Boris Johnson could bring in an ally of election guru Lynton Crosby to shore up his flailing No10 operation, it was revealed today.

With more than 70 Tory MPs calling for rebellion against Plan B curbs tomorrow in a crunch election, the PM faces a hell week.

There is also speculation that half-a dozen ministerial aides may be considering quitting rather than supporting the restrictions.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid risked inflaming the situation further this warning by warning in a round of interviews that the government might have to go even further, refusing to rule out closing schools again.

Senior Tories remain increasingly worried about their chances of holding North Shropshire’s by-election next Thursday. Owen Paterson was the incumbent until his resignation over a lobbying scandal. 

Given the Conservatives’ slide in the polls and the continuing chaos surrounding sleaze, Johnson feels more pressure than ever to get control of Downing Street.

According to reports, the premier has been in discussions with David Canzini (director at Sir Lynton’s CTF Partners) to become his No10 enforcer. 

According to The Telegraph, he hopes to get Mr Canzini into place by Wednesday for an explosive meeting with top right-ring Tories.  

As many as 70 Tory backbenchers are poised to oppose the Plan B measures to counter the threat of the Omicron variant – the biggest rebellion of Mr Johnson's premiership

As many as 70 Tory backbenchers are poised to oppose the Plan B measures to counter the threat of the Omicron variant – the biggest rebellion of Mr Johnson’s premiership

Commuters at King's Cross station in London this morning, as work from home guidance came into effect

Commuters in London’s King’s Cross Station were able to use the new work-from-home guidance this morning.

Rebel ringleader Steve Baker

Conservative party MP Danny Kruger - PPS to Michael Gove - is believed to be part of a WhatsApp group of rebel PPS discussing how to vote on new restrictions

Steve Baker, a Tory leader on Covid rules is left. Conservative party MP Danny Kruger (right), who is PPS to Michael Gove, is thought to have been part of a WhatsApp WhatsApp group consisting of ministerial assistants. They discussed how to vote for new restrictions.

The UK Covid alert level was raised from level 3 to level 4 after the UK reported another 1,239 confirmed cases of the Omicron variant

Following the UK’s confirmation of 1,239 more Omicron-related cases in the UK, the UK Covid Alert level was elevated to 4 from 3 


Tory MP Angela Richardson is also thought to be among the group of rebel PPS

Joy Morrissey, PPS to the deputy prime minister, joined the group of PPS who may rebel

Angela Richardson (left), Tory MP, and Joy Morrissey(right) were also believed to be in the group of rebel ministerial assistants. 

Health Secretary Sajid Javid risked inflaming the situation further this warning by warning in a round of interviews that the government might have to go even further, refusing to rule out closing schools again

Sajid Javid the Health Secretary risked exacerbating matters by threatening to do more interviews, warning the public that they might need to be even more aggressive in refusing to shut down schools.

Who are the rebel PPS WhatsApp members? 

  • James Sunderland, (PPS-to Defence secretary Ben Wallace).
  • Danny Kruger, PPS to Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove
  • Angela Richardson (PPS Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove).
  • Joy Morrissey, PPs to Justice secretary Dominic Raab
  • Mike Wood (PPS to Dominic Raab, Deputy Prime Minister)
  • Claire Coutinho (PPS-Chancellor Rishi Sonak).
  • Gareth Bacon (PPS-to Work and Pensions secretary ThereseCoffey).
  • Jonathan Gullis (PPS-North Ireland secretary Brandon Lewis).
  • Gagan Mohindra (PPS to Home Secretary Priti Patel)
  • Katharine Fletcher, PPS to Cop26 Minister Alok Sharma 

Tomorrow’s Commons Showdown looks like it will be one of the most important events in Mr Johnson’s premiership. 

For large venues, proof of vaccinations or negative tests will be required. Work from home guidance has been returned.

The measures will be passed by the PM with Labour’s backing, which should prevent an embarrassing defeat. But the extent of rebellion against the Prime Minister could cause serious damage to his position that is already being seriously questioned.

Despite the rising tensions with lockdown sceptics on the Tory benches, Mr Javid said today that he could not guarantee schools would not close again.

When asked by LBC if this was still possible, Javid replied: “Well, that and any other of these types of measures is not something I want to see.” I will just focus on what else needs to be done, including the booster programme.

He added: ‘I’d say this… if you are asking me for guarantees, I will just say – as the Health Secretary, of course, I’m not the Education Secretary – as the Health Secretary, that there are, when it comes to our fight against this pandemic, there are no guarantees.

“But, what we know is that it works in this instance, is a booster shot for the vaccine.”

A number of Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS), the lowest ranking on the government ladder, is thought to be thinking about resigning.

In order to help with the vote, around 10 individuals have formed a WhatsApp group.

These include Angela Richardson and Danny Kruger, two of Michael Gove’s ministerial aides. Joy Morrissey (Ministerial Assistant to Dominic Raab) and Mike Wood are two of the three ministerial advisers.

