After Boris Johnson stated that the rollout could be faster, the NHS will now open five days earlier its vaccine booking system and offer ‘booster buses to Christmas shoppers.

Forty-year-olds over 40 can book their booster today if they had their third dose within three months.

To protect Britain from Omicron, Ministers committed to offering a booster vaccination to all people by January.

Last week, their vaccine advisors recommended that the move be made and suggested that the time between doses should be reduced from six to three months. According to health officials, they had stated their intention of implementing the policy this Monday.

However, the National Booking System has been upgraded to permit eligible persons over 40 years old or from high-risk areas in England to make reservations starting today.

The ability to reserve a month ahead of time, and two months following their second dose will allow people to do so.

Boris Johnson last week said vaccination centres will be 'popping up like Christmas trees'

 Boris Johnson last week said vaccination centres will be ‘popping up like Christmas trees’

Officials will invite younger people to reserve their booster in coming weeks as they increase the eligibility for five-year-old age groups.

Last week, Johnson said that vaccination centers would be “popping up like Christmas trees” and Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, promised to make the booster program ‘on steroids. This weekend, however, there were fewer booster jabs in England than when they had made that promise.

On Sunday, 221,674 was given. This is a decrease from the 223,189 received last week. Also, the Saturday donation of 412 755 was lower than the 419 657 received the previous week. Yesterday, Mr Johnson stated that the booster program is one of Europe’s fastest. He also said that he believes we have performed more boosters than any other comparable country. It could go even faster, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. People should know that the best time is now to obtain it.

Under plans to speed up the program, Covid will be sent to retailers by Covid “booster buses” to give jabs for Christmas shoppers. The mobile clinics, which are staffed by health officials, will allow them to reach their goal of vaccinations reaching 3.5 million per week.

Health chiefs hope the mobile vaccine clinics will help them hit their target of vaccinating 3.5million a week

The mobile vaccination clinics are hoped to help health chiefs reach their aim of immunizing 3.5million people per week.

The Health Service will help you get your jab at pharmacies or churches.

According to a health source, “We understand that people have a busy Christmas season but we believe it’s vital that they receive their booster vaccine as soon possible.” There will be vaccines available in thousands of places. We want it to be as simple to obtain a vaccination as buying a Christmas turkey or gift.

A recruitment drive is being launched by the NHS to recruit paid staff as well as volunteers for its vaccination program.

There are approximately 10,000 roles available, which include vaccinators, administrative staff, and support workers in healthcare.

To increase the number of volunteers, the NHS works with St John and the Royal Voluntary Service.

The NHS is also working with the Royal Voluntary Service and St John, to drum up the support of more than 42,000 volunteers

To increase the number of volunteers who support the NHS, the NHS works with St John and the Royal Voluntary Service.

Today is one year ago that Margaret Keenan was the first person to get a Covid jab in a global mass vaccination program. The Prince of Wales, Duchess Cornwall and Margaret Keenan will mark this milestone with a strong plea for nation-building.

Charles and Camilla will both confirm that they were given the third jab and ask others to follow their lead. They urge the unvaccinated people to look at evidence from intensive care wards, and to listen to the doctors who are there.

The couple will release a statement highlighting the remarkable success of Covid’s vaccination program, starting with the scientists behind it to the NHS that delivered it to them and ending with the thousands of volunteers who helped staff the centres.

You will hear them say, “It is an incredible tribute to everyone’s remarkable ingenuity, determination, and creativity that more than 100million Covid-19 vaccines have been distributed one year later.”

Today marks a year since Margaret Keenan (pictured) became the first person in the world to receive a Covid jab as part of a mass vaccination programme

Today is the one-year anniversary of Margaret Keenan’s (pictured) first ever Covid jab in a global mass vaccination program.

“We are grateful to everyone who has contributed in any way, be it volunteers or scientists from the NHS.

Charles and Camilla will also send a special message of encouragement to the six million UK citizens who are not vaccinated.

‘And to all those who have not yet had the vaccine – or are hesitating before getting a booster – we can only urge you to look at the evidence in our intensive care wards and listen to those who work there,’ they will say.

“People who don’t have two vaccinations are at least ten percent more likely to become hospitalized or even die.” This is why, we encourage everyone to get vaccinated. We also recommend the booster.