A ‘bloodthirsty’ squirrel who left residents in a small Welsh town terrorised and scrambling for tetanus jabs has been caught – after a 48-hour rampage injuring at least 18 people. 

Last week, the rogue rodent attacked pensioners, children, and pets at their Buckley gardens, Flintshire.

Dozens of locals have now been left with cuts to their hands after bites and scratches by the same grey squirrel, who was nicknamed ‘Stripe’ after the evil character from The Gremlins film.

Yesterday was the end of the squirrel’s terror reign. He was caught in Corrine Reynolds’ humane trap and taken to the RSPCA.

Reynolds befriended the squirrel, but was also bit on her hand. She decided to take action after reading numerous reports about squirrel attacks via social media.

Reynolds said, “I saw yesterday that in just 48 hours, he attacked 18 people.”

“He attacked people just for taking their recyclable bags to the trash can and caused them some serious injuries.”

A vicious grey squirrel (pictured) has been causing havoc for a residents of a small Welsh town - attacking 18 people. He has since been nicknamed 'Stripe' after the villain of the film 'Gremlins'.

The grey squirrel, pictured (pictured), has caused havoc in a Welsh village by attacking 18 residents. Since then, he’s been called “Stripe” after the antagonist of the film “Gremlins”.

Granite technician, Scott Felton, 34, was unaware of the creature causing chaos in his town until he was bitten on Boxing Day (pictured)

Scott Felton (34) a granite technician, wasn’t aware that the creature was making havoc in his hometown until he got bitten on Boxing Day. (pictured).

'After arriving at the hospital, I had to have a tetanus jab because the squirrel broke my skin,' said Mr Felton

“The squirrel bit my skin so I was forced to get a tetanus jab after arriving at the hospital,” Mr Felton stated.

Since summer, the gran-of-9 has fed and cared for the animal. It makes regular visits to her garden where it seeks shelter and food.

She said, “He is not friendly-natured squirrel and I am afraid.” He is an erratic squirrel and it’s starting to make me wonder if something has gone wrong inside him like a tumour.

“The speed is terrifying, he sprints from my garden shed roof to me, but when it’s everyone else, it bites them.

“It’s even attacked an elderly man in the vicinity. One time it chased down a boy and left a father with a cut to his head. 

“Because it’s a grey squirrel you cannot release it. There are guidelines for this. The red squirrel is different.  

Many others took to social networking to post their stories on a Buckley page for the local community. One user revealed her cats were attacked.

Corinne Reynolds, 65, pictured with the squirrel before it began terrorising residents of Buckley

Corinne Reynolds, 65 years old, is pictured here with the squirrel, before it started terrorizing residents in Buckley

She wrote, “Warning: Violent squirrel has attacked, has bit me, and my friend Kev, when he visited my home, as well as multiple others.

“I am afraid that it will need to be shot and, as an animal advocate, I would not normally use this statement. But it has also attacked my Bengals, who are fearless, and the Bengal cats of my neighbor… Not fun.  

Grey squirrels were introduced from North America to Britain in 1876. Now, the Wildlife Life Trust has estimated that 2.5 million grey squirrels are in Britain. 

Scott Felton (34), a Granite technician was not aware of the creature that was creating havoc in his community until he was bit on Boxing Day.

He stated that he was smoking outside at his backdoor at the time. The squirrel jumped onto my back and I crouched down.

“It just leapt onto my arm, grabbed my hand and bit me before I could even get it off. It happened so quickly.

“My partner told me to go to hospital and I did. I was persuaded.

“After I arrived at the hospital, the squirrel had broken my skin so I needed a tetanus jab.

Caged up! The squirrel was finally caught in a human trap by Mrs Reynolds, who has handed the animal over to the RSPCA

Captured! Mrs Reynolds caught the squirrel and placed it in a trap. She has now handed him over to RSPCA

“I’m aware of another person who also had to get a Tetanus jab, because the bleeding wouldn’t stop.” 

The RSPCA has collected the squirrel, which was nicknamed Stripe by locals in honor of the villainous character in The Gremlins movie.

Mrs Reynolds stated that Buckley residents were now able to breathe a sigh, knowing they are safe.

Her comments were: “The handover of the squirrel was terrifying. It was impossible to risk the squirrel escaping outside so I transferred it from my cage to the RSPCA.

“It was funny. We were kneeling in the toilet trying to perform the handover. That was 15 minutes that were the most difficult of my entire life. 

“He did not say what they were going to do with the information – whether they will investigate it or just put it to bed. 

“It’s been quite frightening for the area.

“The sheer number of messages that I’ve received from people asking for help is amazing. They are very grateful to me for capturing it. This has brought about a lot of good.