Fearful that the PM will impose more restrictions before Christmas, many MPs have begun to worry. However, officials are currently preparing a Plan C, which would allow for the return to “checking in” to pubs and restaurants, the use of masks indoors, as well as the requirement to present a vaccination status at additional venues. 

Tory former leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith said last night he believed Plan B was a ‘stepping stone’ into another lockdown – and accused ministers of moving ‘without the facts’ on Omicron.

The proposals were labelled ‘unnecessary and damaging’ by him. He added that further restrictions would only amplify these effects and described it as ‘feeling like’ a lockdown-by-stealth.

Conservative Peter Bone stated to the Daily Mail that vaccine passports are merely an identity card and don’t work.

“Testing” is the best way to prevent people from spreading Covid.

‘The problem is we are halfway between two things: the Government has done a bit by what they call Plan B – but in a way Plan B is a stepping stone to a lockdown. It is impossible to lock down again. He said that schools cannot be closed again.

Henry Smith, backbencher, stated that Plan B would be a “danger to civil liberties” and could’severely affect’ the economic recovery prospects. He added: ‘I think it is yet further distraction from other health conditions which require attention – such as the cancer backlog – and I don’t actually think (the restrictions) work.’

He called the proposed restrictions ‘unnecessary’ and ‘damaging’. Further restrictions will ‘only amplify those effects’.

Conservative Peter Bone stated to the Daily Mail that vaccine passports are merely an identity card and don’t work.

“Testing” is the best way to prevent people from spreading Covid.

Below is a map showing the 10 areas with the highest number of Omicron cases and suspicions in England. It was created by the UK Health Security Agency. Although West Northamptonshire, the nation’s most active area for this mutant strain is in London, eight of the ten other areas are located in the county.

The restrictions will see proof of vaccination or a negative test become mandatory for large venues this week, and today the return of work from home guidance (pictured)

These restrictions will make it mandatory to show proof of vaccination, or have a negative result for large venues. Today’s guidance on returning work from home (pictured) is also required.

How do the Covid rules work in England?


Return to work from home guidance. If they’re able, people will be instructed to work remotely in England starting Monday.

Mask for the face

Starting Friday, all public indoor venues will require facemasks. In bars, restaurants, and gyms they will not be needed.

Vaccine passports 

Access to clubs and large gathering places will require the NHS Covid Pass. 

All unseated indoor venues that have more than 500 guests, all outdoor unseated venues with over 4,000 attendees and venues that hold more than 10,000 persons will be subject to this rule.  

To allow businesses to plan, this requirement will be implemented in a week. 

Get in touch 

Omicron case contacts will be asked to submit daily coronavirus test results, rather than self-isolating. If they are positive, they will be quarantined. 

Andrew Bridgen, Tory backbencher, blasted Plan B as “an overreaction that is not supported science-based data”.

“I am not going to vote for Plan B. I did not even vote for Plan A. I will certainly not support any more restrictions on British citizens. I would prefer a moderate variant that has a low rate of hospitalization.

Steve Baker, rebel leader and ringleader of the rebellion, accused the Government creating a miserable dystopia’ and suggested that his party was drifting towards authoritarianism.

Although he stated that at least 60 Tories would vote against Plan B, it was already a foregone conclusion. This is because the useless opposition will not stop supporting the government regardless of how authoritarian they may be.

Sky News’s He said that the disease would be around forever. There will be new versions, and the vaccine will continue to provide high levels of protection against severe illness and death. We just need to move on with our lives.

“We have to prove that there is a movement to support that mindset because the Conservative Party will drift further into authoritarianism if it doesn’t. I cannot sit by and watch that happen.”

The Tory whips today will attempt to stop the revolt and engaged in an’massive fight round’ this weekend.

However, Plan B will be law despite the revolt’s scale as Labour supports the measure tomorrow.

Sir Keir Starmer said the party will vote with the Government – not to support the Prime Minister but the NHS.

Nadhim Zahawi, Education Secretary, insisted that yesterday’s Government did not introduce a “vaccine passport”.

According to him, this isn’t a vaccination passport. We ask that people attend these high-risk events and either take a free test for lateral flow or get vaccinated.

Johnson was also advised of the negative impact restrictions on hospitality. Clive Watson, chairman of the City Pub Group which operates almost 50 pubs in London and the South East, said: ‘Revenue could take a hit of around 30 per cent – it would be hugely damaging and without government support many businesses will be tipped over the edge.’

The Friday requirement to wear masks in theatres, cinemas, or places of worship was made. Work from home guidance has returned. 

For large venues, you will need to prove your vaccination status or have a negative result.

Officials are already drawing up a Plan C which would see the return of 'checking in' to a pub or restaurant, using masks in all indoor spaces and having to show a vaccine status at even more venues

Already, officials are working on a Plan C that would allow for the return to “checking in” to pubs or restaurants. This would include using masks indoors and requiring a vaccination status to enter more places.