Boris Johnson was pictured with Carrie Johnson in Downing Street at a table full of wine and cheese, when lockdown meant that only two people could socialise outdoors. 

The Prime Minister and his wife are seen sitting at a table with two people while another 13 were seen with bottles of alcohol nearby at a table and on the lawn on Friday 13 May 2020. 

The Guardian has obtained a picture that raises questions about Downing Street’s claim of a “work meeting” at the same time as a social event that included wine, spirits and pizza both inside and out. 

Last May, two persons from two different homes were restricted from meeting outside the UK. 

Last week, No10 denied that there had been a social event. Instead, a spokesperson stated that Downing Street employees were in the garden during the afternoon and evening. 

However, the photo shows Boris Johnson (left) and Carrie Johnson (right), with alcohol and wine on their plates. 

Angela Rayner was the Labour deputy leader and stated to the paper that the photograph was “a slap in front of the British public”. 

Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie have been pictured in the Downing Street garden at a table of cheese and wine with up to 17 people nearby during lockdown when only two people were allowed to socialise outside. Pictured: The PM and Carrie in October

Boris Johnson (with his wife Carrie) were photographed at the Downing Street Garden table with 17 others during lockdown, when two persons could socialise outdoors. Pictured in October: Carrie and the PM 

Rayner also added: ‘The prime minister shows us that he does not care for the rules he makes for everyone else. All allegations of drinking and partying into the night [at No 10]When most of us had just begun to take one day off.

The latest incident in the ‘partygate” row is about celebrations at No 10; Downing Street has been accused of having held four parties which broke Covid regulations last year. 

Johnson ordered a civil inquiry, but Johnson fired the civil servant who was to be his leader. He was made aware that there was an in-house quiz and he spoke at it.      

The Prime Minister suffered another hammer blow yesterday after his ally Lord Frost dramatically quit as Brexit Minister slating Covid curbs and high taxes. 

Lord Frost, up to now a close ally of Mr Johnson, walked out with a parting shot at the ‘direction of travel’ and saying he had hoped the end of lockdown would be ‘irreversible’.

Cabinet Minister Lord Frost has dramatically resigned from Boris Johnson's Government

Boris Johnson’s Cabinet Minister Lord Frost has abruptly resigned.

The new photo shows Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson sitting together at a table with wine and cheese, with what appears to be two people. This is believed to have been an assistant and civil servant. 

Matt Hancock (then Health Secretary) held a press conference on the same day urging British citizens to stick with the Covid rules, and not socialize outside. 

People were permitted to go back to work after the meeting, but guidance advised that two-metre social distances be maintained at all times. Only necessary attendees should attend meetings.

The accusation comes at a time when Downing Street was accused of having held four parties under lockdown.ncluding a quiz attended by dozens of staff and which the Prime Minister helped to host on December 15 – three days before another Christmas party which is being investigated. 

Prior to this, No10 stated that Downing Street had ‘often been required to be at the office to coordinate the pandemic response’ during lockdowns. Accordingly to No10, those who attended the office in order to do work may have attended the meeting from their desks.

Mirror stated that the message received by No10’s HR head on the night of quiz asked for those who had not yet taken part to “go out the back” when they went. 

Johnson stated that an inquiry would be conducted to examine the claims. After it was revealed that Simon Case, Cabinet Secretary to the President of the Inquiry into several alleged gatherings was unable to lead the investigation due Friday’s conclusion of an inquiry.

MailOnline has learned that there was one event on December 17, last year. An email titled “Christmas Quiz” was sent to approximately 15 individuals in Mr Case’s Private Office. 

Prime Minster Boris Johnson speaks with members of the Metropolitan Police in their break room, as he makes a constituency visit to Uxbridge police station on December 17, 2021

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain speaks to members the Metropolitan Police during a break-room visit at Uxbridge’s police station on December 17th 2021

Whitehall heavyweight Sue Gray is now in place. She will be conducting inquiries into three possible gatherings at Downing Street, the Department for Education and in December of last year when indoor mixing was prohibited.

According to the terms of Mr Case’s then-current investigation, it was possible for it to be extended to cover any pertinent allegations. 

Gavin Barwell, ex-chief of staff at No 10, said that he couldn’t imagine a more qualified person for the review than Sue Gray.

