crown Court, an audio recording of the woman sobbing was shown. She said to police that she had told him no but he continued. He became a completely different person.

It was impossible to hear what I needed and wanted. It felt just like being a stranger.

Blackpool forward Beryly 'Bez' Lubala, 24, is accused of grabbing the 18-year-old by the hair, telling her to stop making noise and 'be a good girl' before the alleged rape on September 13

Blackpool’s forward Beryly “Bez” Lubala (24), is accused of pulling the young girl by her hair and telling her to stop making any noise.

Following his September 2019 attack, Lubala began to attract attention from Premier League and Championship Scouts. He One year later, Blackpool joined the Championship team.

Court heard that the bisexual woman had slept with him twice prior to starting a relationship.

The first was at a Crawley hotel where he had just arrived. He was also in the house that he and other young players shared. However, she was unable to access her social media accounts because of the fact that she was currently dating the woman.

The player reached out to her by text message after the breakup.

After the jury heard that the player said he wanted Netflix and to chill, she consented to meet him again.

The jury was then shown emotional voice messages that the woman recorded while driving home.

The striker was attracting attention from Championship and Premier League scouts after joining Crawley Town from Birmingham City at the time of the alleged attack in September 2019. He joined Championship side Blackpool a year later

After moving to Crawley Town in September 2019, the striker attracted attention of Premier League and Championship scouts. A year later, he joined Championship side Blackpool.

Mr Lubala denies the woman's allegations as the trial continues at Lewes Crown Court (pictured)

As the Lewes Crown Court continues to hear the case against Mr. Lubala (pictured), Mr. Lubala denied the allegations of the woman.

Richard Hearnden, the prosecution’s chief of staff, told jurors that they can hear the woman uttering her feelings of ‘violation’ during recordings from her telephone call to police. She was also heard crying. 

She said, “I drove up to the house of my friend,” in the phone call. “We have been friends since ages. In the past, we have shared a bed together.

“We were just having fun and it happened. I did not want him to do that.” I said that I did not want him to. I am driving in darkness and can’t help but cry.

According to Mr Hearnden, the victim was not raped outside by strangers or street people or alleyways.

She was raped at her house by a friend.

“She was not in a relationship, but she had been with him before.

Beryly Luba denied that he raped the girl in Horsham. Lewes Crown Court is continuing the trial.