Boris Johnson, facing 70 Tory rebels over his use of ‘Nazi style’ to win crunch votes. Furious MPs labeled them as a softening exercise’ that would lead to harsher lockdown.

Numerous Conservatives pledge to resist the government whip when new regulations, rubber stamping Covid passes in nightclubs and major events as well as mandatory vaccinations for staff and the use of masks, come before the Commons. 

Dominic Raab jumped at the chance to inflame tensions this morning by dismissing criticisms of the Omicron-fighting measures. Marcus Fysh, backbencher for Dominic Raab, compared Covid passes with the oppressive Hitler system to be ‘crass’.

The scale of rebellion means that the PM, who is currently in crisis, will have to depend on Labour for the passage of these measures – even though he has an 80-strong Commons majority. Numerous ministerial assistants have threatened to quit and not support the government.

The Tories are also preparing for a bigger fight amid allegations ministers will shut down hospitality in the next few weeks should Omicron continue to thrive.  

Whitehall officials have created proposals that would limit how many people can be allowed into pubs and restaurants in a matter of weeks according to The Sun. If more restrictive restrictions become necessary, there are contingency plans that can bring back furlough or support businesses. 

The Tory rebels’ main concern today is the Covid passes. Their anger at their ‘illogicality’ and infringement on civil liberties are what drives them. Sajid javid yesterday said that future booster jabs are required to ensure the pass’s success. 

A broad coalition opposes mandatory vaccinations for NHS staff and care workers, as well as unhappiness about the impact on the economy of working from home advice being reinstated in town and city centres at crucial times of the year. If people return to their workplaces again, it will be a sign of discontent. 

The Plan B plans aren’t at risk of failure because Sir Keir starmer ordered Labour MPs not to oppose them.

However, the Commons rebellion could see Mr Johnson’s majority vanish and surpass his largest revolt to date. It would be the biggest since the December election in which 54 Tories voted for the tier system. It could prove to be more powerful than the revolt of 80 people that drove David Cameron from promising the EU referendum.   

Boris Johnson is facing a 70-strong Tory revolt over his 'Nazi-style' in crunch votes today as furious MPs branded them a 'softening up exercise' for harsher lockdown

Boris Johnson, facing 70 Tory rebels over his nazi-style in crunch vote votes today. Frustrated MPs labeled them as a softening-up exercise’ to force him into harsher lockdown.

Stephen McPartland said on Twitter today that he will be voting against the Plan B curbs

Stephen McPartland stated today on Twitter that he would vote against Plan B curbs

Dominic Raab

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Sajid Javid outside 10 Downing Street

Dominic Raab (left), who dismissed Plan B criticisms as exaggerated, ran the risk of inflaming Tory tensions by interviewing this morning. Sajid Javid, right) defends the curbs

Members of the public queue to receive a dose of a Covid-19 jab at a vaccination centre outside Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital in central London on December 13, 2021

The public queued up to be given a Covid-19 shot at Guy’s and Thomas’ Hospitals in central London, on 12/12/2021



NHS England was put on the highest level of alert for the first time since March. Level four means health bosses believe there is a real threat that an expected influx of Covid patients could start to force the closure of other vital services

NHS England was placed on alert at the fourth highest level for the first-time since March. The fourth level indicates that health officials believe there is an imminent threat from a large influx of Covid-related patients, which could lead to the closing of other vital services.

Tobias Ellwood, a former minister said that Covid passes are ‘illogical. Although there are ‘practical consequences’, he said that the problem was not with Covid passes. People could enter venues with proof of two jabs. This may be six months old, so you might actually have Covid.

He said, “Leadership involves taking people where they don’t realize they need to go. But they have to understand the plan. This is not logical at the moment.”

‘If you have a piece or paper that states you had two jabs six months back, Covid will be able to enter a large venue.

Stephen McPartland, another Conservative said he will vote no to the curbs. ‘We know Plan B measures don’t make any sense & are just softening us us up for more restrictions in next few weeks,’ he tweeted. 

‘The impact on mental health, cancelled surgeries & diagnostics is intolerable for families.’ 

Defiant Raab, however, said that Tory backbenchers’ concerns about the compulsory introduction of coronavirus-related health passes were ‘overstated.

Sky News was informed by him that even if the booster or double jab has not been administered, one can still use the lateral flow test. This is why some of the concerns are exaggerated.

Raab said, “If you are going into a busy venue, it’s a good idea to make that decision voluntarily. It is safe for your own safety as well as the safety of those around you.”

“I think it is not a significant step or a slippery slope. However, I can understand the concerns. This is why we need to have a debate.”

Raab lashed out at the comparison between coronavirus and Nazi atrocities. He said, “I don’t like this kind of language and it’s not appropriate.” “I do not think it is fair to compare what we’re trying to accomplish to an authoritarian regime or a Nazi one. It’s a common sentiment among many people.