Meanwhile, Chris Bryant, chair of the Committee on Standards, said it appeared that no-one knew what was going on in Downing Street.

According to the Labour MP, the Whitehall situation was “farcical” and that it felt like Downing Street had gone into disarray. No one seems to understand what is going on. 

Angela Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader, said that Ms Gray has now been given the responsibility of rebuilding public trust. 

Ms Gray, who is second permanent secretary at the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, was once described by BBC Newsnight’s then policy editor as ‘the most powerful person you’ve never heard of’.

Richard Holden from Tory described Holden as being ‘formidable’ in a Friday interview. He also said that she was not a pushover.

In 2012, she was in charge of the Plebgate investigation after Andrew Mitchell, former chief whip was accused calling a Downing Street officer a ‘pleb.’ Paul Flynn described Mitchell in the same meeting as being a deputy God. 

In a statement, a spokesperson for Downing Street said that the Cabinet Secretary had withdrawn from the investigation to maintain public trust.

Sue Gray, second permanent Secretary at the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, is expected to conclude the work.

“She will gather the facts, and then present the findings to the Prime Minster.” 

Sources claimed that the alcohol was consumed at desks where six or more people were present. Others participated virtually. However, there wasn’t any catering. 

Whitehall heavy hitter Sue Gray (pictured above) has been installed in Simon Case's place to carry out inquiries into three alleged gatherings at Downing Street and the Department for Education in November and December last year, when indoor mixing was banned

 Whitehall heavy hitter Sue Gray (pictured above) has been installed in Simon Case’s place to carry out inquiries into three alleged gatherings at Downing Street and the Department for Education in November and December last year, when indoor mixing was banned

The Cabinet Secretary quit his role leading the inquiry into the alleged gatherings on Friday, after it emerged a quiz was held in his own department that he was aware of and spoke at

After it was revealed that the quiz in which he participated was being held within his department, the Cabinet Secretary gave up his leadership role.

MailOnline understands that one event was held on December 17 last year, with an email sent out to around 15 people in Mr Case's Private Office titled 'Christmas Quiz' (file photo)

MailOnline has learned that there was one event on December 17, last year. An email titled “Christmas Quiz” was sent to approximately 15 people at Mr Case’s Private Office. (file photo).

Lord Barwell said to BBC Radio 4 Today, “I cannot think of any better person than Sue Gray to take over this review.”

She was the head of property and ethics for government during my time as chief of staff. She was able to handle many investigations with independence and determination.

“So, for your listeners that don’t already know the name of this individual, I will just tell you that she’s exactly what we need and that it is the kind of person we should be looking out for. 

Bryant said that he was also impressed by Sue Gray who was leading the investigation when he first met her.

He asked her to give any evidence that she had of lawbreaking to the police.

He stated that if the rules were not followed, they would have been in violation by any other profession. I am also puzzled as to why this isn’t being investigated.

He added: “In the end the final analysis must be done (by) a completely independent person. That should be police, I believe.

And Ms Rayner said: ‘At the moment, people are saying ‘which department didn’t have a party?”

She said, “It’s extremely disappointing because we all understand what was going on when these parties were happening, people couldn’t see their loved one who was dying, and they were making unbelievable sacrifices.

“So, I believe that an investigation must be done to find the truth. But I feel that evidence is already showing that Boris Johnson set the tone for the government and allowed it to take place under his supervision.

She suggested that Ms. Gray hand any evidence of law-breaking she discovers to the police.  

Prior to being appointed director-general for propriety, ethics and integrity in the Cabinet Office in 2012-2018, Ms Gray is regarded as someone who will not back down from an inquiry. 

Ms Gray, who is second permanent secretary at the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, was once described by BBC Newsnight's then policy editor as 'the most powerful person you've never heard of'

Ms. Gray, the second permanent secretary of the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, is once described as ‘the most powerful individual you’ve ever heard’ by BBC Newsnight’s former policy editor.

Simon Case is being replaced? From the ‘Plebgate’ storm, the ethics chief 

Sue Gray has been called the most powerful civil servant that you have ever seen.

Her former position as the director-general of ethics and propriety in Cabinet Office was an enormously powerful job. This gave her a formidable reputation with ministers and other officials.

