Which are the new Covid laws in England?


Return to work from home guidance. If they’re able, people will be instructed to work remotely in England starting Monday.

Facial maskYou can find it here 

From Friday, face masks are mandatory in all indoor public venues. This includes theatres and cinemas. In bars, restaurants, and gyms they will not be needed.

Vaccine passports 

To gain entry to large nightclubs or other venues that host large numbers of people, the NHS Covid card is mandatory. 

It will also apply to unseated indoor venues greater than 500 persons, outdoor venues larger than 4,000 people, and all venues more than 10,000. 

The booster program will allow for two doses of vaccine to be considered fully-vaccinated. However, this information will not be changed. 

It is also possible to perform a negative flow test on the lateral side. 

Businesses will have time to prepare for this change. 

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Omicron case contacts will be asked to submit daily coronavirus test results, rather than self-isolating. If they are positive, they will be quarantined. 

Boris Johnson, who is trying to control a Tory revolt amid outrage at the ‘nonsensical new Covid restrictions’ and his handling for the No10 Christmas party gaffe, has been unable to do so today.

Last night’s press conference saw the Prime Minister announce ‘Plan B’ measures in response to the Omicron virus. It was feared that Omicron-related infections will double each day, and could lead to the collapse of the NHS. 

Office staff in millions will be encouraged to work remotely starting Monday. Masks will also be needed for theatres and cinemas. Covid passports have been introduced for large nightclubs.

Johnson insisted that Christmas party at work should be allowed, drawing ire from some critics. Businesses in desperate times have complained about the arbitrary venue restrictions. 

A number of Conservative MPs have threatened to revolt against the measures at next week’s Commons vote, although they are supported by Labour.

Marcus Fysh, Backbencher for the House of Representatives said that today’s curbs were an “utter disgrace” while Mark Harper, former chief whip has asked whether the government is morally able to place the limits after the Downing Street row. 

The website for NHS Covid passed crashed last night, causing further problems.   

Sajid Javid dismissed any hint that the PM might reconsider mandatory vaccination this morning, in a sign of tension in Cabinet. He said that that would be “ethically wrong”.

The Health Secretary said that he had refused to resume a round of scheduled broadcast interviews because of the explosive video showing No10 aides laughing about an alleged festive event last year. 

It is proportionate to ask people to not go to work, Mr Javid said  

A poll that showed 63% of respondents believe the PM should be resigned has highlighted the extent of the Tories’ damage from partying revelations. This followed the sleaze row. 

Labour also had a four-point lead in the Redfield & Wilton poll, the largest since the 2019 general election. 

Johnson stated that the restrictions are a proportionate response to an increase in Omicron cases at a Downing Street press conference. 

However, he was charged with having expedited the transition to Plan B to limit the media agenda to avoid public outrage. He is accused of allowing the Christmas party that No10 employees held last December in disregard to strict lockdown regulations to cause public outrage.

William Wragg of Tory’s Commons public administration Committee called it a diversionary tactic’. Another MP asked Wragg, Tory chairman of the Commons public administration committee, how government expected people to adhere to Covid rules while No10 staff were recklessly breaking them.

Conservative backbenchers expressed their anger at the potential economic consequences of these curbs. They even shouted at Health Secretary Sajid Janid in the Commons and demanded that he resign.

Pictures of London station stations were eerily still, indicating that the public voted today with their feet. 

In signs of Cabinet tensions, Sajid Javid this morning dismissed a hint from the PM that mandatory vaccination might be looked at in future, saying that would be 'ethically wrong'

Sajid Javid, a sign of tensions in Cabinet, dismissed the suggestion that mandatory vaccination may be considered by future governments. He said that it would not be ethical to do so.

At a Downing Street press conference last night, the PM declared that people should once again work from home where possible, as well as extending use of masks and introducing Covid passports for nightclubs

The PM announced that the people of Downing Street should be able to work again from home, extend use masks, and introduce Covid passports to nightclubs at a press conference.

The public appeared to have already voted with their feet today as pictures showed London stations eerily quiet

Pictures showed London stations unusually quiet, indicating that the public voted today with their feet.

Canada Water Tube station looked less busy than usual after the PM announced restrictions to combat the Omicron strain

Canada Water Tube station was less busy after Omicron strain restrictions were announced by the PM 

Video of the No10 staff practicing for their press conference which detonated the Christmas party row 

In the bombshell video a No 10 aide asks a question about 'a Downing Street Christmas party on Friday night', to which Allegra Stratton laughed and replied: 'I went home.' Downing Stree

Bombshell video: A No.10 aide questions Allegra Straton about Friday’s Downing Street Christmas party. Allegra laughs and responds, “I went home.” Downing Stree

Downing Street hopes that the row about the lockdown-busting Christmas party from a past year is over.

The situation got worse when ITV News leaked footage of a fake press conference.

This video shows Allegra Stratton, then his press secretary, being tested by the PM’s staff. Although she had planned to host televised briefings of journalists weeks later, it was humiliatingly scrapped.

Und a damaging question she was asked during her session on December 22, referred to the party four days prior.   

Ed Oldfield, PM’s Special Advisor “I just saw reports from Twitter about a Downing Street Christmas party Friday night. Do you recognize those reports?”

Allegra Stratton:“I went home” (laughs )… keep on, hold onto, err

Ed Oldfield “Would Prime Minister approve of having a Christmas Party?”

Allegra Stratton:” (laughs). What’s the secret?

Ed Oldfield ‘I don’t know!’

Unidentified Downing Street employee“It was not a party, it was wine and cheese.”