Although further measures were not ruled out by the deputy PM, he stated: “These topics are always discussed, but we have Plan B. That’s what our thinking is necessary over Christmas.”

When asked if Christmas would be safe, Raab responded: “Yes. I believe it is.” This is the assurance I wish to offer. People can enjoy Christmas with their loved ones like they did last year.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith was once the Tory leader and has now admitted to being “concerned” about the mixed messaging from the government. Mark Harper is the Covid Recovery Group chair, but he said it wasn’t acceptable for the country to be governed by decree.

According to one backbencher, these restrictions will lead to even more severe restrictions. We’ll probably be using Plan X, Y and Z before Christmas.  

Another claimed that’scare stories about additional curbs than Plan B’ had actually had the opposite effect and encouraged rebels.

The Tory whips were said to have ordered the thumbscrews to put an end to the rebellion, and told the Government’s junior officers that they’d have to leave if they voted for Covid vaccine passports. 

The Cabinet Office commissioned internal polling which revealed that ministers and whips were sharing their opinions. This showed the public support for ‘Plan B restrictions’ as well as a prudent approach to so-called “Omicron” variants.

While Mr Johnson refused to rule out additional restrictions prior to Christmas yesterday, he reiterated the need for boosters and stressed that people should get them immediately. He said that any MPs considering rebelling against Plan B should recognize the fact there’s no place for complacency when dealing with Omicron. 

Johnson announced that all 18-year-olds would be eligible for a third shot by New Year’s Day. He warned of a “tidal wave” of Omicrons.

However, concerns over whether or not the government could achieve the target were immediately raised after the 8pm television announcement by Johnson. The health system never received more than 850,000 jabs per day, even at its peak in the March NHS vaccine drive.

A booster can be obtained for anyone 18 years old or older in England starting this week, provided the last dose occurred at least three months prior. A booster can be booked online for over-30s. The offer will then be extended to 18-year-olds starting on Wednesday.

UK reported its first Omicron death, with 10 Omicron patients currently in hospital. These 10 individuals have all received 2 vaccines. Their ages range from 18 to 85. However, there’s no indication of underlying conditions.

According to Mr Javid, there have been 4,713 Omicron cases in Britain. He also stated that the UK Health Security Agency has estimated that around 200,000 Omicron infections per day are currently occurring.

He said that Omicron is a significant component of over 20% of all cases in England. However, it has already risen to more than 44% in London. We expect Omicron to be the most dominant Covid 19 variant within the next 48 hours.

The Government reported that there had been an additional 54,661 confirmed Covid-19 cases as of Monday morning.

To fight Omicron which causes around 200,000 infections per day and is the cause of approximately 840,000 new ones per day, the NHS needs to administer more booster jabs daily, according to Health Secretary.

Mister Javid stated to MPs that all adults in England can expect to receive a “chance to get boost by the end this month”, though he cautioned not everyone will get it.

He stated that it was asking too much of the NHS colleagues. We all agree that it is possible to give adults the chance of getting a boost by the end this month. However, not everyone will be able to get the boost. They must also accept the offer and make use of everything in this enormous expansion plan.

This is because there’s confusion as to whether the Government promised everyone a vaccine by the deadline of December 31st, or just offered a future one. 

Javid stated to the Commons, “Until now, the UK’s highest single-day jab delivery was 840,000.” This is a challenge that we must not only match, but also beat every day. We can do it and have a plan.

“We are opening additional vaccination sites, including mobile and pop-up sites. They will be open seven days per week.

“We’re training thousands more volunteers to vaccinate, and asking doctors and pharmacists for more. In addition, 42 military planning groups are being drafted in all regions of the country.

Javid acknowledged that “our national mission involves some difficult tradeoffs”, meaning that some urgent appointments as well as surgery within the NHS might be cancelled.

He said, “These are steps no Health Secretary would want to take except they were absolutely essential. But I’m convinced that if the booster is not prioritised now, the health implications will be much more severe in the months ahead.”  

Javid also advised people to use boosters for their children’s safety.

Robert Halfon (Conservative chairman of Education Select Committee) asked Mr. Javid to “make sure schools remain open in January”

Javid stated that he believes it is important to prioritise children when taking the steps we have taken, particularly in expanding the booster program.

Anti-vaxx protesters demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament in London on Monday

Protesters against anti-vaxx demonstrations outside Houses of Parliament, London on Monday

Downing Street indicated that schools will remain open except for an ‘absolute emergency of public health’, and advised local authorities to not close their doors early in December as a precautionary step.

According to the official spokesperson of the Prime Minister, there are no plans for any restrictions on education. We know how crucial education has been, and how devastating the pandemic was for children and young adults who often have been the victims,’ he stated.