For the Prime Minister and Cabinet Secretary, she dealt with allegations against ministers.

Andrew Mitchell was forced to resign after her inquiry into Plebgate.

After discovering that Damian Green had been lying about the pornography he found on his Commons laptop, she forced him to resign.

She was the Permanent Secretary of Finance for the Northern Ireland Executive from 2018-2021.

In January, she returned to London as the Union’s Director.

Oliver Letwin, a former Tory MP and Cabinet Office minister is said to have stated that Ms Gray was unable to recognize who is running Britain. Sue Gray (head of ethics, or some other function in Cabinet Office) is responsible for the entire governance of the United Kingdom. Things don’t go according to plan unless she’s willing to agree.

Additionally, she is part of the Ofcom panel that decides who the next chair will be.

Ian Blackford from the SNP, Westminster leader said however that “having somebody else in the Civil Service marking them own isn’t enough”.

Blackford stated to BBC Newsnight that the inquiry should be led by someone with authority beyond the Civil Service, and not just from the Government. It would be best to have a judge-led probe.

After Guido Fawkes’ Friday report that Mr Case had hosted two Christmas parties in his Cabinet Office department in December 2020 when there were restrictions, Ms Gray was hired.

Even though Mr. Case didn’t take part, he was aware of their activities outside his office and stopped at one point to thank them for their hardwork as he moved from meeting to another.  

Last December, a second party featured drinks for Mr Case’s employees before the guests continued their celebration elsewhere. The Cabinet Office however denies the event.

The allegations surfaced as Tory chairman Oliver Dowden insisted that Mr Case’s inquiry will ‘vindicate’ Mr Johnson’s position that no rules had been broken.

He is investigating the alleged No10 Christmas party, which will be held on December 18th. 

Boris Johnson instructed Mr Case to investigate the shocking footage of Allegra Stratton, his former press secretary and No10 aide, laughing at a Downing Street ‘party.’

Although the findings from Mr Case’s investigation were anticipated by today, they were pushed back. 

It was the scandal that led to the Tories’ devastating loss at the North Shropshire election. 

He spoke with reporters today during a Uxbridge visit. Mr Johnson stated that people are more interested than ever in matters like coronavirus and said the media’s coverage of lockdown-busting parties was what had led to the Tories losing the North Shropshire election.

Broadcasters were told by him that he believed the broadcasting media was hearing ‘just a constant list of stuff about politicians and politics, and nothing about them’.

Ian Blackford from Scottish National Party was the Westminster leader and called on Mr Case to be expelled from the probe as well as to resign.  

By far the most damaging has been reports that a party was held at Downing Street during a 2020 Christmas lockdown when such festivities were banned, with a video emerging this week which showed staff laughing and joking about it.

The most serious reports have been that Downing Street hosted a party during the 2020 Christmas lockdown. This was when festive festivities are banned. A video of this event emerged this week, showing staff laughing and having a good time.

It prompted the tearful resignation of the PM's former press secretary, Allegra Stratton

Allegra Stratton, the former Press Secretary to the Prime Minister, resigned in tears.

What number of parties did the government hold last year? When was it done? 


Dom’s Gone Bash, November 13: Dominic Cummings asserts that the PM had a meeting at his grace-and favour apartment on November 13, 2013, the day after the adviser was removed from Downing Street. Cummings claimed that there have been other flat parties.    

The Last Day – November 27: The Prime Minister reportedly gave a speech at a packed Number 10 leaving do for a ‘senior aide’. According to sources, there were reportedly 40-50 people present.

Christmas Party – December 18, 2008 Downing Street staff are reported to have hosted a Christmas party. Reports claim that many people were there in festive jumpers, exchanging Secret Santa gifts, and some even wore Christmas sweaters. London had been put into Tier 3 restriction on 16 December. These restrictions, which prohibited people living in different houses from mixing inside each other’s homes, were the strongest level of restraints on freedoms. Boris Johnson was not present at the event, according to Downing Street.  

Quiz night – DecemberSources tell BBC that the BBC was told by sources that there was a Christmas quiz for staff number 10. All were invited and encouraged to join teams. According to one source, some of the participants were able to attend via Zoom. However others attended in person. They sat together in six-person groups. Downing Street insisted that the quiz was virtual. 