Allegra Stratton:“Is wine and cheese okay?” The meeting was business-related.

(Everyone laughs)

Downing Street employees: ‘No! It was just a joke!

Allegra Stratton:“(laughs). This is recorded. This was a fictional business meeting (laughs), and was not socially separated. We’ll add one more. Are there any questions?

In a series of interviews, Javid was asked whether it made sense for staff to be instructed to work remotely but still attend parties.

“It’s a spectrum of responses that you could have.

“It could also be guidance. You could see Covid clearly in different settings. Face masks could be used in additional settings. But you must make a balance decision. The key is slowing the spread of this new variant. These measures can help.

According to him, BBC Radio 4’s Today program said: “We will keep them under review. But they will make a substantial impact on slowing down the spread of this variant.”

Economic experts have criticised the restrictions ahead of the crucial pre-Christmas period, warning they could cost the economy £4billion a month and ‘easily’ knock two per cent off the size of the economy. 

The hospitality industry said Plan B will kill off festive trade – a period when pubs, nightclubs and restaurants make a third of their annual profits. Many are calling for furlough and cash awards for bars, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and other establishments.

Clive Wilson of The City Pub Company stated that, along with increasing energy costs and other pressures, he anticipated the pint price to increase by approximately 40p.

For restaurants and late-night economy, a third is earned in December. This has been described as a “body blow”, but it’s much more, he stated.

“And, I noticed that the Chancellor does not provide any additional state assistance. 

The current state aid does not suffice. We need more state aid. Otherwise, many businesses will be short of money.

Economic experts also criticised the move ahead of the crucial pre-Christmas period, warning they could cost the economy £4 billion a month and ‘easily’ knock 2 per cent off the size of the economy.  

Lord Sugar posted that the Prime Minister should be removed and said: “Plan B. Boris, is mentally.” If you’re double vax, you may work from home and still be able to go to football matches or nightclubs. He must leave. You can correct me if this is incorrect, but I have never heard of someone who needed to be admitted to the hospital for this type of illness. “Small BIZs will fall.”

One of the most dramatic recent events is: 

  • Ms Stratton resigned from her £125,000-a-year job; 
  • Simon Case, Cabinet Secretary to the PM was asked by the PM to conduct an investigation into allegations against his party and warn of possible disciplinary action. 
  • Scotland Yard claimed that officers at the agency would not be taking any actions ‘at the moment’. 
  • Douglas Ross, leader of the Scottish Tory party suggested that the PM should resign if he claimed no party is held. 
  • Hospitality trade leaders warned that Plan B could deliver a £2billion a month economic hit; 
  • The Covid new rules were not to be reviewed by the board until January 5. 
  • Ministers relaxed ‘Pingdemic’ rules so that people could take daily tests and not be self-isolated.

Last night at the Commons, Harper stated that the evidence regarding the spread Omicron was not sufficient to support the introduction these measures. He said this because there has been no case in Britain of Omicron.

According to him, MPs have suffered from a decline in credibility over the past few weeks, regardless of whether the Government is on Paterson or the Christmas parties. 

‘Why should anyone at home listen to the Prime Minister or the Health Secretary when they can do things people who work in No10 aren’t prepared to do?

Philip Davies, a Tory, criticised the “latest in an endless line of arbitrary and unnecessary socialist measures” and said that Mr. Javid had “gone native”.

This Covid-related crackdown occurred just hours after PM issued an uncommon apology for the leaked video in which his former press secretary Allegra Ston and other No10 staffers appeared to joke and laugh about the mock Christmas party.

This video angered the relatives of Covid victims, who claimed that they were unable to see their dying loved ones because lockdown rules had been put in place during No10’s party.

Yesterday, Mr Johnson reiterated his assertion that there were no violations of rules.

Prof. Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance (the chief scientist) seemed to mock No 10. They stood next to Mr Johnson last evening, asking people to observe the restrictions.

Sir Patrick stated: “The rules have been carefully considered… they are there for everyone to follow.”

Professor Whitty said, “We all know people get angry at injustice, even colleagues, friends and family.”

Yesterday, Prime Minister’s questions was in turmoil. Mr Johnson made a rare apology, saying that he was upset to watch the Christmas party video clip.

He continued, “I apologize unreservedly to the offence that has been caused up and down this country, and I also apologise that it creates.” “But, I want to reiterate that since the allegations were made I was repeatedly told that no party existed and no Covid rules had been broken. That is exactly what I was repeatedly assured.”

No. 10 stated that it was “categorically false” to claim the Plan B move had been made to distract attention from the terrible coverage about alleged rule-breaking done by PM’s staff.

Johnson also stated that the evidence of the spread of the virus was overwhelming and forced him to take action. To ensure that everyone has a normal Christmas, Plan B is the best option. It’s not an emergency lockdown.

The best way to prevent a massive outbreak of the virus in the next month is to adhere to the updated rules and have booster shots.

Last night, a Whitehall source said that Plan B had been introduced to stop the spread and shift the peak in February back to March. This will allow for more people to have their booster shots.

Labour leader Sir Keir starmer claimed that the apology of Prime Minister ‘raises many questions than answers’ as he had been “caught red-handed”.

He said: “Millions believe that the Prime Minister took them for fools and they were lied too.”

Wes Streeting (Labour’s Health Spokesperson) stated that Labour supported new restrictions being in the national interest, which means that they will be almost certainly approved by the Commons.

Johnson, however, will likely face opposition from the Tory Party when they vote on Tuesday to approve the measures. Members of the party are threatening to quit.