Be aware of the distance! After a landslip, BMX and skateboard riders should avoid the road that’s the most dangerous in Britain.

  • Major structural damage has occurred at the B4069 in Lyneham Wiltshere
  • After a landslide, the roadway was shifted and now has its tarmac split. 
  • BMX devotees have long used uneven roads to do stunts

The ‘Britain’s Most Dangerous Road’ has been recommended to avoid sight-seekers and skateboarders. Although it looks as though it’s been struck by an earthquake, it’s still moving.

Section of B4069, near Lyneham (Wiltshire), has suffered such severe damage that the tarmac is either completely gone or at a 45-degree angle.

The road was closed on February 17, but locals used the area as a skatepark despite all its dangers. They also posted videos there to social media.

BMX aficionados have been heading to a stretch of roadway in Lyneham, Wiltshire which has been destroyed by a landslide

BMX riders were headed to Lyneham, Wiltshire for a stretch that has been destroyed by a landslide.

The local council has warned people to stay away from the area due to the danger posed

Due to the potential danger, the local council advised residents to avoid the area.

Officials warned that the roadway is still moving and could result in injury

Officials advised that there could be injury if the roadway was still being moved. 

Unexplained underground movements are believed to be responsible for the earthquake-like effects.

Residents claim that subsidence has been increasing over the last 12 months and that a landslip is inevitable.

Wiltshire Council says they cannot bring heavy machinery on the site because it would be too hazardous.

Wiltshire Council cabinet member Mark McClelland stated that “the B4069 at Lyneham banks is extremely hazardous, and people shouldn’t attempt to access it either by vehicle or foot.”

“The ground is still shifting, so anyone walking to the site could trip over the uneven terrain or become caught in an even more severe landslide.

“Anyone accessing the site in violation of traffic orders could also be charged.” 

Officials have warned that anyone ignoring the traffic order could face prosecution

Officials warn that those who disregard the traffic orders could face criminal prosecution 

Local residents claim the subsidence has been getting worse over the last year and a landslip was inevitable

Residents claim that the subsidence has been increasing over the past year. A landslip is inevitable.

As well as people on BMX bicycles, other people were seen using skateboards

Skateboarders are not only popular among BMX riders, but also other users of the boards.