December 10, 2009 Gavin Williamson (then education secretary) hosted a Department for Education party for “up to 24 persons” on December 10. It included food, drink and entertainment in the canteen of the department. The department has admitted the event happened.  

December 14,A total of 25 people were present in the basement at the Matthew Parker St offices of the Conservative party in Westminster. The Times last night reported that Conservative campaign staff hosted an event for Shaun Bailey (the party’s failed candidate for Mayor of London)  

Mr Blackford said: ‘The Prime Minister’s appointed lead investigator into the Downing Street parties has also been reported to have hosted a party in his office – whilst thousands were forced to spend the Christmas season apart as a result of necessary coronavirus restrictions. Together with the inquiry report must be removed.

He said it was ‘vital there be an inquiry led by an independent arbitrator – someone who owes the UK government nothing’, and in a letter to the PM suggested it should be judge-led. 

Ms Rayner also said: ‘Boris Johnson as Prime Minister has set the tone for the civil service and the rest of government.

“With every new revelation, we see more evidence of a culture that turns a blindeye to the rules.

Labour made clear that when the investigation began, the person responsible should not be compromised and should have the ability to render a fair and impartial judgment. This is now in question due to new revelations.

Today’s BBC Radio 4 interview with Mr Dowden: “I can understand and appreciate the impression that, particularly in the context of the media coverage, there was an expectation that we were not following the rules.

“I must tell you, there’s an ongoing investigation by the Cabinet Secretary. I am confident that this inquiry will support the assertion of the Prime Minister that all that occurred was in accordance with the rules.

“But I don’t mind the noise, and that it was concerning to voters.  

After it emerged that Johnson, who was acting as an impromptu question master on Downing Street under Tier 2 restrictions in 2013, was being accused of violating rules set by his government, Mr Johnson was charged with breaking them. 

Johnson, in an image published by the Sunday Mirror is shown in front a No. Closely surrounded by his two coworkers, Johnson is seen in front of a laptop at the No. 10 library, with one covered in tinsel and the other sporting a Christmas cap.

According to some sources, the quiz was held on December 15th, just three days before Downing Street. 

The Times cited government sources as saying that Cabinet Secretary “would examine credible allegations from other gatherings, and it is difficult to really claim that a picture of the prime minister does not constitute a credible allegation.”

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi defended the Prime Minister after it emerged Mr Johnson personally hosted a Christmas quiz in Downing Street last year. 

Zahawi stated that Johnson was not in violation of coronavirus rules for taking part.  

Downing Street claims the quiz was “virtual”, but there are reports that staff were sitting in Number 10 with computers as they discussed questions and consumed alcohol. 

London, Tier 2 at the time, prohibited mixing households inside except for support bubbles and six outsiders.

The Sunday Mirror reported Mr Johnson surprised staff by turning up on screen as quiz master for one round lasting between 10 and 15 minutes. 

A Number 10 spokeswoman said: ‘This was a virtual quiz.

While ‘Downing Street employees were required to travel to the office often to help with pandemic responses, those working in office may have been able to do so from home.

“The Prime Minister took part briefly in an online quiz to express gratitude for the hard work of staff throughout the year.  

Staff reportedly held a Christmas bash in Number 10 on December 18, with a leaked video – filmed four days after the alleged gathering – showing senior Downing Street aides joking about a ‘fictional’ party.

A second reported Downing Street event – an aide’s leaving do which is said to have taken place on November 27 – was allegedly attended by the Prime Minister, who The Mirror said made a speech.

He is currently investigating the two alleged incidents, as well as the festive celebration that was held at Department for Education. Officials admit they did happen and express regret.

Since then, the Department for Work and Pensions has confirmed that Therese Coffeey’s staff drank alcohol and ate take-out on a variety of occasions during coronavirus restrictions.

The Sunday Mirror reports that politicians and their officials drank until the wee hours of the morning and then ordered food from the Whitehall Office of the Work and Pension Secretary.

Although the DWP confirmed that alcohol was sometimes consumed outside of Cabinet minister’s Whitehall Office, it stressed that this occurred while normal work hours were being maintained.

Sources claim that the offices are separated from the rest of the world and have a ‘no party atmosphere’.